Facing darkness.

Tomorrow (no, later today) I go back to Scotland. Not all the way home, not yet. I have people to visit on the way. Unlike Subrosa I will bypass England’s Green-ruined motorway system by flying over them in a right little Fokker.

Internet access has been slow but available this week. That’s okay, I needed to work on Panoptica and get another view on the draft version of Inside Outside, both of which have been achieved. I have also finally found the motivation that gets the rebels moving – the ones 10538 refers to as ‘ghosts’ because originally, they thought Panoptica decadent and dying. All they had to do was wait. I have a surprise for them that changes things and livens up the story a hell of a lot.

For the rest of this week I have no idea what internet access will be available. Maybe none. None would not be too bad, it will force me to not procrastinate and actually do some work.

I hear there have been ground frosts in Scotland which does not bode well for my tobacco plants, nor for any of the others. Oh well, we’ll have to just wait and see. Ground frosts in August were last seen in 1964 so no doubt that will be more proof of global warming for the throroughly stupid.

I am way behind on responding to comments and emails and that is likely to continue for another week. I noticed that Roobeedoo2 found out that it’s now possible to put images in comments, which could be fun.

Okay, maybe I’ll be back online next week, maybe not until the end of August. I have no idea. It’s just another random thing that seems to happen a lot to me, so I just accept it all.

Now, back to what I am supposed to be doing – writing.




11 thoughts on “Facing darkness.

  1. With regards to travelling upon the various motorways in England, I find the best time is always after 11pm in the evening, journey times are a lot quicker, less traffic, no tailbacks/jams. From Preston, Lancs to Dover, Kent during the day can take 8 to 9 hours, same journey after 11pm takes about 5.5 hours!


  2. I advise searching out and reading Raw Spirit, in lieu of the road trip forsaken.

    I’ve read all of Iain M. Banks and perhaps only one or two not of Iain Banks works.

    I came to him via The Algebraist (2004)

    Sad that he died recently. There was a posthumous fiction I read too. Another soon?

    That should keep you going for a bit! ;=})



    • I managed to get back in before independence, which was lucky. My renewed passport didn’t arrive in time! It’s here now, I have a British passport until 2024 so am spared the horror of a blue one with Oily Al’s profile on it. Or Alfred Hitchcock’s. It’ll be hard to tell.


  3. ifb_uk, I agree with driving overnight on these motorways if you want to get somewhere in reasonable time. However the other week my journey was extended by a lift on a motorway breakdown vehicle around 6.45am (had waited 2 hours for it). Another adventure and a first for me. 🙂

    Leggy, Oily Al’s Gesicht is slightly more appealing than that of the man of multiple circles. Surely?


    • None of them appeal. The trouble is, the sort of people who want to be politicians are exactly the sort of people who should not be allowed to do the job.

      It should be like jury service. You get called up for five years, well paid for those five years and then you can never be called back again. Then we’d have no career politicians.

      However, we would occasionally have some pretty bizarre governments – but at the moment, we have that all the time anyway.


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