Pestilence! War! Famine! Death!

Early night tonight. I finally have to attend for jury service in the morning. ‘Hang the Shifty-looking Bugger’ T-shirt all ironed and ready…


Scaring people is fun. I’ve been trying to make a living at it by selling scary books but now I realise I’ve been going about it all wrong. No, you don’t tell them it’s fiction, you get a job with some health organisation and pretend your fantasies are real.

Once more we are hearing that the ebola virus ‘could mutate and become airborne’. What’s it going to do, drink a Red Bull and grow wings? If it were to become an ‘airborne’ virus then it would have to change itself into something that can infect through the lungs. That’s a very big change and if it does that it won’t be ebola any more. It might be more dangerous, it might be no more than a cold.

The ‘experts’ pronouncing this are not idiots, yet they are acting like idiots. This is pure scare story stuff. I have not found a single instance of a virus changing its mode of transmission. Not one. It does not happen. So why go on and on about it?

Two possible reasons. One – to ramp up the terror so the drones will demand more and more control over their lives. This is already happening – commenters on ebola stories are demanding severe travel restrictions now. They don’t think it will apply to them, of course.

Two – Someone in a lab somewhere is trying to make an airborne ebola. The rhetoric is so that when it appears they can just say ‘See? Told you that would happen’ and then nobody will wonder where it came from.

Alex Jones has an ex-CIA man ‘predicting’ the use of ebola as a false-flag attack on the USA. Unfortunately he left the date on the video. This ‘prediction’ was on September 18th this year. Ebola was already running rampant in Africa. If he had made the prediction before the outbreak I’d have been impressed but at that time, any tinfoil-hatter could have claimed the current outbreak would be put to use. Not much of a prediction.

In the event, the real entry of ebola into the US was done by a dumb sap who didn’t know he had it. Not a terrorist.

Speaking of terrorists, there are now claims that ISIS ‘could’ infect themselves and then go around Disneyworld giving people hugs. No, they won’t. They aren’t all stupid either. Ebola is a horrible way to die and while these madmen are quite happy with the ‘Allahu Akbar’ click-boom semtex vest solution to that irritating chore of breathing, they are not going to be quite so keen to bleed to death in agony over a period of days or weeks. No, ISIS are not going to infect themselves.

They are going to infect hostages and then give them back. Any sensible government would realise this and quarantine every released hostage until they are definitely clear. I don’t think there’s a sensible government left on the planet.

This does assume that the wild men of that organisation have the knowledge and containment facilities required to handle the virus, of course. Otherwise we won’t have to worry about ISIS for much longer. If they get an outbreak they are going to have a hard time persuading any aid workers to visit them. ISIS’s idea of hospitality leaves much to be desired.

Meanwhile in Africa, people are dying in their hundreds. While the West jumps at shadows, the Africans just have to deal with it. President Obola is apparently sending 3000 soldiers over there to shoot the virus, or capture it and interrogate it or… no, I don’t see what he thinks soldiers are going to achieve but then that seems to be the hard-wired response to everything these days. Cameroid is sending troops there too. I think those countries already have soldiers. They’d be far more interested in a cure.

Meanwhile another idiot has put the story around Liberia that ebola is a deliberate attempt by America to wipe out the brown people. He also claims that the doctors sent over there are on a mission to make sure as many as possible die. Now, this might be barely credible with a white president but with a president of African extraction, it seems far less likely.

All that story will achieve is to make Liberians avoid the medics, refuse treatment and refuse containment. That story will kill far more people than ebola could have managed alone. What an irresponsible prick.

It’s as bad as repeatedly telling people that this virus is going to be the first one ever to change its mode of transmission and learn to fly.

Don’t worry about ebola. Worry about the draconian restrictions its existence will allow. That’s what the scare is really for. Not to save you. To control you.


Well, bedtime for me. Tomorrow I have to try very hard not to end up on a jury. I’ll take the little Acer with me now it’s working well so if there’s a lot of sitting around, I can at least write something.


24 thoughts on “Pestilence! War! Famine! Death!

