Saturday night mumble.

Too tired tonight, it’s the night in-between intensive work days again. I have also part-laid the kitchen floor but dare not tackle the intricate cutting around doorframes etc in this knackered state. I’ll leave that for Monday. Sure, vinyl stick-down tiles are cheap but there’s no sense in getting worked up into a tired frenzy. Best wait until I am properly awake so I can enjoy the rage and frustration these things always cause.

In typical style, it rained all week so my grass is getting long again. This morning I set off for work in glorious sunshine. I expect it will be fine tomorrow and then rain on Monday. That’s how it usually goes.

Someone’s car alarm keeps going off, somewhere up the street. I wish someone would steal it.

Interesting to see the WHO now turning their attention to an EU-wide ban on trans fats. I actually agree that these artifically produced trans fats are not good for you. Any molecule not found in nature is potentially risky and the bad news around synthetic trans fats has been known for a long timeĀ  I’ll get into the biochemistry another time.

But do we really need a ban under the control of an unelected faceless group, imposed through another unelected group? Sure, stopping the production of unnatural trans fats would be a good thing but it seems to me that global control by a self-appointed group who are accountable to nobody is never, in any circumstances, a good thing. It’s not a good thing because it does not end with the one thing.

Tomorrow is Mopman’s last half-day with the Secret Ninja Cleaners. I am still only doing the weekends – all Saturday and half Sunday. Jury service is a two edged sword since I can respond to any attempt to push me into taking on more days with ‘I can’t promise anything, I might be on a jury in October’. On the other hand, I cannot try my hand at a different part time job midweek because nobody is going to employ me with the risk of jury service hanging over me. No point taking someone on, then finding they are put on some long winded case that drags on for months.

Anyway, time to put Dr. Who on the iPlayer and sip some Glen Orchy sleep juice while tubing a few cigs for tomorrow.

Who says men can’t multi-task?


18 thoughts on “Saturday night mumble.

  1. In my experience the threat of jury service is an empty one. Most times you turn up on the first day and are promptly rejected by the defense lawyers. Of course it depends on the case. Most cases are fairly mundane. Usually some dozy scrote with a low IQ who has bashed his missus/neighbour. That being the case, educated, middle aged, middle class men are unlikely to be asked to deliberate.


  2. Leg, I’d have to agree with the Saxon on the JD threat. LOL! I cannot imagine the defense AND prosecution BOTH thinking you’d be good to have on a jury!!!

    Re car alarms: I’m basically a *VERY* nonviolent person. BUT…. I have an emotional reaction to car alarms: if I had a gun I’d go out and shoot them to put them out of their misery.

    – MJM


      • Exactly. It just FEELS like it would be right to shoot it.

        – MJM (Of course my longstanding background history of being an anti-driving bicycle activist may play a part in those feelings… Heh, my first published work {1976ish} was titled “Free People’s Transit” :> I’ll have to get that up online someday: you’ll see why I was so early to recognize the propaganda techniques used by the Antismokers: back in the ’70s I was just about as bad — except against cars! )


      • I just wasn’t impressed with the security at the ‘most secure bank in the universe’. However, on second viewing it works well as a metaphor for the security and safety guaranteed by the State (what’s on offer for giving up our freedoms) – high tech, intimidation and setting examples, with massive floor level ventilation shafts secured by signs and blutak underneath.


        • And I can forgive the poor layout of the bank because of The Doctor/Clara story arc – he’s jealous of her affection for Robin Hood, followed by ‘Listen’, followed by his setting up the most daring bank heist. He really fancies her; it’s a refreshing change actually.


    • Given the number of people who want to avoid jury duty, I wonder how often that sort of stratagem is used and how the courts respond? Here in the States the recompense given jurors is usually barely enough to cover transit and a decent lunch (although at least we’re protected from being fired because of job absence). Is it that way over in the UK/elsewhere as well?

      – MJM


      • Most likely the courts respond with ‘Change that shirt or keep your coat on’.

        Here, they will recompense you for lost hours at work, where your employer (like mine) won’t pay you if you’re not there. However, since I now work only Saturday and Sunday that’s really no help at all. I have a week to take on some weekday hours…


  3. O/T

    Re your chat with Cherie on 3 March 14 where she bemoans the fact she doesn’t have access to a smoky or shed pub.

    This outfit is used by a lot of shed pub owners and perhaps they might be able to help. Even give a phone number.

    Place to start, worth a try. When you get time, can you pass it on?


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