Crafting clues.

There are no deep meanings in the stories I write. They are just there to scare the pants off people in a hopefully entertaining way. ‘Panoptica’ is my first attempt at writing something that actually has a meaning, which is why it keeps getting rewritten. I’m in new territory here.

It’s useful for me to look at how others have inserted hints and clues. Orwell’s ‘1984’ isn’t such a hint-filled story. It’s quite obvious what that story was intended to warn us about.

The films of David Lynch, on the other hand, are full of hints and clues although these generally refer internally to the story. Fail to grasp the clues and you’ll have no idea what the hell is going on. ‘Mulholland Drive’ and ‘Lost Highway’ took a few viewings to get the storylines, and I’m still not entirely sure about ‘Lost Highway.’

‘Eraserhead’ was a lot of fun to watch but with that one also, I still haven’t quite managed to ‘get’ it. And ‘Twin Peaks’ was a total WTF? on first viewing. Great entertainment but I need that film+series repeated a few more times.

But this is not about David Lynch. As I said, the complexities and hidden clues in his work referred internally to the story. They are like puzzles you try to decode while you watch – I doubt anyone gets the whole lot on the first viewing.

What I was looking for was someone dropping hints external to the story. Someone coding the real world into a storyline.

I’ve watched many of Stanley Kubrick’s films without catching on to a single hint. Yet the first hint is always there right away. Where he has adapted a book for the screen, he has always seemed to mess it up. Things in the film that weren’t in the book, sections missing from the original story – as in ‘The Shining’ for example.

‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ was different. The book is not the same as the film but the book was written as the film was made so changes in the film didn’t always make it into the book.

Incidentally, while rummaging, I came across the interesting snippet that the widescreen format used for ‘2001’ matched the monolith’s dimensions. The monolith showed images and took Dave to an impossible place. There seems to have been a message – this is just a movie, the monolith that fascinates the characters is the same as the screen that fascinates the viewer. It’s not real, it’s all make-believe, don’t just accept what the screen shows you. That’s something for another time, as is what Kubrick did in ‘The Shining’. Thanks for that interesting version, Roobedoo, by the way.

‘A Clockwork Orange’ is Kubrick’s film version of the book by Anthony Burgess and he didn’t change very much in terms of dialogue or action. A few scenes were cut but it was already a very long film from a very short book so that’s understandable.

It always looked like it had links to the present with its gangs of ultra-violent yobs, indifferent to any rule of law and indeed, usually just given a beating by police rather than them having to bother with all that tiresome paperwork. It always had political undertones too, the writer and his friends plotting against a government so far up its own arse it can lick its tonsils. I didn’t see any more than that in it though.

I did not expect to see an analysis linking that film to the then-infant EU, with the screen format now in the shape of a flag and a colour-coded opening sequence that can make sense, if sense is still in the world.

It’s in three parts. I won’t embed them because I am not at work until the afternoon tomorrow so am grabbing the chance to swill down some fine whisky. The good stuff does not cause hangovers like the cheap blends, I have found, as long as you take your time and don’t go nuts. Still, embedding three videos gives me three chances to mess the blog up again. I’m good at that.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

What struck me was the colours. I am not good with colours, and it gets worse with age. If you want to wipe me out at snooker, put the brown ball among the reds. I can’t find it. When I check out the lie of the balls in pool (with a stripes/spots set) you’ll think I am lining up a shot. I am looking for the numbers on the spot balls because 6 is the same colour as 8. And there is no such thing as ‘navy blue’. It’s black.

When I was young we didn’t have colours. The world was black and white. I have photos to prove it. Then someone invented a shitty brown colour called sepia, and then there were seven colours, now there are 64 million according to the manual that came with my monitor. I’m still working on the seven. Indigo is not real, I am certain.

So that sequence at the start of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ starts with a red/blue alternation. The video maker claims it represents alternately the Nazi flag and the EU flag. Kubrick inserted a lot more Nazi imagery into that film than was ever in the book. He might have been saying something, or maybe it was just what they had in the wardrobe department at the time.

Then the sequence becomes red-blue-red-blue-green-magenta.

I thought magenta was some kind of spice but apparently it’s a colour. Specifically it is a mix of red and blue, something I would call ‘purple’ but which is diametrically opposed to green (and now I’m dropping hints too).

