Boris the gullible cretin.


Touted as then next leader of Nanny Party Two – previously known as the  Conservative Party – the blonde fat man has decided that a ban on smoking pretty much everywhere is okay.

Oh you can still buy them. You can still pay outrageous tax on them. You just aren’t allowed to light them.

Bozza accepts the findings that one gram of burning leaf in a park is far more deadly than five hundred tons of diesel engines circulating that park.

He is an idiot. As are all those he listens to.

Maybe they are trying to lose the next election. Moribund certainly is.

Clegg is way ahead of both of them.


8 thoughts on “Boris the gullible cretin.

  1. I reluctantly looked at the Daily Wail. I await with much interest what Johnson does. I was arguing my case against B.J. over at Frank’s just 3 or 4 days ago.

    One of his regulars had posted a video of Johnson on Room 101 from 2003. B.J. wanted to consign smoking bans to Room 101 and he and Paul Merton finished the show by wearing smoking jackets and lighting up cigars.

    I wrote:

    Boris Johnson was his own man in those days, e.g. two years earlier he wrote, “If gay marriage were OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men, or indeed three men and a dog.”

    Nowadays he is Mr Political Correctness. he has been bought or compromised to be considered the next leader of the Tory Party IMO. He’ll allow pro-homosexual adverts on London Transport, but personally banned ads by a group who offers treatment for unwanted same-sex desire.

    That clip from ‘Room 101’ was four years before the UK smoking ban (three years before Scotland’s), so most people probably assumed it would never happen, but recently, he’s been calling for a smoking ban in cars carrying children –

    He became popular for being a bumbling renegade, so he has cleverly cloaked his Machiavellian character who would sell his granny for power.

    Even Joe Jackson joined in. THE Joe Jackson.

    He said that, “Shortly before the ban I helped organise a letter to The Times protesting it, signed by a dozen ‘notables’ including Bob Geldof, Stephen Fry, David Hockney . . . and Boris Johnson.”

    It was the year following the rUK ban which saw B.J. become Mayor of Londonistanosmoking and later still when he was considered as the replacement to Cameron as Party leader.

    Another of Frank’s regulars wrote I for one think that Johnson’s been “got at.” Not got at in the sense of being either threatened or bribed to fall into line, but got at in the way that single-issue lobby groups do it these days, which is much more subtle.

    I think he’s pretty intelligent under that pretty blond boyish hairdo, so I reckon he knows he has to toe the anti-line to the letter to keep rising to become PM, so I think it’s deliberate Machiavellianism or he’s been bought off/compromised/threatened, so expect some bumbling reply remarking on the sound principles of a ban in parks and Trafalgar Square.

    I can picture him diving down the Room 101 chute to rescue the smoking bans.


  2. Totally unworkable.

    By the by, I heard the other day that BoJo’s number 2 has quit the Tory whip and joined UKIP. Don’t know if it’s true, but if it is then they’ve kept it damned quiet…


  3. They tie themselves on complete knots. Use public transport because it’s good for the environment but the exhaust gases kill people. Don’t smoke because it will kill you but we want the duty money and so on and so on.

    Why aren’t we doing anything about politicians and lobbying groups. There are more of us than there are of them…


  4. Oh, he doesn’t like diesel vehicles either; he’s levying a £10 per day charge on them inside a zone of London (in addition to the existing low emissions zone). What is rather more annoying is that other cities are planning a similar sort of charge, not because of pollution but because they can, and this money will swell their coffers. The net result is that I shall carry on driving my 2008-spec smoke-emitter for as long as I possibly can, just in case I have to switch to a petrol/LPG vehicle at some point in the future to avoid yet another tax.

    Why is it always a sodding tax? Why not a tax-break on something to lure people to change behaviour, not kick them painfully into line?

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  5. Mirror has an article and another “poll”

    At the time of writing it stood at 23% in favour of a ban and 77% against it (possibly because the anti footsoldiers are hanging around in Moscow)

    Anyway, go look, go click.

    and they’ll be able to gear up for winter. Here’s the latest weather report (it’s a slow link):


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