Where are your ‘human rights’ now?

Time and again we hear of murderers, rapists and other evil people being allowed to stay in this country because they have a right to a family life. Time and again we hear of people who come to this country not for what they can do to better it, but for what they can get for free. They get a free pass too.

There is a man from the Philippines – well, he left there when he was four with his British parents – who has been living and working in the UK and has shown no intention to harm anyone. The family has not been separated in 32 years.

The rest of his family can stay but he must return to the Philippines and re-apply for a visa. Otherwise he will be forcibly deported.

So… where are the human rights lawyers now?

Oh, right, he works as a barman. Human rights lawyers are only interested in those with access to money.

His father isn’t his real father, you see? He is his stepfather. So he does not get automatic citizenship as the child of a British citizen. He has also done everything by the book and been fully co-operative with the authorities. Bad move.

Our immigration system throws out the quiet workers and shies away from dealing with the noisy and the violent and the indolent.

And the politicians wonder why the country is going down the tubes.



10 thoughts on “Where are your ‘human rights’ now?

  1. Gordon Bennett! The powers-that-be in this country (and in most of the EU – oh, and in the USA and Canada too…and Australia….. and quite possibly the rest of the world as well) have gone completely crazy! As in Wacky Races loony tunes crackers. I need a smoky drinky with some sensible people in it, with whom to get too pissed to be able to think any more about the sorry state of the world. Sadly, I don’t know of any smoky drinky around here, other than my own kitchen, and it tends to be rather under-populated for the purpose, since my mates all seem to have morphed into non-smoking moderate-drinking early-to-bed types with the onset of early old age. And anyway my body won’t even let me get properly drunk these days – it insists on either giving me a hangover WHILST I’M STILL DRINKING (how sad is that!?) or else falling asleep seconds after I hit tipsy. And everyone tells me that its all downhill from here? Sigh. I’m depressed now. See what you did? You fed me laugh-out-loud stuff that lulled me into becoming a regular reader, and then socked me over the head with this! Just because you had beaten yourself up on the kitchen floor and furniture, was there really any need to take it out on a loyal (if recently captivated) reader??


  2. I remember a similar situation in the Shetlands a few years ago about a Thai bloke who was facing deportation from the Shetlands despite having living there since he was ten,

    Islanders claimed that he was a “soft target” for the Home Office and launched a huge campaign against his deportation. The campaign was backed by local church leaders, who described Mr Makao’s arrest as ” brutal”.

    More than 100 MPs signed a motion supporting his case. Shetland islanders rallied to his cause, with more than 8,000 people ­ one in three of the population ­ signing a petition demanding his release.

    The 23-year-old is now preparing to fly back to his island home today after an asylum and immigration tribunal ruled that he could stay in Britain.

    As for what you say about the most foul immigrants being allowed to stay. Four years ago I discovered that supposed ‘human rights’ legislation actually give all the rights to the government. So they’ll use them to keep the people here who divide and rule and devise new laws to spread subversion, like forcing everyone to accept ‘lifestyle choices’ to change the structure and values of society.


    • They are only ‘human rights’ if the government declares you a human. As Captain Ranty has often pointed out, authority in the UK deals not with humans, but with corporate entities created for each of us at birth. We are only as human as the government allows us to be.


  3. Going down the tubes?
    That was a long time ago…
    Now we’re in the open cesspit.
    But you know that LI.
    And the politicians haven’t wondered about anything for years and years and years.


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