I know, you know, we all know that we are being royally pissed about by those who think themselves important. It’s all a sham, a stage, a game they play where they throw things into plain view and nobody notices. Then they snigger and point at the dopey drones.

Never mind whether Kubrick was really trying to tell us about the EU being Nazi-inspired, it clearly was anyway. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I’m sure we could point to some event in the 1300s that ‘predicted’ this. Maybe the YouTube guy is right, maybe Kubrick was trying to plant a subliminal warning, maybe not.

What interests me is the colour purple (to me, magenta/purple, meh). A mix of red and blue. An in-between, neither far right nor far left. A safe colour. The colour made from the opposite ends of the visible spectrum. The colour that brings it full circle.

If we really do have some bunch of self-righteous ‘intelligentsia’ thinking it’s clever to drop blatant clues in our faces while turning the screws ever tighter, then the colour purple should cause us to stop and think.

It’s the colour of UKIP. The colour of our political saviours. Who have been doing rather well despite the MSM and Triad parties ‘doing their best to put us off’. Are UKIP here to sweep away the oppression or are they just the next stage? And does Farage know about it? If there is anything in this, my bet is that he doesn’t, because he smokes and the Elite hate us for indulging in something that should be their privilege alone.

David Lynch’s Log Lady once said, ‘The owls are not what they seem’.

‘2001’ might have been telling us that what we are shown on-screen is all illusion.

Or maybe it’s nothing and we can all go back to sleep.


27 thoughts on “Crafting clues.

  1. IIRC “Eraserhead” was a meditation/externalisation on Lynch’s fears about fatherhood. His wife was pregnant while the film was being made. Had that from a film studies type, so pinch of salt.

    Clever to notice the UKIP purple as triangulation thing. I’d been largely suckered by their ‘none of the above’ stance.


  2. Bloody hall, Leggy; there was a lot to think about in that post!

    Re 2001, I think there was a lot of creative tension going on between the arty Kubrick and the sciencey Clarke. They probably both regretted getting involved, but we benefited.


    • Apparently Clarke had to work with whatever bits of film Kubrick let him see as it was being made. Kubrick seems to have been in control and treated Clarke as just a ‘writer for hire’, which I doubt a writer of Clarke’s standing would have appreciated very much.


  3. All this subtle stuff goes over my head. If I have to interpret it then someone else will with a different conclusion, they then get into power and screw us around.

    Say what you mean in simple words than any moron, even a low IQ moron like a politician, can understand.

    Bottom line, when I see something that I have to overthink then I guess it is from someone who doesn’t have a clue and just wait for the tits or violence to appear. Ignoring the message completely.


    • There you have hit upon the very head of the nail, good sir.

      We all turn off a bit when faced with complexities we don’t understand. DNA sequences do that for me every time. I’ve dozed through many a talk where a scientist points to a line of AGTC and says ‘Clearly, this part is the gene for…’ It’s a line of letters, matey, it might as well be Ogham script as far as I’m concerned.

      The trick is to get the subtle message over without anyone really noticing, but get it into their heads so that it festers in there and maybe days later they think ‘Hey, I have an idea’.

      It’s really really hard to do that right. Kubrick (if he really was doing that) did it in such a way that I missed it completely but when it’s pointed out I can say ‘Oh. Of course.’

      It’s also easy to find meanings that aren’t really there, so it’s a tricky game to play. One Christian reviewer of ‘A Christmas Contract’ on Barnes and Noble was convinced I had an agenda. Nope. It was just a story. No secret meanings at all.

      The David Lynch films aren’t the same. You know from the outset it’s going to have jigsaw pieces scattered through it. Part entertainment and part puzzle.

      But then, when we turn off to complexity, we can be easily bamboozled. Science and politics and medicine bamboozle us with jargon. Apparently my ‘peeing blood’ episode was caused by someone called Frank Haematuria and if I ever meet him, I’ll smash his face in. Politicians talk of ‘paradigm shifts’ and other things that mean nothing but sound important. They sound like the sort of things only really clever people would know about. Which is why, whenever you challenge any politician/manager/whatever to define a ‘paradigm’, all you get is ‘Don’t you know what a paradigm is? Oh dear me’. Never an actual definition.

