Financial disaster! Woe! Penury! Despair!

Not me this time. I remain firmly on the breadline, and when the Pound collapses in value I’ll be laughing, because I don’t have very many of those. Soon everyone will have to learn to live the frugal life, the one I’m already living.

In Northern Ireland, the last cigarette factory in the UK is to close down. There is much wailing and howling over all the job losses but really, what did everyone expect to happen? Pile on the pain on any industry and they will eventually relocate to somewhere less painful. Plain packaging, ‘windfall taxes’ (that’s government speak for ‘robbery in plain sight’), vast duty and taxation generally, and the company is driven out of the country. That’s what Government wanted and that’s what Government got. To hell with those people’s livelihoods, it’s far more important to have a War on Smokers than to have a vibrant economy.

This is not due to ‘Brussels regulation’. It is not the EU’s fault, well, not entirely. The factory is looking at Poland as a possible new location and that’s still in the EU. No, this is entirely the fault of the antismokers’ vicious agenda and the idiot politicians who tug their forelocks and say ‘Yes Sir!’ to every whining pressure group out there. The economy is going to die because you can’t earn money when there’s nowhere to work.

The Green agenda calls for the total collapse of civilisation and the utter destruction of the economy. Seems to be moving along very nicely, doesn’t it? Think of all the greenhouse gases that factory won’t be pumping out any more. And the reduction in car use by people who can no longer afford to have one. The reduced heating in all those homes who will have their power cut off because they can’t pay the ever-increasing energy bills. Then all that reduced breathing as people die off over the winter.

This is clearly what Government wants. It is what they have been working so hard to achieve all these years. And out there are millions of silly sods who just keep on voting them back in.

The IMF (can’t find the link now) have stated that ebola will dramatically damage the economies of those countries it has infected. Well, I doubt the people of those countries are much worried about money at the moment – most of them never had any anyway – and even if they did, the prospect of bleeding out through every bodily orifice is likely to command much more of their attention than the possibility of their government having to cut back on their free beer.

Even the London stock exchange is all upset because ebola is affecting share prices in travel companies.

All about money. Never mind those dying of disease abroad or those dying of cold and starvation at home. No, none of it matters as long as the money is okay.

Having a government is like being an old man with a young floozy. They want only two things – your death and your money. Once you die they can take it all but while they’re waiting, they’ll help themselves as much as they can. You? You just don’t matter at all.

When all the industry is gone and nobody is earning anything, the entire economy will have to be supported by those wealthy enough to be paying tax on the interest accrued on their wealth. Vinnie the Wire is already preparing for this scenario. What his pin-shaped head has failed to grasp is that he is attacking those who have the means to move away. Just like businesses, the rich can relocate with ease.

Who will the government tax then? Us? We will have nothing. All we will have are State handouts of worthless bits of paper backed by nothing at all. The parasites will finally have killed their host.

The current ebola scare is a fitting analogy for any government. This parasite literally bleeds its host dry and then leaves the emaciated husk to begin again on a new victim. The one thing the parasite never considers is what it’s going to do when all its hosts are dead.

It’s about time someone in government gave that some thought because the disease we call ‘government’ is fast running out of hosts.




15 thoughts on “Economogeddon.

  1. Money is the thing used for centuries to keep the slaves in their cages, the ones they build for themselves with the ‘I want’ mantra thrown at them from birth by peers and the MSM…so they live lives moving from ‘must have’ to ‘must have’ until they get to the ultimate ‘must have’ the coffin…


  2. The plan is starting to become really obvious now, isn’t it? I knew it would have to be before it would finally strike home to the masses, hence UKIP’s increasing popularity. Batsby linked to the old Fabian symbol: the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The old parties are all Fabian now. The global socialist ‘Utopia’ envisioned by its founders in 1884 is almost complete. Their other logo is the tortoise because they knew they would have to move in tiny, almost imperceptible, steps to create their ‘dream’ scenario.

    Imagine the men returning home after WWII and discovering that they couldn’t smoke in the pub and people telling them, “You can’t say that”, that most of our laws were being made in Belgium (via Geneva), that two blokes could get ‘married’, that their children were being shown at school how to put a condom on a banana, that the food was processed and full of toxins, that our clothes were being made in India rather than Lancashire and our ships made in Korea and Europe and not Clydeside and Tyneside and that our coal had been left underground while we imported it from Poland (along with our dentists and plumbers), but that we didn’t need much anyway as the coal-fired power stations are ‘mothballed’ and we will be fined by unelected pen-pushers in Brussels if we ever bring them back into service to warm up those dying in their homes when the supply starts failing due to us having returned to wind power. No. It had to be very gradual.

