Chaos Reigns

Quick ones tonight and tomorrow – I am on early shift. So much for ‘only doing weekends’ eh? Currently it looks like I will be changing jobs before Christmas, which is fortunately an easy thing to do in this town. It depends on an event that will happen in three weeks, but I’ll keep quiet about that for the moment.

Tonight then, a quick round-up of the collapse of Order.

Frank has some interesting information on the WHO’s priorities. That organisation has nothing to do with health and everything to do with the World – as in ‘domination’. They have decided they will impose a worldwide tax on tobacco that they say will make smokers quit. In fact, it will send the illegal market into overdrive.

Who do they think they are? The World Government? Do you know, I suspect that that is exactly who they think they are. A bunch of petty dictators pretending to be a ‘health organisation’ while imposing taxes and ignoring Africa’s ebola problems. As long as they aren’t smoking while they die, that’s all the WHO care about.

The WHO is not fit for purpose. It is of no further relevance and all governments should stop wasting money on it.

Picked up via @mardconsult on Twitface is the (not really) news that Greenpeace have morphed into an actually evil organisation. They were formed to try to put a stop to nuclear weapons but now they pirate oil rigs and harass Japanese whalers.

For the record, I don’t think the Japanese should be killing whales either but I wouldn’t be fouling the propellors of ships hundreds of miles from land because that is tantamount to murder. Greenpeace do not care about people. In response to that criticism, their spokesman said:

He said: ‘When we do campaigns, we look at influence, we look at impact and we are very, very mindful to incorporate social and economic issues into what we do, because otherwise campaigns won’t work.’

Influence, impact, social and economic issues are important to Greenpeace. People? Nah, don’t care about them. They are just saps who donate. Then we make them sit in the cold and the dark because they all have to die to save humanity.

Greenpeace is now worthless. Stop giving them money.

Real Conservatives are realising that not only is the Cameroid a closet socialist, but Boris the Spider is no more than a Stalinist control freak too. If a committed Conservative like Simon Cooke is starting to question his affiliation, the party are in big trouble.

Don’t cheer too hard, Lefties. Moribund and his Ed Miller Band are no better. They want to utterly control every aspect of your lives too and they don’t care what anyone out here thinks either.

I would mention Norman Clegg and his ‘ooo, careful not to cause a fuss’ party but… why bother? They’ve never been any use and their latest stint in part-power has served only to prove it. ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt’, as someone I’ve forgotten once said. I’ll look it up sometime.

None of those three do what it says on the tin any more. They are all useless. The only one left is the untried and untested UKIP. Might as well give them a go, they can’t possibly do any worse than the ones we have now. Hell, you could vote in 650 woodlice and things would be no worse.

Things would actually be better. Woodlice can’t speak.

There is more. Much, much more. Unfortunately I am expected to rise at an unseemly hour in the morning so the rest will have to wait.

Maybe it will all collapse overnight. I hope not, I don’t want to miss it.

10 thoughts on “Chaos Reigns

  1. The UN was set up to organise the World Government. The different agencies, all apparently caring about health, education, peace, etc., was just the cover. They couldn’t well publicise their real intents.

    Take the WHO. Frank wrote a post about its first director-general, Brock Chisholm –

    This notion that nation-states are the cause of war is now a modern orthodoxy, routinely trotted out as a justification for the EU into which European states are to be dissolved, after being ‘bought through guile’, and bound by treaties of cooperation such as the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Chisholm was also an advocate of world government, saying:

    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

    He was also a eugenicist, like UNESCO’s first D-G: eugenicist and internationalist Julian Huxley, grandson of Thomas Huxley aka ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’.

    Julian was president of the British Eugenics Society and a founder of the World Wildlife Fund.

    The UN is the cover for World Government and eugenics/depopulation.

    Like our Western culture has been subverted by socialists posing as do-gooders in the same fields: health, education, saving the planet, ‘equality’, etc. to weaken us to acclimatise us to socialist World Government and rob us of our sovereignty and freedoms in the name of environmentalism, healthism, peace and tolerance. It is all made to sound comforting and sensible so that people generally/eventually accept it. Mainstream media propaganda and compromised politicians have ensured its success.


  2. Yeah, Greenpiss. Waste of space. I liked the way Putin dealt with them. Pity they were let go. Never mind there’s always.the next time because they will never leave things as they are that’s for sure.

    Big, big, big shake needed….


  3. Cameron lost my vote when he cosied up to the libdems. Then when he continued with the socialist policies I realised I could never vote Tory ever again.


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