Yea or nay?

The Scottish independence vote looms. It is about 50/50 so far so half the country is going to be pissed off either way. The outcome will not be good. If the ‘Yes’ lot lose their National Socialists will turn nasty. Oh yes, National Socialism is exactly what we are looking at in the SNP.  Green energy and smoking bans? Heard it all before.

Many outside investors are pulling their money out of the UK in anticipation of the UK becoming skint if Scotland votes ‘Yes’. Well there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If there is no money in the UK and Scotland votes ‘Yes’ then the UK and Scotland will experience that flushing sound. Not because Scotland voted ‘Yes’ but because all the money is gone. It might come back if they vote ‘No’. It might not. Destitution might be the outcome of Oily Al’s donkey-like determination to be ‘Brayfart’ no matter what the result.

Oily Al’s ambition its to be the man who made Scotland independent, Whether he wrecks it in the process is of no concern to him. He wants to be William Wallace and have a shorter fatter monument to himself put up in Edinburgh. But atl least he is clear on this point.

Cameron is more complex. He does not want to be the Prime Monster who lost Scotland. Then again, the EU regions will take Scotland from his control anyway. Then again, he wants to stay in the EU. Then again, staying in the EU means letting Scotland become an EU region and if that means pretending they will get independence, he has to do it, Then again, losing Scotland means Labour lose 30-odd MPs and while that does not make a future English Tory goverment a certainty, it would be a big help. He’d have to cut loose Wales too if he wanted to be certain. If there was ever a time when a Prime Monster wished he hadn’t got the job, this must surely be it. His only consolation is that he isn’t likely to have it much longer.

What Salmond wants is clear. What Cameron wants is not. There are so many conflicting issues. If Scotland separates they are not guaranteed to be part of the EU and if they are, they will have to accept the Euro. So all this talk of keeping the pound or having a Scottish currrency is bullshit. Scotland will not have its own currency if it is in the EU. It will have the Euiro. No question. It will be a new sign-up.

But what about the rest of the UK? They will also be, in EU eyes, a new country. Will they have to reapply? Spain won’t like it.  They have the Catalans demanding what Scotland has demanded so Spain will try to wreck both half’s chances of rejoining.

Which sounds good for the rest of the UK but not for Scotland. Oily Al’s fag-packet costings depend on the EU bailing him out. They won’t if he’s not in it.

As for Cameron, he is in panic mode now the ‘yes’ vote is polled at 51%. Why? Well, it risks the expulsion of both parts of the UK from the EU gravy train That’s why Moribund is worried too. They are not worried for us. They are worried for themselves.

A separate Scotland within the EU becomes a de facto region as planned by the EU anyway. Salmond will be the regional governor and nobody in Scotland will be any nore independent than they are now. If Scotland votes ‘No’ then the plan continues as before and gets to the same result in the end anyway, The EU don’t care about this vote.

Spain does. Spain could veto Scottish membership of the EU and also throw Cameron out too. That’s what Cameron is scared of. Spain does not understand that Catalonia will eventually be an EU region anyway. They think, as do half of the Scots, that independence si a real thing.

Cameron is scared of liosing his cushy EU future.

What is interesting here is Clegg. He seems not at all bothered by it all despite having a good Lib Dem presence in Scotland (okay, he lost a lot of it to the SNP but he’s still doing well)..

I suppose the big question is – what does Clegg know?

Then again, that has been the question for quite some time.


In the news, the Daily Mash reports on the worst possible outcome and if you are havering, your next queen after independence should help make up your mind.




29 thoughts on “Yea or nay?

  1. As a Scot who spent half my life in Scotland I can’t understand why fix what’s not broken but I have no say in the matter as I live in England while anyone who happens to live in Scotland at a point in time does. I think a lot of people just fancy the idea of being a big fish in a small pond, especially Salmond. I would be sad as most of my family are in Scotland but I can only see a terrible legacy of bitterness unless the result is decisive and it doesn’t look that way right now.


    • The EU won’t allow it, I bet. So many other countries have separatist movements that it only takes one to get the ball rolling.

      Look how desperate they are to keep Ukraine in one peice and it’s not even part of the EU… yet.


  2. Well I’m voting YES with a big black marker pen so nobody can alter it. 🙂 Have done a fair amount of research in the past years and I see no reason why Scotland can’t stand alone and make its own decisions. It’s not about Salmond or any other individual, it’s about how confident we are as a people to make it work.