    To summarise, they would have returned after fighting for freedom (or so they thought) to a completely different country they left behind which had turned into a cross between 16th century Netherlands, Nazi Germany and a bacchanalian madhouse. It had to be a very slow process or they would have held Nuremberg-style trials for the traitors and subverters who allowed all this to happen.

    Due to clever inventions, any amount of new controls could be foisted on the people. Devices like manmade climate change, ‘equality and diversity’, global governmental institutions disguised as societies of international ‘cooperation’, astroturfing ‘charities’, socialised ‘healthcare’ where you have to live as directed or you’re a burden on society. Constant new rules ‘for your own good’ and to ‘save the planet’.

    Finally, when we’re demoralised, divided and conquered, deindustrialised and penniless – like every other country – we’ll be easily bundled together into their ‘paradise’ on earth.

    The writing is well and truly on the wall. No excuses now for not ‘getting it’.

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  3. One sign of things to come: in France, it is illegal to send precious metals or bullion coinage through the post, and it is also illegal to buy gold using cash; you are legally forced to use electronic transfers of some sort. This is because the French government consists of brainless Socialist tax-monsters, who are shit-scared that all the money that exists in electronic format (which they can count, and count as belonging to them already) and all the money that exists as high denomination Euro notes stuffed into mattresses that they can’t count but that they also think should belong to them will magically get turned into gold.

    Gold, you see, is a Socialist nightmare. Small, very portable and it is enshrined in EU law that people are allowed to own it and move it around as they please. Very inconvenient stuff indeed, because historically it has always retained its value even when bits of coloured paper have completely lost their value. You cannot really enslave people with gold very much, because you cannot induce artificial inflation in intrinsic-value currencies.

    The French tax-monsters also have their hands tied somewhat by the EU, so this level of restriction represents all that they think that they’re allowed to do. It isn’t very much, either, when you can simply drive to another country, buy your gold there then drive back again but you can feel the malign intent there clearly enough.

    Over in Germany a different set of circumstances have come into play. Over in Germany, there are quite a few big cement works which provide fairly big local employment. Part of this is directly, and part of it is indirect by supplying builders. Now, cement works operate by taking hydrated calcium carbonate and heating it to make anhydrous calcium oxide then reacting this with clays to make cement. All of which chucks out a lot of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide which is regulated under assorted scientifically-illiterate treaties.

    The German government would like to make these (admittedly highly energy-efficient) polluters pay. The polluters on the other hand have pointed out that the Ukraine is not a signatory to these treaties and cement works there can easily undercut efficient German ones if the latter are forced to pay this iniquitous tax. So, the government therefore has a choice: churn out lots of completely free carbon credits for the cement-makers, or watch the cement makers relocate their operation and equipment to the Ukraine, along with the jobs. The local voters will also be explicitly be told why they have lost their jobs and who is responsible for this.

    This is the political-economic version of Dirty Harry pointing a hand-cannon at the politicians and asking them if they’re feeling lucky today?

    It works, too. The cement works have lots of free carbon credits these days.


    • I sent the last of my gold through the post to London two days ago, seeing as the price keeps dropping, although I’m still making a decent profit having bought it in 2007-08. The bullion companies are obliged to inform the ‘authorities’ when you have sold them more than the capital gains tax threshold in any given tax year, which I think is about £10,000 at the moment, which is the amount you can make on investments without having to pay tax.

      The money does get paid electronically into my bank a/c. At least now that all the gold is gone (not that my house was like Fort Knox) I can stop worrying about the price (and being burgled and the government deciding that you’re not allowed to own gold anymore, which has happened before).


      • Gold, or anything else, is only as valuable as the amount people are willing to pay you for it.

        Until I can go and buy a new camera in “Saturn” with gold, then it is only usefull when you can change it into MONEY. If there is no money there, then Gold becomes every day currency, and is just as susceptable to inflation/deflation, as any other monetry system.


    • Depends on what they think they’re trying to achieve. Gold itself is inconsequential. It’s no different than buying classic cars or artworks. The effect of converting Euro to another medium affects nothing in the short term.

