Write faster!

Tomorrow Scotland takes part in a vote that has already split the country into two warring factions, and whichever way the vote comes out, the result will be that half the country feels aggrieved.

The confrontations have already become vicious and the Scottish government have come up with the bright idea of having the pubs open all night on Thursday night. What an excellent example of forward thinking. Two factions, already coming to blows, so let’s get them all drunk and see what they do next.

What they do next could well make Kristallnacht look like a restrained Greek wedding.

Imagine what those on the losing side – whichever it is – will do if they have been drinking all night when the result is announced. Do you have a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ poster in your window? I would recommend taking it down now. It’s too late to influence anyone and one or other of those posters is going to be a target at around 6 am Friday morning.

Okay, I know both sides have a lot of reasonable people but both sides have a hell of a lot of nutters too. There will be violence.

Then, whichever way the vote goes, there will be Panoptica. If I had seen that it would be Scotland a year ago I’d have it finished by now.

If the vote is ‘Yes’, Oily Al will want to hang on to power. He is not just trying to make Scotland an independent country. He is trying to make it his independent country. Al is not going to let the Brown Gorgon take over (although the Gorgon is making a heroic effort to get the ‘no’ vote to win). He is not going to let Scotland become a Labour/Lib Dem haven again. Oily Al wants to be in charge. And he has much more ambition than empathy. Trust me, jackboots and hats with skulls on them are not out of the question here. We are talking about a National Socialist party, no matter how much you want to spin it.

I still have my Hells-Angel uncle’s badges, the ones he gave me when I was small. He’s still alive apparently. I must find him and show him that I still have those badges. The one he can’t have back is the SS hat-skull badge. I might need it.

If the vote is ‘Yes’ then the ‘Yes’ camp will instantly fragment. It is made up of a load of small groups, all of whom think that independence means that they will be the ones in power. Each of those groiups is a small fraction of roughly 50% of the country. None of them have enough people to just take power by a democratic vote. They will all try to do it by violence.

The only way Oily Al can restore any kind of order and stay in power is to initiate the process that will lead to Panoptica. Does he already know that? He soon will.

If the vote is ‘No’ then all the Cameroid’s promises are void. Cameroid himself will be deposed, probably within a week and maybe by Saturday. He knows his days as leader are numbered so he can promise what he likes. Not one of those promises will be honoured. Well, has he ever made a promise that was?

Wastemonster will turn on Scotland in a big way. The Scots have humiliated Cameroid, Clegg and Moribund this week and they, and their parties, will not forget. Scotland has been a proving ground for the insanities of drunk Wastemonster MPs for a long time and if you think the poll tax was unfair, if you think getting the smoking ban a year before the rest of the UK was unfair, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In the event of a ‘No’ vote, all those controls the Wastemonster Triad want to impose on the whole country will be trialled in Scotland first. Internet control, monitoring of communication, more and more cameras, RFID readers to track you and your shopping by your contactless payment cards (later to become inplanted chips), harsh sentences for looking at a child in a funny way, minimum pricing for alcohol (they wil have no trouble at all with that one, the SNP want it too) and again, the process that leads to Panoptica is not just initiated, but accelerated.

A ‘No’ vote will see the SNP severely slapped down. If they fail to deliver on their core promise their supporters will not be happy. That Barnett formula, the one that sends taxes collected in Scotland back to Scotland (some say Scotland gets more, some say less, I don’t know) will be scrapped. Holyrood will be suddenly very short of cash. The NHS in Scotland will no longer be affordable, although it might not be affordable under a ‘Yes’ vote either. Since Oily Al insists he will accept no share of the UK debt mountain, a ‘Yes’ vote might well see the Treasury deciding to keep all the tax money between Friday and actual separation to cover Scotland’s share.

It’s a no-win vote for Scotland. Panoptica is coming. You will be assimilated.

Whichever wins, there will be violence. Countrywide, but probably only for a short time. Controls will be put in place, systems of control will be established, conformity will be enforced. Whichever wins, the only outcome is Panoptica. Whichever wins, the Scottish NHS is fucked. Whichever wins, Scotland faces an oppression it has not seen since the Clearances.

