Found it!

I had set Panoptica in a fictional country. It had to be small because I didn’t want long Tolkeinesque treks all over the place. People concentrated in cities and ‘conservation’ areas in between.

Now, thanks to Subrosa and also to Stewart Cowan’s past mentions of the huge conservation area forming in southern Scotland, I have the perfect country for this terrible world.

Whether it is independent in this imagined future is irrelevant. If it is, Oily Al and his Spiteful Nannying Puritans will make it happen. They have already started the process. If it’s not independent, it will be used as a test bed by Westminster for draconian measures anyway, as it always has been.

It won’t need much changing, really. Scotland has a few big cities surrounded by loads of open countryside. All I need do is change a few place names and check my timings for travel betwen those places.

The cameras? They’re already here.


8 thoughts on “Found it!

  1. Welcome back to Police State Scotland, where most things are owned and controlled by non-Scots, which situation will continue after indepretendence, should it happen.

    There are 6 or 7 other UNESCO ‘biospheres’ in the UK (over 600 in the world) including one in Wales which incorporates Borth which I was reminiscing about here a few weeks ago and about our Skoda which couldn’t climb steep hills at the first attempt.

    Another biosphere has just been designated which covers 150 square miles. (The one in Scotland to which you are referring covers about 2,000 square miles).

    I wonder if my comment will be approved for their blog post on the new status:


    Another nail in the UK coffin of independence as the globalists grab another piece of our territory under the “sustainability” banner. To the UN (Agenda 21 and all) “sustainability” means population control, I believe (as do many others), along with its very nasty implications.

    Legally, of course, they remain under the jurisdiction of the countries, but to all intents and purposes they further the UN’s agenda of sustainability and,

    Achieving the status of a new World Biosphere site follows six years’ work by the Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere partnership to develop its bid. The partnership of some forty organisations, with Brighton & Hove City Council as a lead partner, includes other local authorities, public bodies, voluntary, educational and community organisations and private sector business.

    So everyone will be keen to play ball with the UN.

    There are also over a thousand UNESCO ‘World Heritage Sites’ which can include mountains, forests and deserts as well as buildings and cities.


    • They make it seem desirable to have these biosphere sites by pretending it’s difficult to get one. If you want to make someone really want something, tell them they can’t have it. Even if it never occured to them to want it before, even if it really means nothing at all, they’ll go all out to get it.

      Independence for Scotland or anywhere else is a sick joke. The Scots don’t even own most of the land in Scotland, the Scottish Government want to hand it back to the EU who already control it anyway and as you say, the UN are taking control of huge portions of it.

      Spain need not worry about the Catalans demanding independence. Give it to them, they’ll still be owned by those who really own them now. Nothing will change. Independence is an illusion.

      But then, ‘Ignorance is strength’.


      • I had a quick look at who owns Scotland’s distilleries and breweries, even some on Islay and Jura and of the eight or so companies I looked into, none was Scottish-owned, incl. our top two brewers, McEwan’s and Tennents.

        Acc. to Wikipedia, Diageo owns Johnnie Walker, Buchanan’s, Cardhu, Justerini & Brooks (J&B), Bell’s, Black & White, White Horse, Logan, Caol Ila, Vat 69, Oban, Talisker, Lagavulin, Glen Ord, Glenkinchie, Dalwhinnie, Cragganmore, Clynelish, Singleton, Haig, Royal Lochnagar, Glen Elgin, Knockando, The Dimple Pinch.

        Scottish Power is owned by Spanish company, Iberdrola.

        The Bank of Scotland is owned by Lloyds, as is Scottish Widdows.

        The three top selling ‘Scottish’ ‘newspapers’ are owned by the Mirror and the Sun.

        Of course, the ‘independent’ Scottish Government would be owned by the EU, the UN and the corporations.

        As you say, much of the land is owned by non-Scots too.

        Just another part of the illusion that Scotland would be taking matters into her own hands again. The masses will still be consigned to tiny houses on salaries just large enough to pay the bills and stave off bankruptcy, while the elites cream off the fat of the land as always, everywhere.


  2. Somehow my first comment was submitted by accident, but it gives me the opportunity of adding a link to my blog without the comment being held for moderation!

    We also now have two national parks in Scotland, whereas it was previously deemed that they were unnecessary as hardly anything ‘untoward’ happened in rural areas anyway.

    In addition, we have 40 National Scenic Areas which cover about an eight the area of Scotland and are “protected from inappropriate development”.

    It’s about herding us into towns and cities where the number of CCTV cameras makes us the most watched people on Earth and leaving the countryside as a giant museum piece where rare insects can flourish, unthreatened by people living and working there.

    Of course, the EU is yet another tier of authority threatening country living. Last winter’s Somerset floods were blamed on the rivers not being dredged due to their diktats.

    I wrote about the eugenicist conference at the Scottish Parliament,

    The radical group is urging First Minister Alex Salmond to launch a Government campaign to curb family size, using the slogan “two’s plenty”.

    OPT* is calling for Scotland’s population to be cut by a quarter.

    As you say, outside the Central belt, not that many people live here. They want the population of the UK more than halved to 30 million by 2150. Less than 2% of the UK is built on.

    *The Optimum Population Trust included as its patrons (at the time of writing) David Attenborough, actress Susan Hampshire, a population campaigner, Jonathon Porritt, former leader of the Greens, Sir Crispin Tickell GCMG KCVO, former UK Permanent Representative on the United Nations Security Council and Dr Jane Goodall DBE, UN Messenger of Peace. (The OPT is now called ‘Population Matters’ but Optimum Population Trust remains their registered name.)

    I dare say that they can cull us quicker in cities too, as well as brainwash us with their propaganda and use multiculturalism to remove the sense of community.

    Attenborough said (no doubt many more similar utterances):

    If we [humans] disappeared overnight, the world would probably be better off.


    We now realise that the disasters that continue increasingly to afflict the natural world have one element that connects them all – the unprecedented increase in the number of human beings on the planet.

    So, the meteorite that allegedly killed off the dinosaurs and most other life on earth was fired from outer space by some bloke with a giant sling?

    And when those supervolcanoes, like Yellowstone, erupted with the power of a thousand Hiroshima bombs exploding every second…


  3. The Optimum Population Trust included as its patrons (at the time of writing) David Attenborough, actress Susan Hampshire, a population campaigner, Jonathon Porritt, former leader of the Greens, Sir Crispin Tickell GCMG KCVO, former UK Permanent Representative on the United Nations Security Council and Dr Jane Goodall DBE

    Perhaps these fine folks could lead the way by offing their families then themselves.
    “Oh no. It’s not US there’s too many of.”


    • Yep. It never applies to them, does it? It’s only for the proles.

      They call for these measures then, when they have four children, scream in the media when their two youngest are euthanased.


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