Will Farage be Prime Monster one day?

(Morning-after edit to fix whisky/fatigue errors!)


UKIP have their first MP and nearly had a second. No need for links, the MSM seem to regard this as even more of an end-of-civilisation than the forthcoming ebola pretend scare. Which they are practising for as if it’s actually going to be real, and scaring a lot of people who don’t know it’s just a simulation.

Well, their first MP is Douglas Carswell. Not to take anything away from UKIP here but Mr. C is so popular in his constituency he might well have won if he’d joined the Church of the Militant Elvis on a ticket including self-flagellation and legalised sex with weasels. It could easily be argued that they voted for him rather than the party.

The other election though, that was different. In a Labour stronghold, Labour won by a margin so narrow you couldn’t make notes in it even with a magnifying glass. That suggests it wasn’t just the Carswell Effect. If it had been, the other parties might have been able to shrug it off. If UKIP had been way behind Labour in the second election, the news would have been full of ‘Oh sure, but it was Mr. C who really won, not UKIP’. This is now clearly not the case.

There is to be another by-election next week [month]. UKIP might well win that one too but if they lose, I don’t think they’ll lose by very much.

The real test comes in the general election next year. Will some of the Triad’s big names lose their seats? I hope so. If not, I hope UKIP put up candidates against those big names anyway and at least leave them with a majority of about five.

It seems unlikely that UKIP will take power at the next election. They just don’t have enough people (after the loons and antismokers are filtered out) to cover all the constituencies and they suffer from unfair comparison with the BNP in Scotland. I have heard people here tell me they are a racist party even if their candidate is called !xobile Mutafawanga and has a suntan that no Scot could ever achieve even if they strapped a sunbed to themselves for forty years. Scots don’t tan in the sun. It just bleaches them whiter.

Mind you, I can’t criticise. The melanin component of my Italian ancestry did not transfer into my DNA. I have the Welsh response to the sun – Lobsterman, followed by Captain Flaky and his trail of shed skin. One day I will take my face off in one piece and save it for Halloween. Three hours in sunshine and I look like I’ve been attacked with a blowtorch.

It’s putting the willies up the current Triad of parties faster than a visit to the choir-boys changing room by a Catholic priest with a hole in his cassock. All the parties are shouting at their leaders ‘We must do something about immigration now! We must listen to the people’.

Should have done the latter twenty years ago, guys. Too late now. Nobody believes your promises any more. Nobody believes you will ever listen and nobody any longer falls for ‘lessons will be learned’ because you are all quite clearly not capable of learning anything.

As to the former, as long as the EU rules, there is nothing at all they can do about it. They can stop productive immigrants from outside the EU but they cannot stop wasters from within the EU claiming benefits here. We are happy to let the productive ones come here, we don’t want the spongers.

In fact we don’t need border controls at all. Anyone can come and live here – but we are not paying you when you get here. Work and pay in and you’ll have a safety net if times get tough. No NI stamp, no payout, no free NHS… it used to be like that even for those born here. Now anyone from anywhere can get free treatment – on us. But it’s racist to point out the freeloaders.

UKIP have done well and will do tetter. The Triad and the MSM will never understand why.

Let’s just hope UKIP root out the loonies and the antismokers in time.

Otherwise, it was all for nothing.


28 thoughts on “Will Farage be Prime Monster one day?

  1. I think pretty much for the first time ever millions of people are starting to realise that these big 3 (well two very soon when the Lib Dems disappear off the face of the earth) do not represent them at all, they don’t give a flying fuck about their constituents.

    It’s been a slow “drip drip” effect over many years, with each passing general election bringing the same shit time and again no matter which of the two are in power. And people are finally starting to realise this and are revolting on a massive scale. We need to break this shit two party monopoly.


  2. Spot on, as ever, Leggy, despite the typos (have to had more of that Laphroaig than you intended, I wonder??) The major parties have simply left things much, much too late, and it’s good to see them reaping the rewards of being complacent and arrogant enough to think that the public would never wake up to all their spin and lies and broken promises. Eventually, even the most brainwashed drone can’t help but think to himself “but I thought he said that he would/wouldn’t ….” a sufficient number of times to realise that – err – they were – err – lying. The Big Three parties are in for a rocky ride. It might even be the demise of the LibDems as a political consideration altogether. The only way they stand a chance of clawing back any votes is to do the one thing that they seem utterly incapable of – making a promise and then acting on it. And, to be honest, even if they did that now, I think most of the public would recognise it as the desperate actions of a desperate group of people and wouldn’t believe for a second that such integrity would last beyond the point at which the comfy balance of the Tory vs Labour power-swing was firmly back in place.

