Isambard’s Cigar

Another quickie. I’m on the move again tomorrow. Unpleasantly early (ie before noon). I wish I’d taken a non-electronic camera with me because the views over the windfarm monstrosities around Glasgow were worth recording. Our (I mean, we checked-in cargo units) cabin crew on the way down was a very jolly Big Gay Al, and on the way back we were attended to by a smiling Nosferatu. Cheap airlines do not come with ogleworthy cabin crew. Getting onto a small plane with a tall, stooped thin man in black grinning at you was a little disconcerting but there’s bound to be a short story in there somewhere.

I didn’t take a film-camera because I suspected the drones in security, unable to find a screen or an ‘on’ switch, would probably open the back. All my gadgetry was charged as per the warnings but nobody looked at a thing. Airport security, both ways, was the most relaxed I have seen for years.

I see the collapse of the Leftie Loonies continues apace with the admission that all those ‘racists’ were quite right about the child rapists in Rotherham. Yes, everyone already knew, even those who are now trying to avoid accepting the blame. Seems the Savile Distraction didn’t work.

But I must sleep. I have a goodly dose of sleepy-water to help me on my way; this one is Glenfiddich. What the hell, I’m not going to be driving. Details and photos will follow.

One thing worth mentioning among the downfall of Political Correctness – the Daily Mail is trying an antismoking story and getting it most spectaularly wrong. IKB, they say, smoked 40 big cigars a day. And just look how it destroyed his mind, his work ethic and his life. Oh, wait…

I recall a most wonderful animated film called ‘Great’, all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It included the marvellous song that started ‘Get a big top hat if you want to get ahead’. Some of it used to be on YouTube but it seems to be gone now.

So instead, here is a slightly inferior offering.



2 thoughts on “Isambard’s Cigar

  1. I remember it well. Bob Godfrey’s characteristic animation technique was always more fun than many others. As for the songs. “It’s a big one” about the Great Eastern always made me smile.


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