    • My concern is that Salmond isn’t really interested in making it work. He just wants to be the one who gained independence. After that, well, it really doesn’t look as if he’s thought much beyond that.


  3. I think it’s been a long time coming, I’ve been expecting Scotland to leave since 1996 when the Stone of Destiny was returned.

    Not that it’s any of my business , of course.


    • There has been a lot of action around that rock in the past. Once it was replaced with a fake, or maybe a doppelganger rock.

      I’m a little uneasy about those who worship a rock, you know.


  4. If Scotland votes yes, these other regions will increase their attempts for independence too:
    Wales, Cornwall, Ireland (united N & S), Brittany, Galicia (NW Spain), the Basque Country, Catalonia, Corse (Corsica), Sardinia, Flanders, Wallonia, Trentino & South-Tyrol, Herzeg-Bosnia, Kosovo & Metohia, N. Cyprus, etc. Then of course there’s Ukraine, which could be heading for a three way split, plus Russia’s troublesome southern regions of N. Ossetia, Chechnya & Nagorno-Karabakh. The hard-done-by Kurds will probably be last to get a homeland, as it’s spread across four countries who do not agree on anything.
    I like the idea of Belgium – the EU’s base – being split by the Flems & Walloons – that seems very droll. Perhaps they could cleave the EU’s “parliament” in two?


  5. And the vote is….already decided…the government runs the voting process from start to finish so the government will win…question is what is the government…HMG…EU…IMF…UN or some other alphabet soup concoction we have yet to hear of?


      • No, I won’t feel awful in the morning. Got that one cracked. I never drink anything beyond what I can’t handle. Which might be more than you can handle.
        It’s the sodding Full Moon that decimates me for three dreadful days. I have just had a look at it, and it is quite glorious. But it has tipped over now. I needed to see that. I will be fine tomorrow.

        And of course, if you all think that I am mad, then no one in their right mind would be posting on this Blog in the first place.

        Oh. I vote YES. In case you wondered.


        • Mad? You? You folks just read this stuff. I’m the one who writes it.

          I once told my psychiatrist I hear voices. He told me I don’t have a psychiatrist.

          People talk about me behind my back. They say I’m paranoid.

          (true one) I once told a manager that I’d thought about going on their ‘self-assertiveness’ course, but I didn’t want to cause any bother for anyone. He didn’t get it.

          No, you’re not the mad one. Your the one who listens to the mad one 😉


          • Oh, so it’s your fault. It had to be the fault of anyone other than me. Thank God for that. I have been telling everyone that for years and years.

            Anyway, I am a Moderator on this totally mad other Forum where they all despise me. And I don’t care anyway. I’ve got the Delete Button. But I almost never use it because I can’t be arsed.
            I told them all off tonight. And they all fell about laughing, and totally ignored me. But they don’t know me when I get thoroughly pissed off.

            I will probably clear the Board tomorrow.

            Hopefully none of them are reading this.


  6. The prospect of losing Scotland should make a Tory PM like Cameron jump for joy – if for no other reason than it would render it near-impossible for his party’s traditional, long-term foe, the Labour Party, to ever win a GE in this country again in the foreseeable future. Other problems would ensue, for sure, but this little fact alone should at least have him sitting back, watching calmly from the sidelines, offering just a few fairly bland, non-committal comments on the matter. None of this “heartbroken” stuff.

    Sadly, as many on here have pointed out before, Cameron is not really a Tory PM. Like the others who accompanied him on his little jaunt north of the border today, he’s merely a puppet installed by the EU with the sole aim of bringing the UK (divided or otherwise) to its knees at the altar of Europe, slavering gratefully over the crumbs that they might occasionally throw us when they’re in a good mood (which isn’t often). Hence the reason why he didn’t leave the pathetic “please, please don’t destroy my party and my career” to Miliband – who does have cause to be genuinely concerned at the prospect of a split. Cameron’s terrified, not that he will invoke the ire of English/Welsh/NI voters or Scottish unionist one, but that he will invoke the ire of what he regards as his real bosses – the EU.


  7. Don’t you see that none of this matters any more. Westminster has just popped it’s clogs. They have admitted that they have treated Scotland shamefully.
    And do any of you seriously believe that they will honour what should have been freely given many, many years ago.
    You don’t have to believe in Independence for Scotland. You only need to worry about what Westminster is doing to you.


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