Captain Ranty

The Captain has some very serious news indeed.

I have no words.



16 thoughts on “Captain Ranty

  1. Thanks Leggy.

    This subject needs a serious airing. Far too many paedos around. Far too many victims. They need to know there is help available and you have helped with that.

    I had no words either. For 41 years I said nothing. I wish I had looked for help years and years ago.

    Stay well,



  2. I had a lot of what is now termed as violence meted out to me from my parents. I thought it was brought on myself by my bad behavior. Talking now to people of my age it seems I was mostly alone in being smacked/hit be parents by a mixture of belts and hands. I forgot it at the time, but now approaching my sixtieth year it all comes flooding back. I know I loved my mum, I always felt antipathy and almost hatred to my dad. Yet my mum would mete out punishments as bad as my dad. She would punish me and the pain was that I somehow upset her, that hurt. My dad would whack me, it hurt but the pain was fleeting and physical. anyone know a good shrink ?


  3. Your friend should be avenged. That is the only solution to this kind of shit. And you have to do it yourself. He has my pity, that does not cut it. Rather than kill yourself, kill the problem, or at least a relative or two of his….


  4. Whilst I applaud CR’s courage and actions in facing his life long demons I have to question his counsellor’s statistics. These figures cannot be substantiated and as a counsellor he should know better than to bandy such about.


  5. Ref your article “flummoxed”.
    I have had some problems accessing some of there sights, THECOLEMANEXPERIENCE being one. From what I can gather the problem is a server in NW london deliberately throttling ongoing packets. WordPress are aware of this. The answer use TOR. See TORPRJECT.ORG, and download the browser bundle. Please metion the tor project, it is amazing how many people do not know about it.


  6. I posted on his blog. He is very brave in exposing this and for all the right reasons. Someone I knew well at university but only saw a few times since, deleted himself in front of a train last Saturday. I was pretty shocked when a good friend who knew his best mate at uni phoned me to tell me the news. You just cannot fathom the demons going through a person’s mind who commits suicide.


  7. Please forgive the late post but I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs lately. I can only speak from my own experience but I think that abuse is far more widespread than anyone will acknowledge. I’m a happy, successful, and well balanced man but I went through the very depths of Hell from the age of 13. I was raped and it stole a part of my soul that I’ll never get back. Bravo to Captain Ranty for being open about it. On an unrelated note, I would support the castration with a rusty saw of all rapists, especially those who abuse children.


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