What I did on my holidays (2)

First day back at work for a month today, and last day for a week tomorrow. Now I know why I like the place. It’s just so damn funny. Working Saturday and Sunday is enough to get me out of my computer chair and talking to real people instead of to myself. That’s essential to stop me cracking up.

Okay, I won’t earn as much but I have five days a week to make up the difference. I have tons of eBay-worthy stuff in the attic and I have to get some of it out before the rafters bend. I haven’t even touched on the old microscope slides yet. There is enough to keep me going.

By a fortunate coincidence, jury service (starts in October if my ‘bring back hanging’ T-shirt doesn’t put them off) won’t affect my new-hours weekend job so there’ll be no messing around with work this time.

Anyway, no time for rummaging in the news tonight. Instead, here are some more holiday snaps.

Elie in Fife (yes, Brown Gorgon country) has a smallish harbour. You won’t get a container ship in it but there are lots of little boats –

harbour2I took that one within an hour of arriving. Before the rain caught up with me.

Along the coast (there is a derelict rail line but I had no time to explore) is the harbour at Crail. If you think Elie harbour is small, feast your magnifications on this one –

crail2crail1That’s pretty much all of it. Note that the little open boat with the outboard is in both photos. Guess what the main product of those boats is? Here’s a clue –

crail3You can buy lobsters whole, dressed or boiled while-you-wait at a shop on the harbour. If you get there at the right time of day, which I didn’t. So I still haven’t tried lobster.

If you go up the hill which isn’t far and not as steep as it looks, you can get a view down onto the harbour.

crail4It’s a lovely place. It would have been so much easier to get to if they hadn’t scrapped the railway. Buses are Scottish which means they come when they please and go where they like. You need a car or, as in my case, a lift in someone else’s.

If you ever visit Crail, make sure you get there when the tide is in. If the tide is out then all you see is boats on mud. Apparently it’s one of the most popular subjects with artists of the paint variety and it’s not hard to see why.

Just watch out for the hobbits.


Incidentally, in the heart of Fife is a place that must be a spike in the heart of its MP, one Brown Gorgon. It’s north of Elie if you take the easy way towards Upper Largo first on the way to St. Andrews (never go to St. Andrews by car, they have a circular one way system that once you get in, it’s difficult to find the way out) and this little place seemed to consist of just one house.

That, in Scotland, is enough to give it a place name.

It’s called Cameron.


8 thoughts on “What I did on my holidays (2)

  1. Ah Crail. I can smell the crabs, lobsters from here. Funny wee shack the chap has as his ‘shop’ isn’t it? Used to take my wee dog a walk along the small beach then up the cliff road. Happy days. Thanks for the photos Leggie. 😀


    • The shack is still there, unfortunately closed when I visited.

      And yes, it does still smell of crabs!

      Funnily enough, as I arrived, someone was walking their dog on the little beach.


    • It’s one of the things Lidl sell cheap at Christmas time. I might get one just to say I tried it, but first on my list is reindeer steak.

      Last two years, they sold out before I got there. Last year I settled for kangaroo.


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