Get the spittoons out!

Snuff is making a big comeback. Mostly because you don’t have to go out in the rain to do it. So far I haven’t seen much mention of chewing tobacco (plug) but I can see that coming back too.

This will mean pubs equipped with spittoons, poker tables and a terrible piano player who stops when a stranger walks in.

Maybe then you can order ‘Whisky – leave the bottle’. I could go into a pub like that.

While in Wales I visited an old friend who has never smoked. Neither has his wife, nor his daughter. His father and grandfather smoked pipes to a degree that would embarrass a small industrial town of the 1950s. I remember visiting. As he says, when they were both puiffing away, you could barely see across the room.

He started weightlifting when he was 13 and by the time he was 16 he looked like the Hulk. All that smoke didn’t seem to do him any harm. He was lifting things that looked like freight wagon axles and he’s still pretty fit now.

So I said ‘I’m going out for a smoke’. He would have none of it. His house allows smoking even though nobody in there is a smoker.

Then he said something that I hadn’t considered. ‘It’s brainwashing. If they can get you to still go to pubs and accept that you have to smoke outside, they can make you do anything.’

He was right. It’s brainwashing in action. I hadn’t thought of it that way because I now so rarely go to pubs but if you pass any pub now, there are smokers outside. They have accepted their lot.

Then there are those who reached drinking age after the smoking ban. They have never experienced indoor smoking. To them, it’s perfectly normal to leave the pub to smoke. Those youngsters aren’t likely to develop their own smoky-drinkies or build shed-pubs because they won’t see the need.

One generation. That is all it takes. Even if the smoking ban were repealed, there would be smokers aged 25 and under who are likely to object to indoor smoking. They simply do not see it as normal.

There is some hope for the future and it’s to be seen in, of all places, the Daily Howl. They blame everything on smoking and their commenters are noticing. The lies no longer pass unchallenged.

In a story blaming a pack of cigarettes for a fire (yes, a pack, no mention of any lit ones) they have this line –

The cigarettes did not have a UK-standard safety feature to stop it burning for long periods.

No such ‘feature’ exists. The commenters have pointed this out. Any commercial cigarette placed in an ashtray will burn down to the filter. If it is carelessley placed, the cigarette can topple off the ashtray as the weight of the front end turns into ash. That can start a fire.

None of this is mentioned in a story about a fire in which two people died. All they want to talk about is ‘Indian-made black market cigarettes’. Were they black market? Had those people, or some of their friends or family, recently visited India and brought back some perfectly legal duty-free? Doesn’t really matter since all the Mail wants to shout about is ‘cigarette causes fire’ based on the finding of a pack of cigarettes in a smoker’s house. No further evidence is required.

Two people died. This is considered almost irrelevant to the story. Fake fags! Smokes from India! Pack of cigarettes spontaneously combusts! Buy the taxed UK ones because they don’t burn… or something.

Anything that is burning can cause a fire. Cigarette, candle, incense, cooker, fireplace, anything. Even things that are not burning, such as faulty electrics, can cause a fire. No matter how much tax you pay on your tobacco, if it’s burning it is a fire risk. Light a candle – fire risk. Spark up the gas oven – fire risk. Ever since humans managed to make use of fire, fire risk has existed. We’re still here. Still burning stuff.

There is no ‘UK standard safety feature’ that stops a cigarette burning. Such a thing has been tried in other countries and it just makes the things unusable, so people buy even more black market baccy. It does not exist in the UK so the statement in the Mail is an out-and-out lie. Not a mistake, not a misprint, a lie.

The Daily Mail makes use of two tragic deaths to push its antismoker agenda. How sick is that?

The hope for the future lies in the comments. They have noticed the lie and the agenda and the number of ‘I have never smoked but…’ comments increases by the day. Meanwhile the usual ‘I think smokers are smelly, nyah’ whiners show no sign of increase.

