The Machine, It Lives!

Last one tonight, I promise. Being motion-restricted on the whim of a rib is intensely frustrating – but very good for the writing.

I have set up the Bucko Monster with a temporary TV/monitor in the spare room. Removing the existing machine from its place requires a lot of bending and twisting and I need to let that rib set before I try that. Besides, there are many many files to decide upon – which to transfer and which to finally allow to die. I really don’t watch all those downloaded YouTube vids, you know.

Here is a truly terrible photograph of the beast with Linux Mint taking control of it –

meanmachineIt’s too dark, I know, but it’s all working just fine. Once I feel confident enough to make the switch without ending up back in the hands of the Morphine Doctors, it will have pride of place in my office.

It is already connected to the internet. The spare room has a cable from the time when I wondered about moving to a bigger office – but decided that bigger office would just mean a bigger mess. The small room limits my accumulation of crap and forces the occasional clearout.

Many thanks to all who donated for this machine. I couldn’t have afforded it alone. Thanks also to Bucko for making it.

With this much computer power, I could take over the world… wait, did I type that out loud?


8 thoughts on “The Machine, It Lives!

  1. Leggie, a little bit off topic but we need a campaign against Stoptober and Teetotal October. I don’t smoke but think I’ll buy a pack and have one a day. As for alcohol, that’s easier – whisky, wine, ale – every day during October.


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