      They have no clue what they are saying. It doesn’t matter as long as the people they are talking to have no clue either. People are embarrassed to admit they don’t know something and afraid to question those who seem to be important. Well, most people…

      To me, complexity is fun. I realise it is not fun to most people and that I am odd in this and many other respects, such as being an excessive consumer of smoke, drink, salt, fat, pretty much everything that will kill me and still being irritatingly not dead. It annoys the NHS no end.

      Yet we cannot shy away from it. Those who utterly refuse it are doomed to be assimilated into the collective.

      Resistance is never futile.


    • Tobacco has many beneficial qualities, nicotine is a precursor to vitamin B3 which is essential. Thus the Pharmers can’t let us have it. Not unless they are selling it. Their useful idiots are everywhere.


  4. Fantastic post Legs – it kinda makes me wonder if the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine in 2004 and the present day situation, 10 years later, isn’t proceeding as clockwork πŸ˜‰

    In Stephen King’s book, The Shining, Dick Halloran smells oranges when he ‘shines’. Also in the book, the room is 217 and 2 minutes 17 seconds in 137 seconds … and reminds me of a purple link to Jung and Pauli’s World Clock:

    Purple is associated with royalty, rulers and elitism because it was so very difficult and expensive to produce:

    Purple and Phoenician are inextricably linked – this is 7 part blog post exploring the history of Knights Templars is an excellent side dish, if you’re interested (I list them all for ease as the blog doesn’t):

    ‘I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.’
    Alice Walker


    • Monsters from the Id…

      Some things are subliminal. The purple issue is one of them. Before UKIP, politicians often wore purple ties because of the subliminal effect on the drones. Humans still connect purple with important people.

      There is much more of this, on cave paintings and the symbols that can only have come from inside, but it will have to wait until I am sober enough to channel Romulus again.


      • Ukip is a lever. Must be awfully confusing to the other political parties having plebs sporting purple; they see their poll ratings and vote share dwindling.

        I had my (Tory) MP canvass in the summer. I said I’d be voting for Ukip because they were the only party with smoker-friendly policies. That got me a blank stare. Perhaps I wasn’t subtle enough πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

        • Don’t hit them with the ace card right away. I now like to start with ‘I used to go to pubs, but they have little appeal these days’ and let them ramble on about the price of beer, the ways they are going to make pubs more like bloody kindergartens and so on, and then hit them with the smoking ban.

          It’s like watching a hot air balloon hit a church spire πŸ™‚


  5. The film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is split into two halves. The second a mirror of the first. Most recall the first half with its obvious ultra violence, yet miss the real horror show in the second and few have read the last chapter of the original book.

    The original book had a chapter 21, in which Alex goes on to live an ordinary life, a life lived in, presumably. a little box made of ticky tacky. Perhaps he lived in a green one or a pink one, a blue one or a yellow one but no red or magenta. Still whatever it was, this still represents the conformity that the state, in the second half of the film, attempted to impose. This is a ‘life’ apparently of his own making after going through various stages.

    ‘are they just the next stage’, you ask? ‘ The stages portrayed in the film seem to be: Rebellion, State ‘Cure’ and State ‘Uncure’. The book ends with another stage, Conformity. The answer depends on what is meant by ‘stage’.

    Are stages ,like Alex in the book, something that ultimately leads to self imposed conformity? Are they like Alex in the film, who says at the end ‘I was cured alright’ implying he was back to his old self? Are they therefore a cycle, a ‘this is where we came in’ moment (cf Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’). None of the stages seem to “sweep away the oppression”

    Does “sweep away the oppression” lead backwards to rebellion or forwards to conformity? Do we move to the next stage of self or state oppression? Perhaps we will have just another next stage. How much more interesting would it be if we had a change of theater or maybe even something else…?


    • The second half of the film is indeed more horrifying than the first. Straight violence you can fight but the psychological violence is harder to defend against.

      I remember the book. Alewx had new droogies but he carried an image of a child in his wallet. He was getting old and ready for the transition from thug to prey.

      He, like all those before him, had given no thought to the possibility that he would become prey.


  6. So I have now watched ‘A Clockwork Orange’. I hadn’t seen it before today but I’ve been slow in watching Kubrick’s movies – ‘The Shining’ put me off his movies until fairly recently. I hated what he did to the Stephen King story and it coloured my vision πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I’m over that now and really enjoyed this film too.