Forget the EU subsidies. Europe is full of countries with little bits that want independence. Win a ‘Yes’ vote and the EU will definitely not let Scotland join. They will want to make clear to all those little regions that if they get independence they are totally and completely on their own.

It has taken decades for the SNP under Oily Al to reach this point. The SNP worked on the basis that most of Scotland wanted independence because they won the Scottish government elections – but they failed to notice that most of Scotland didn’t bother to vote at all in those elections. They took it as read that winning the election meant that most voters wanted independence. They did not consider that the many non-voters couldn’t give a damn.

Now Scotland is as divided as Syria or Iraq or Libya. Nobody is cutting heads off yet but the principle is the same. Half the country hates the other half now, even though both halves have lived quite well together for centuries.

This is Oily Al’s legacy. His permanent installment in history.

Independence, maybe.

The division and ultimate destruction of the Scottish people, definitely.

As for me, I just write about stuff. I really have to learn to write it faster, before it really happens.


14 thoughts on “Write faster!

  1. The nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS BARRY OBUMMER and her battle group is currently sitting a tad south of Iceland fully loaded with all the tools of democracy waiting for the order to deal with the Scottish branch of IS that is about to arise from the ashes of the splintering Scot except the IS formerly known as Isis/Isil will actually be landing from a submerged yankee sub somewhere near Rosyth…this is of course made up shit…I think…nay I hope..oh bugger it…NURSE.


  2. “the Scottish government have come up with the bright idea of having the pubs open all night on Thursday night. ”
    This is the same Government that wants minimum pricing to tackle the problem of binge drinking? Perhaps they hope the level of drinking will be sufficient to remove the less compliant .


  3. “the Scottish government have come up with the bright idea of having the pubs open all night on Thursday night. ”
    This is the same Government that wants minimum pricing to tackle the problem of binge drinking? Perhaps they hope the level of drinking will be sufficient to remove the less compliant .


    • The same government whose ‘Yes’ campaigners have been talking about rounding up foreigners, while Salmond wants 24,000 new immigrants a year. Doublethink is alive and well here.


  4. The EU loves nations fragmenting into smaller groups, they also love promoting micro-languages like Welsh, Basque and occitaine. All helps foster dependence on the super-state.


    • Small groups are far more easily controlled than large ones. Which is why minorities have been getting preferential treatment for many years. Separate them, then wipe them out one by one. It’s even easier if the various minorities hate each other.



    That this is so reflects horribly badly on the “No” campaign which has been run with such ineptitude and complacency that it wasn’t until a fortnight ago that it woke up to the possibility that it might lose an argument it had long lazily accepted it would win hands down.

    But it hardly speaks better for the ugly campaign conducted by the “Yes” lobby. While it may be true that in psephelogical terms it has been tremendously successful, in moral terms it has been unconscionable. Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party have run a campaign on a prospectus so riddled with lies, exaggerations and half-truths that if this were business or finance rather than politics they would all likely be serving jail sentences.

    And that’s before you even get on to the sheer nastiness, the bullying and aggressive nationalism with which they have conducted it: the veiled threats to Scottish institutions (from business to academe) tempted to speak out for the “No” vote; the harrying of everyone from journalists such as the BBC’s Nick Robinson to prominent Scots such as author JK Rowling (monstered on Twitter for daring to speak up for the Union); the graffiti and bricks-through-windows; the rent-a-mobs more redolent of, say, Venezuela under Chavez than of the birthplace of the European Enlightenment



  6. XX even though both halves have lived quite well together for centuries.XX

    Except for those having blue painted house doors in “catholic areas” or green painted in “Protestant areas” that get fire bombed, you mean? Or where pubs have red pool tables so they do not annoy either side?

    (Mid/West/East Lothian. Glasgow (parts), Livingstone (parts). Scotland has NEVER been a “whole” and never will be.


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