    Fingers crossed for the next by-election! I can’t wait!


  3. I don’t think there’s a by-election next week, if you mean Mark Reckless – the writ hasn’t been done yet in Parliament. The media can’t help themselves, even if saying something positive for UKIP – see the Sunday Times front page, it’s the second one in:


    I bet there was some anguish at the Beeb whether to put that up as the first image – they hate UKIP but they hate Murdoch more 😉


  4. O.K. So, they had their “alternative” in these two by elections. What was the turn out like?

    Did having an alternative get their arses down to the polling station instead of the pub, or were the number the usual miserable 25% or something?


  5. UKIP have done well and will do better. The Triad and the MSM will never understand why.

    They understand perfectly. It’s a war of subversion they are all in together. This is why they trawl Twitter looking for ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or ‘homophobic’ tweets from anyone remotely connected with UKIP, while largely ignoring the dozens of LibLabCon local councillors arrested for child sex abuse and other real crimes. You can’t even tell a joke about women without the MSM having a field day as Godfrey Bloom found out.

    I’m talking about the ‘sluts’ incident, but he also joked that he wanted to get involved in women’s rights issues because “I just don’t think they clean behind the fridge enough”.

    They have to be as wise as serpents these day. Unfortunately, just relaxing and being themselves can be costly. They have to remember we’re East Germany now and there’s likely going to be someone who’ll report them for (what was intended to be) an innocent gag which would have gone down well on the 1970s’ show The Comedians. It’s a very different country now.

    What was the question? Will Farage be Prime Monster one day?

    If people keep waking up he – or someone like him (is there?) – will be. It has to happen very soon or we are finished as a country. As the Furor says, did they get off their backsides to the polling stations? 51% did in Clacton – not bad for a by-election, I suppose – and 35% in the other one, which is shocking considering the state of the country. For example, the LibLabCon Party is always trying to convince us at every election that the NHS will be “safe in their hands”. So how come everyone I know thinks the NHS is a joke? How come the people aren’t voting en masse for a complete change of political management instead of grumbling to each other about the state of the country?

    In Clacton, the Labour share was reduced by 55% from 2010 which is brilliant and the Dim Lumps saw their share of the vote collapse by 90%.

    If Mark Reckless wins handsomely in Rochester in November, it will hopefully open up the flood gates to many more defections and who knows? Maybe the impossible could become reality. Then we have to hope that Mr Farage is one politician who keeps promises!


  6. I could perhaps see Farage taking Clegg’s job in the next government. Perhaps.

    Their chances would improve immeasurably if they dumped Neil Hamilton who failed to get selected for the SW Euro constituency, and failed to get elected to the UKIP NEC. Farage made him deputy party chairman ex-officio. The membership don’t want him but he a mate of Farage.

    This month he’s back again as a candidate for their NEC. Hopefully the membership will reject him again. If so, no doubt Farage will let his mate keep the job anyway. Dump the clown, UKIP. He’s a liability…


  7. Bloody marvellous if Farage did become PM, if someone’s a twat Nige tends to tell them exactly that, the country, indeed the world at large, could do with a bit less PC bollocks and a few more home truths.

    Not sure he would want the job though, and he’s a bloody good salesman so maybe better off in a role of promoting deals with the rest of the world for our future when we exit, oh please God, from the shackles of the EU.

    Loving the chaos that the two elections caused, headless chickens running in all directions yet incredulously still mouthing the same idiotic claptrap of lessons learned and vote for UKIP get labour, for goodness do change the bloody record.



    • “he’s a bloody good salesman ..”

      My source in the by-election area tells me that a large number of those former Tories who admit to voting UKIP reported that they had shaken hands with Nigel Farage on one of his walkabouts, or, at the very least, spoken with him.

      I’m starting to wonder whether the man is exerting some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion…


    • XX Bloody marvellous if Farage did become PM, XX The problem I see is what happened in the late 70s 80s, when the National front were standing.

      The civil service unions made it clear, that if they won, either an area, or (Hahahaha) a General elction, the civil service would refuse to work with them.

      Out local NF member at the time (John Fishwick) actualy DID get a council seat, and, as they promised, he could not get a word out of them, let alone a SENSIBLE word.

      He asked a question as councillor, and it was “lost.” That kind of thing.

      Will they do the same if UKIP win?


  8. “They just don’t have enough people (after the loons and antismokers are filtered out) to cover all the constituencies ”
    Don’t worry. UKIP plan to field a candidate in every single constituency and are better at filtering out and removing loons than any of the other parties. Loons and criminals in the other parties have not garnered so much media attention though.


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