    If Ultraviolence were smoking, then article in Spiked (seen in DP’s Link Tank), sounds like the prison priest:

    Also on ZeroHedge this evening πŸ˜‰


  7. Never seen the film nor read the book, but watched the videos you posted yesterday as it was my day off, but didn’t know how to put my thoughts into words.

    Nice to see so many flags. What was interesting about them and other logos of actual and proposed EU and associated ventures was the same theme of the sun and the (all seeing) eye.

    The sun seems to be getting promoted to destroy Christianity to make a return to Paganism. Maybe this is to be the One World Religion? Although what is now called ‘Christianity’ could be said to be largely Pagan, with most Christians worshipping on the ‘venerable’ day of the sun, as Constantine called it when declaring it the Roman Empire’s day of rest a few years before allegedly converting to Christianity.

    The Pan-Europa flag talked about in the documentary has the “sun cross” in it (that’s the cross inside the circle) as seen here –

    It was used by the Nazis and is the symbol of many neo-Nazi and ‘white supremacy’ groups, like the KKK. So it is fitting to be included on the flag of the Paneuropean Union, I think.

    The swastika symbolised the sun among diverse peoples.

    Pan-Europa is,

    the oldest European unification movement. It began with the publishing of Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s manifesto Paneuropa (1923), which presented the idea of a unified European State.

    As the maker of your documentary constantly quoted from Wikipedia, I will also!

    The aforementioned Count was the president from 1923 until his death in 1972. Some interesting things about him from

    (My comments in square brackets.)

    “He strove to replace the nationalist German ideal of racial community with the goal of an ethnically heterogeneous and inclusive European nation based on a communality of culture, a nation whose geniuses were the “great Europeans” such as…

    # abbΓ© de Saint-Pierre [“Saint-Pierre (1658-1743) was one of the first to mention the possibility of a European union made by independent and autonomous states.[3] His work on a European community directly inspired the idea of an international order based on the principle of collective self-defense, and was important to the creation of the Concert of Europe, and later the League of Nations,[4] whose successor is the United Nations Organisation.” He also suggested an international court.]

    # Kant [Can’t think of a comment right now.]

    # Napoleon [Need I say more other than that he attempted to unify Europe by force?]

    # Giuseppe Mazzini [He unified Italy.]

    # Victor Hugo [‘Rationalist.’]

    # Friedrich Nietzsche [“God is dead.”]”

    He was financed by Baron Louis de Rothschild via Max Warburg.

    His main work, “Kampf um Paneuropa” (Struggle/fight for Paneuropa), was started in 1925; the same year as the first volume of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” was published.

    In 1955, he proposed Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” (the final movement of his Ninth Symphony) as the music for the European Anthem, which the Council of Europe adopted in 1972, i.e. the year after “A Clockwork Orange” was made, and subsequently adopted by the European Union. Of course, an orange is like the sun and as the documentary mentions. the dozen stars in a circle could represent the numbers on a clock.

    The EU flag, although designed in 1955, was not adopted by the EU’s predecessor until 1985, two years after the European Parliament started using it.

    I’m almost certain that George Orwell had inside information as to future plans for mankind, as did Aldous Huxley, whose brother, Julian, was UNESCO’s first D-G and president of the British Eugenics Society. Were Anthony Burgess and/or Stanley Kubrick also aware – or made aware – so as to implant subliminal messages?

    Julian Huxley was kicked out of UNESCO:

    “His term of office, six years in the Charter, was cut down to two years at the behest of the USA delegation.[16] The reasons are not known for sure, but his left-wing tendencies and humanism were likely factors.”

    In his letter to Orwell, Aldous said that ‘Brave New World’ was the more likely scenario,

    “Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.”

    Certainly, the people seem to love their enslavement, continuing to vote in LibLabCon governments despite the immense damage they have done decade after decade.

    As for UKIP. As the PTB like to control both sides and as they plan the future decades ahead, they would have known that there would be mass resistance to European union, so they could have started UKIP or at least, infiltrated it to take control.

    Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity of finding out!


    • The drones love their servitude because they think it all applies to someone else. They don’t even realise it applies to them too.

      Not until it’s too late.

      Eventually it fails and has to be replaced with force. North Korea is probably the longest-lasting oppressive regime but even there, the cracks are starting to show. Soon those people will have absolutely nothing left to lose.


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