Posts are disappearing from view. If you have the title of ‘Pestilence! War! Famine! Death!’ halfway up the screen, then press ‘refresh’, they reappear. They are wrongly formatted and then they disappear again.

I have no idea what’s going on. I do know that WordPress have meddled with the post editor so maybe that has something to do with it. The posts are not deleted, they are intact in my list but refuse to appear.

First I tried editing and updating to see if they’d come back – nope. Then I tried putting in a ‘read more’ tag to see if the abridged version would appear – nope.

Maybe it has something to do with the link to Twitter which auto-tweets the post title. Twitter is a recent addition. However, I don’t see how there could be any back-interference there.

Any ideas welcome. I have no idea what I’m doing here.

It might be a good idea to back up the whole lot before messing around further. I see a total disaster looming on the horizon. Especially as I tried to clean up the texts on my phone the other day and accidentally deleted the lot!

Update: I think it’s fixed now. The problem wasn’t in the missing posts at all. It was a little bit of stray code in the ‘Chaos Reigns’ post.

Copying text from the Mail inserts a load of code. If I’m quoting a few lines, I paste into Notepad first then copy the text while ignoring all the code. When it’s just the one, I delete the code in the WordPress text-view. This time I missed a bit.

So it should all be back to as near normal as it gets around here and we can get back to ranting against the Nazis.


23 thoughts on “Flummoxed

  1. All the links you normally have up on the right of your site have disappeared as well.
    I had thought of changing my blog over to WordPress, but think I’ll stick with Google for the time being.


    • I hadn’t noticed, but the whole lot went way, way down the page.

      WordPress is pretty good, I find, but it’s very sensitive to bits of stray code… and they can be hard to find. There’s no ‘what the hell happened?’ button. There should always be such a button.

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  2. Erm, I can’t see any links at the bottom of the page, nor indeed on the right. Looks like a nice minimalist design, lots of white space…
    …which I guess you didn’t intend.
    Good luck. I can sniptool it for you if you want. Tomorrow.


  3. Hey Leggy,

    Re: Ebola. Seems there might be some cultural idiosyncracies which cause it to be a bit more transmissible in parts of Africa:
    Local customs in handling the dead led to further infections. Some West Africans believe that the day you die is one of the most important days of your life. The final farewell can be a hands-on, affectionate ritual in which the body is washed and dressed, and in some villages carried through the community, where friends and relatives will share a favorite beverage by putting the cup to the lips of the deceased before taking a drink.


  4. We have one in San Diego now; Thanks a lot to all the modern governments of this sick planet for importing the new Black Plague. When do we get to send Africa something they will enjoy?


  5. Yay fixed – ‘Chaos Reigns’ was well named then, and a (partial) collapse did occur, but not exactly how you imagined 😉

    Hmm … Did you accidentally add water and then feed after midnight?


  6. I’ve been having problems also. When I have logged in, the comments page should appear. As often as not, recently, after quite a wait, a long list of ‘links’ appears to various places, such as dashboard items, settings, comments, etc. Sometimes, I can get in by clicking ‘All Posts’, but not always. Other times, I can get in via the title of the latest post. I think that wordpress has cocked up somehow.


  7. I use WordPress a lot and from experience I never create a post in visual mode, always text mode. That way you can see exactly what is going on. And always hit the ‘preview’ button before you post.

    And their new text editor is shite. Use the classic one.

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  8. “Copying text from the Mail inserts a load of code. If I’m quoting a few lines, I paste into Notepad first then copy the text while ignoring all the code”

    That’ll probably be “Tynt” – one of the many things surreptitiously monitoring our browsing. Have a read here:
    and here:


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