Just look at the state of my plums!


My plums have mutated while I was out at Smoky-Drinky tonight. I now have Siamese Plums.

I think I’ll have to check the blueberries in the  morning…

There is much going on in the world to rant about but I am just too drunk to care tonight. There might be something sensible tomorrow but I offer no guarantee.


19 thoughts on “Just look at the state of my plums!

  1. Er…. hate to break it to you Leg, but you *DID* have too much to drink tonight, and tomorrow morning you will wake up to discover those were NOT “plums.” You’ll be very distressed at the finding and will let out an extended squeak in your new, pleasingly soprano, voice.

    – MJM


  2. OOH missus, that is a great example of asymmetry of da fruit. Looks a bit like my bollocks by the way, as I’m recovering from a vasectomy and one of the ligatures slipped off. Ouch..


    • Heh, you think that’s asymmetry? You should have seen the state of me when I got mumps from my 6 year old (he’s 42 now) son. Asymmetry doesn’t even come into it. Think Jupiter and Mercury. The doc noticeably winced when he pulled the sheet back. “Ouch”, he opined.

      However, I went on to father yet another sprog after the event (the fourth accident – I went the vasectomy route myself shortly after she appeared), so it obviously didn’t have any lasting effect. But it wasn’t much fun at the time. Particularly as it precipitated a re-run of the malaria I’d had some years before to manifest itself in tandem.

      On the bright side, that was actually the last time I was ill and needed to see a doctor. (I don’t count physical injury in that – I’ve had to have a hernia repaired since then, but that’s not illness, that’s wear and tear).


  3. Parents’ garden has about 12 plum trees, 6 damson trees, and over 30 apple trees. Im fed up now with stewing bloody fruit. All my kids and grandkids are probably sick of crumbles too by now! At least one of my kids wants to try making cider this year so Ive managed to dump a couple of tons of apples on him!


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