  1. any tinfoil-hatter could have claimed the current outbreak would be put to use

    And indeed I did! In August I placed a bet with a colleague that Obama would use ebola to declare martial law before the end of October. I was determined to have at least some fun with Ebola!

    Of course, Ferguson Missouri turned out to be a damp squid but there are still 21 days to go! Only 21 days until I win a sweet, sweet dollar:


  2. XX President Obola is apparently sending 3000 soldiers over there to shoot the virus, or capture it and interrogate it or… no, I don’t see what he thinks soldiers are going to achieve but then that seems to be the hard-wired response to everything these days. Cameroid is sending troops there too.XX


    Buttfuck O’Bummer, and Abduhla Commyron, are wanting the world to take their eye off the 8 ball and watch Africa, and the Ukraine, and “deflect” their armys there, so their ISIS bum chums can sneak in under the radar and take Europe, whilst every one is “otherwise destracted.”

    They are only following their orders from Saudi.


  3. It’s not that the virus has mutated and become airborne, but that the health workers underestimate its virulence. The Spanish health worker allegedly just touched her own face while removing her protective suit. The terminal state of sufferers is not pretty – lots of blood, vomit & diarrhoea ejected somewhat forcefully, so poor breathing masks or inadequate coverings allow droplet transmission (which the Americans describe as aerosol transmission), to skin abrasion, mouth, nose or eyes of the nurse.


  4. A much more effective and indeed sane response would be to sponsor research to work out how to produce humanised monoclonal antibodies in huge volumes. That is what the American Ebola cure is: a solution of about three clones of antibodies, multiplied up in volume in transgenic tobacco plants then subsequently treated to make the antibody base structure look more human-like to prevent the patients’ own immune system going after it.

    As soon as you have a method to take a known antibody and mass produce it in staggering quantities, then you have a way to see off Ebola, Marburg and a lot of other diseases, including influenza and possibly HIV as well. This technology is a general-use one, not an Ebola-specific one, and if researched and licenced by the government (to prevent a chemicals company hogging the secrets) it can be used for the good of a lot of people.

    This sort of knowledge based stuff is a hell of a lot more useful than sending a handful of medics out to try to contain an epidemic and likely die of the disease themselves as well. Granted, it doesn’t help the people in this epidemic, but given what Africa is like and how bloody medieval the locals are (they don’t believe in germ theory or contamination spreading disease, for a start) there is likely not a great deal we could do here anyway.


  5. The morphing of the name should now be completed: first, it was Cam-moron; then Camoron; now Cameroid – finish it, and make it Haemorrhoid. After all, he continues to be an irritating pain in the bum, for everyone!


  6. Viruses ‘mutate’ all the time in films and on the TV. You mean it doesn’t happen to real viruses? I’m not buying that.
    When you do the jury thing, why not just go for not guilty regardless. See how much you can annoy the other jurors


  7. If your jury service experience is anything like my husband’s a few years back, it was a total waste of time. Twice he was chosen and barely had any nitty gritty started the defendant changed the plea to guilty, so no need to consider the verdict. One defendant changed his plea to guilty when it was plainly obvious that there was not enough evidence to convict.
    It is possible that you will have days of sitting around.


  8. Worldwide, there have been about a total of 4,000 deaths from Ebolatxhis year.

    In comparison, worldwide, there are about 4,000 deaths from Aids/HIV per day and about 16,000 deaths from starvation per day.

    The WHO, and govts, should be more concerned with the real problems facing people.


  9. Clearly there is nowt in the news or on telly these days. C’mon da press- surely a celebrity chef called Pierre has stubbed his toe on a bleu steak . Should have asked for it well done. When did you hear of a celeb chef, called Pierre, stubbing his toe on a well done steak? Bugger, ebola has started to infect the news in Nuzzyland. No longer is rugby and celeb chefs the only topic of conversation. Commentators are openly discussing what would happen if a member of the NZ rugby team contracted SARS- what a minute, this is old news. Just goes to show you what an insular backwater we are (Arse).


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  11. “diarrhoea ejected somewhat forcefully” – surely this is ‘aerosol transmission’ (or it would be if you had a Norwegian accent!)


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