      If they’re trying to stop people who have already squirrelled away pots of money and are simply using this as a way to avoid all these exchanges of information that banks have to comply with, then yes it does seem to make sense.

      However gold has so many drawbacks, the greatest is its weight. Take a relatively small sum like one million Euro, then convert it into gold as at today’s prices and it weighs in at 29.5 kgs – and most people who want to evade tax will be talking very large multiples of that.

      On the other hand Euro 1 million in diamonds doesn’t even begin to fill a jeans fob pocket and weighs in at just a few grammes. Many Jews used this medium during the Nazi era and continue to do so today. If you know what you’re doing, or can use a high end broker, then there’s far more money to be made out of diamonds. And security is a breeze with just a couple of safety deposit boxes, it’s perfectly feasible to keep hundreds of millions of Euro away from prying eyes.

      But the very best for a very quick shift is still bitcoin. For sure the value can go crashing down, but for shifting from one country to another it’s outstanding. This is currently the medium of choice for Russians who have seen the value of the Rouble nose dive – way faster than anything seen on bitcoin. Just don’t forget your log in details for your virtual wallet!


      • I was a big Alex Jones fan at the time and he kept yelling, “buy gold and silver – the dollar’s going to collapse – here’s Ted Anderson with this week’s special offer – when you phone them up tell them Alex Jones sent you”.

        So I duly obeyed. I bought them from UK dealers, obviously. I bought it not to cheat the tax man, but to have tangible assets for when the money system collapses. But now I need the money! And I realised that Jones is probably CIA and so the price of gold will probably keep falling.


  4. Legiron, O Master Of Green Furry Shit That Growth Where it Should Not, a quick question: I was merrily shredding tobacco the other night, in that bliss like Zen state that only tobacco shredding can induce, when I suddenly noticed that for the last few leaves I had been shredding moldy leaves- ie leaves with white/green hairy lumps.
    Of course I immediately stopped, casting all the leaves-shredded and unshredded-into that place where the worm eateth and the fires burneth day and night…that’s “The Kitchen Bin” for the non-King James speakers among us. Then I sterilized the work surface and washed my hands in bleach and recited several Hail Marys. The shredder I put to one side for a later exorcism -one of the benefits of selling the things is being able to simply grab a fresh one out of the box- and it’s regarding that ‘exorcism’ that I need your advice.

    Will scrubbing the ‘molded’ shredder in HOT water suffice to kill all the nasties or do I need to douse it in something DNA killing? If so, what, Bleach? Lighter fluid+match ?

    NB the moldy leaves where moldy because I left them wet in an airtight jar in the sunshine. When TL4U sent me them (about a year ago) they were in perfect condition as all their stuff is.


    • Ah, the hairy leaves.

      Not likely to be a pathogenic fungus but the spores can cause respiratory problems if inhaled often and in large amounts. Definitely not something you want in snuff. If you’re burning it the risk is less (the risk is then in handling, not smoking) but it’s not a zero risk and the cigs will taste awful.

      Warm soapy water will wash down the spores, followed by a rinse and scrub with an old toothbrush (I actually use a new one specially bought for the purpose). the Poundland ‘smoker’s toothbrush’ is so damn hard you can take rust off with it and I wouldn’t recommend using it on your teeth, ever.

      Fungi won’t grow on metal so as long as you give the rollers a good clean they’ll be fine.

      I’ve been caught out by the occasional mouldy leaf in the past, because a batch of leaves lasts me a couple of months at least. Now I pay much closer attention. Seems to me that the burley is more prone to mould and it starts at the cut end on the centre rib, and spreads first along that rib. So now I get those centre ribs out quick.

      The mould isn’t likely to be dangerous in itself but avoid breathing the spores too much. A few won’t hurt but you don’t want to get anywhere near what farmers get when handling hay (they are outdoors, you are indoors, you don’t need to shift bales to get close to their intake).

      There’s no need to worry about killing them. Wet spores won’t float in the air, they’ll just wash away down the sink.


      • Thanks for that and yes Burley is more prone to molding. MissVB says “This is Loose Leaf Burley. You’ll notice that they have full
        stalks. Leaf distributors like to cut off 10-15cm of the stalk
        (stem) because this is where a lot of moisture is and can cause
        problems when stored as it can spread along the whole stem.
        The problem can be easily recognised as it has a whitish furry


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