Another ‘wrong charger’ story.

Quickie. I am enganged in sorting what gets transferred to the new computer and what gets left on backup. Ribs now allow me to move things… carefully.

A man was hospitalised after an Electrofag exploded and blew his legs off… well no, not really. The clue is well hidden in the article.

It is believed he was using a third-party charger that did not come with the original e-cigarette.

So it wasn’t an Electrofag at all. Once again it was a case of lithium battery, wrong charger. As for his needing three months of skin grafts, I have had more damage falling over drunk. It leaves scars. I have never had a skin graft although I once had an ulcerated cut (wasn’t even drunk that time) and had to use a topical antibiotic called Cicatrin (brilliant stuff) until it grew back. Left a scar that gets UFO buffs excited because it looks like one of their ‘scoop mark’ alien sampling scars. The hole was about the same size as the one on his leg.

It also appears he was charging the battery, with the wrong charger, in a bedroom, next to an oxygen concentrator. Very, very bad idea even with the right charger. Lots of fabrics, concentrated oxygen, and something that can spark. He says the battery glowed, well in an oxygen-rich atmosphere and the wrong charger that’s quite likely. Then he dropped it, a glowing battery, thereby giving it the jolt it needed to finally go bang.

This is not a tale of Electrofag, this is a tale of an idiot. I have no sympathy.

So far, no Electrofag has exploded in use. It’s not impossible of course, if a moron shorts the battery, but it has never happened.

It’s always a case of the wrong charger and a lithium battery. Always.

We used to hear about phones doing this (same reason) all the time, but now it’s always an Electrofag battery. Agenda, much?

10 thoughts on “Another ‘wrong charger’ story.

  1. I’m fairly sure that the Scotrail train I was on last week had an announcement about electro fags. It may have been that they were not to be used or it may have been that they were okay. On the train back they didn’t say anythiing at all. I may pay more attention next time I’m on a train. They have so much drivel to rant through.

    I was on the Aberdeen train a year ago in First Class and a rather easy in the eye lady was using an electro fag. No one complained.

    Most electro faggers ive seen seem to be embarrassed to be seen using them. I only smoke when I am on fire.

    Wasn’t goo goo ga choo not from I know what I like by Genesis when Pete was still with them?


  2. The description of the injury in the Sun is absolutely fantastic, I didn’t expect there to be anything left of the man after reading their description. It sounded worse than an IED explosion in Iraq.


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