Soon, perhaps, we will see just how few they really are.

As my Welsh pal said, it’s brainwashing. Conditioning. There are signs that it is breaking down.

Bring back spittoons. If the weak are so offended by smoking, imagine what they’ll make of well-used brass spit-buckets.


18 thoughts on “Get the spittoons out!

  1. Carpetbagger: This product is good for getting the fouling out of gun barrels
    Josey Wales: (spits tobacco juice down carpetbaggers suit) What’s it like on stains?

    ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’


  2. “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” — Adolf Hitler


  3. On Underdogs, we ALL know it’s not about health, so what does that leave? Control through psychology?

    I also consider it to be part of the infantilisation process. We are literally children now. Must go outside to smoke (like dirty children); must be told to eat our greens; told not not put too much salt on our food or eat too many sweets. The Cadbury’s items I received as birthday presents say, “Be treatwise” on them. That’s probably them being self-regulating, hoping they’ll avoid the eventuality of plain packaging with pictures of rotting teeth and the effects of diabetes and obesity. They could use some of the same pictures that are on cigarette packets.

    Plus, it all aids the demoralisation process that Yuri Bezmenov talks about (see below – it’s only five minutes long). He expounds the whole process in an hour-long talk. He says at about 3:59 that the demoralisation stage is almost complete in the USA – this was 30 years ago!

    As he says, it’s now (or was then and even more so now) Americans doing it to Americans. As Tim Carpenter says, the Fabians have been doing the same thing here, actually for well over a century and that includes escalating the moral decline, which Mr Bezmenov mentions as being part of the problem. He also says – and this is the fascinating part and why we’ve not been getting as far as we should have in a number of fields :

    “Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralised is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him….he will refuse to believe it, until he’s going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes (inaudible) then he will understand, but not before. That’s the tragic of the situation of demoralisation.”


  4. The cigarettes did not have a UK-standard safety feature to stop it burning for long periods.

    No such ‘feature’ exists

    Well it’s supposed to.

    Fire safer cigarettes

    “A new safety standard for cigarettes has now come into force across Europe. London Fire Brigade campaigned for this change, which should reduce the number of fires started by smoking materials. ”

    “In 2008 European Union countries voted for a new “fire safer standard” for all cigarettes sold in the EU and requested that the European standards body, CEN, develop it. The standard setting process is now complete and the new standard was agreed on 18 November 2010. It came into force across the EU on 17 November 2011”

    “With all cigarettes in the EU fulfilling this fire safety requirement, the European Commission estimates that one to two lives could be saved every day.”

    Perhaps ours are a different construction to the one that caused consternation amongst the American smokers.


  5. It’s brainwashing in action. I hadn’t thought of it that way because I now so rarely go to pubs but if you pass any pub now, there are smokers outside

    We are a very law abiding country and they are obeying the law, probably not realising that they are playing into the hands of anti-tobacco’s social denormalistion strategies.
    For what other reason would a smoking shelter have to be 50% open to the elements except to ensure their discomfort and maintain their visibility.

    “..Gilmore explains that people choosing to stand outside to smoke, shivering in the cold, demonstrates that tobacco is a drug of addiction”


    Gosh, how I hate these people.


  6. The few smokers huddled outside of pubs are the real passive smokers. Tried to re-educate some in the early days – total waste of time and effort. One idiot was outside smoking and remarked that if he saw anyone smoking inside in front of his kids at a dining table he’d punch their lights out.


    • Yep, I’ve met brainwashed ones like that. It’s not necessarily restricted to tobacco either, so many people will simply believe any old tripe they read in the papers. It’s why so many people believe there is an army of children who oly eat at McDonald’s and are therefore immediately fat.

      Their memories must be addled if they can’t remember that there were always fat kids in their school classes, and as a parent myself nothing has changed since I was at school 30 years ago. But if the dull-headed are told something often enough they will just follow the herd for fear of being different.


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