Some people have no brains.

And they work at the BMA.

Once more they insist that anyone born after 2000 must be banned from buying cigarettes. Sigh. Anyone born after 2000 is no more than 14 years old now and therefore currently banned from getting any until they are 18. Those who want cigarettes now have little trouble in getting hold of them anyway. So this ban will have precisely zero effect on young smokers other than to drive them to cheaper prices from dodgy street-corner sellers.

Sellers who are likely to have more, ah, ‘interesting’ things in stock than just tobacco. If tobacco becomes an illegal drug then it will join the inventory of those who sell illegal drugs. A good idea? Only in cloud cuckoo land.

If this ban is implemented, illegal sales of tobacco will rise even further than they are now and illegal drug use will skyrocket. No use pointing this out to the BMA. They will simply pretend it won’t happen, and tell you so in that superior tone of voice that always reveals the smug bastards for the utter cretins they really are.

The Blatantly Manipulative Arseholes also want this –

Among the measures suggested to improve public health was ‘decisive action to reduce the affordability and availability of alcohol’.

Reduce the affordability and availability. So only doctors can afford it. What a stupid idea. Homebrew is already taking off again, and the result of making the shop stuff unaffordable will mean that every shed in the land will have a supply of totally unregulated amateur hooch with little to no quality control and God only knows what strength.

The manifesto added: ‘As a first step, a minimum unit price of no less than 50p should be introduced.’

Other blogs have said since this minimum price was first mentioned that it was just a foot in the door. The BMA have now clearly admitted that. 50p per unit is just the first step. And what in Hell’s name is a medical union doing producing a manifesto? Do we get to vote for it? No? What a surprise.

On booze, there is something the BMA and its drone medics are well aware of but they don’t want you to know about. Coincidentally, the Curmudgeon mentioned it this very day.

I recall making homebrew beer when I was 16. Perfectly legally. There is no age restriction on beer kits because they contain no alcohol at the point of sale. Introduce age restrictions if you like. Just try introducing those same restrictions of fruit and yeast (you can use a bread yeast at a pinch) and watch the kids fire up the winemaking. Their experimental stuff will be deadly, sometimes literally so.

All these controls and bans will have exactly the opposite effect to what is claimed. It is now so obvious and so frequent that it can only be intentional.

Surely the entire medical establishment is not this stupid?


17 thoughts on “Some people have no brains.

  1. I’ve used those malt syrup kits to make beer, but not very successfully. The best advice I ever got was to treat your tapwater with a Campden tablet to knock out the chlorine and chloramines. This means the faint TCP taste in the finished beer is eliminated.
    I next moved on to using malted barley. A whole ‘nuther ball game.


  2. I am writing this from sunny Sydney, and have two anecdotes to share with you:
    1) At a party on Saturday, one guest remarked that:
    (a) it had been thirty minutes since it was he had had a cigarette; and
    (b) he had sprayed deodorant on himself
    Therefore it should now be safe for him to touch his baby nephew.
    2) At my sailing club, an outdoor deck has 1/3rd of its area set aside for smokers. Two old people wandered over and asked if it was the smoking area (the answer was ‘yes’) wheerupon they sat down and one of them said he’d give a dirty look to anyone who lit up. Which I immediately did, of course.

    Can you imagine a smoker having the temerity to do such a thing?

    I hope that those two have very long smoke-free lives. Extremely, interminably long lives punctuated by periods of lucidity when they can recognise that they have soiled themselves yet again but cannot buzz their surly carer.

    Because she is outside, having a smoke.


    • 1) Tell him the deodorant contains far more unnatural chemicals than leaves. And if he wants to touch a child he’ll get arrested anyway.

      2) When the smoking ban came in in the UK, the boards were full of ‘Oh it’s terrible. I can’t sit outside in nice weather because all the smokers are out there!’ Let the fuckers convince themselves to death, I say. I will do everything I can to help them on their sorry way.

      It’s not as if these people are of any actual use.


  3. Doctors would be well advised to stop preaching to us about health. Human behaviour will not be governed by dictate. Senior clinicians should know better, being smart and educated, and all. Regardless of cost there will always be smokers and drinkers. Leave us be to enjoy our existence as we see fit.


    • Doctors like to complain that patients never come to them in the early stages of disease but only when it’s progressed into the ‘sharp intake of breath ‘ stage.

      The reason patients stay away is that they know the doc is going to nag them about irrelevant lifestyle choices.

      It’s not rocket science.

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  4. Some people have no brains? Hey, maybe the zombies ate them all. Those zombies forming the well documented zombie apocalyp……….

    No, just went for a walk outside. No zombies. In fact a distinct lack of walking dead. A paucity of staggering cannibalistic corpses. Said hi to a couple of neighbours. Took a ride on the bus. No zombies. None downtown either. Which is odd for a Sunday. Cruise ship in harbour. Nope, no zombies. Not much in the way of brains either or they wouldn’t be on board a floating casino.

    Just a few people so frightened of living that they have to convince themselves that they’re going to live forever so long as they don’t catch a whiff of someone else’s tobacco smoke.

    Tell you the truth, I catch the smell of Maryjane way more often than tobacco around town. Yet isn’t Marijuana smoking supposedly just as carcinogenic? Possibly more so? An ‘average’ joint contains almost a third more Benzopyrene, which is the known trigger for the P53 gene (Scores on the door 30 Nanograms to 21 per ciggie or joint). Yet because of the way marijuana smokers inhale and hold, each inhalation of this known carcinogen is in contact with lung tissue for several times longer. By comparison, tobacco smokers barely sip at their drug of choice. Even with that first big drag of the morning.

    Yet these people believe what they’re told that marijuana smoke is not as harmful as tobacco” or even Vaping. WTF? Where’s the Benzopyrene in an E-Cig? Like you say. What brains?


  5. The late great Auberon Waugh was right about most things, apart from the EU which he categorised as harmless “Belgian ticket inspectors”

    An unfortunate case occurred where an Alsatian dog ate a baby whilst the mother was in a drunken stupor.
    He said that he knew this would provoke demands for price increases and less availability of alcohol but he could only reflect that, if alcohol had been more reasonably priced, the mother would have been able to afford to feed the dog on something else.


  6. I went to the doctor and he enquired about my alcohol intake. “About 70 units a week” says I, to which he replied “That’s nearly as much as some GPs.” He didn’t seem too worried and was of the opinion that the recommend unit limit is bullshit.


    • Richard,
      It’s a long time ago that I visited our then family doctor for a morning appointment. He was unshaven and looked as if he had a heavy night before.
      ” How are you I asked?”
      ” Come and sit here and tell me!” he replied.

      Those were the days!


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