I’m a bit jet-lagged. This week I will be on morning shifts. Not all bad, the shift finishes at 2:30 pm so I can access all the shops for a change. Aldi sold me a very nice saw rail for a fiver the other day. It’ll be good to not be limited to Tesco or the Co-op for a week.

In theory, the promised pay rise that enticed me back to the job (but didn’t happen) will actually materialise in next month’s pay. If it doesn’t I’ll be working somewhere else for Christmas. Getting a job in this town, especially at this time of year, is not at all difficult as long as you aren’t fussy. In fact, if you are a slow shopper you might get press-ganged and wake up with a uniform on. The only ones not working here are the ones who physically can’t, and the ones who don’t want to. Even being as thick as iced treacle is no barrier here.


There are two UK nuclear power stations closed down because of cracks in the containment thingie. Obviously nobody wants another Chernobyl so it makes sense to shut them and fix them. Today, Didcot power station (fossil fuel, coal I think) caught fire. So that’s going to be on low to zero output for a while. No defined cause has been reported, apparently it’s not arson or terrorism.

But hey, nothing to worry about. We have all those windmills and it’s been windy so that’s all fine and dandy. Except… Hurricane Gonzo (it’s some Spanish name or other even though it isn’t going to hit Spain) will hit the UK tomorrow and require the closing down of all the windmills.

Just as this hurricane arrives we have three power stations out of use. What a coincidence.

Speaking of Spain, Josie Manual Barrackobama of Spain, currently the head honcho for the EU, has humiliated the Cameroid by telling him that the immigration controls he wants to negotiate are not negotiable. The best the Cameroid can do is wave a red cape at those incomers and shout ‘Ole’ as they pass him on the way to the benefits office. He does not need the EU to negotiate on migrants. He just needs to stop paying them to come, so those who want work will come and those who want freebies won’t. Then again, he probably can’t do that either unless he takes us out of the EU, and he won’t ever let that happen. He almost lost Scotland. He won’t risk losing an entire continent.

Coincidentally (oh no it isn’t), the Tory rag, the Daily Mail, has now focused on the desperate state of the NHS in Labour-run Wales and the imminent stomping of Labour by the even-leftier Scottish Nannying Puritans in Scotland. I’m sure this isn’t all just to deflect attention from yet another Cameroid screw-up. Must be just a coincidence.

Incidentally, those Lefties who insist the Mail is a ‘right wing’ paper are missing the point that the Mail hate UKIP as much as they hate Labour. Forget ‘left and right’. That’s all crap anyway. It’s a Tory paper.

The WHO’s Frantic Conspiracy for Total Control meeting has passed, in secret, plans for a global tobacco tax which will have organised crime sending them ‘thank-you’ notes and bunches of flowers with smiling horses’ heads in them. They also (in secret) demand total transparency from everyone else. They must close their meetings with a rendition of Black Sabbath’s ‘Irony man’.

Well you can demand whatever you want in secret. If I don’t know about it I don’t have to conform to it. Not that I would anyway.

Giddy with power and possibly with Russian vodka and a bad case of intelligence deprivation, these spotty goblins plan to extend their silliness to food and drink. They will dictate to governments what these new taxes must be (they will be big) and also what the taxes will be spent on. They will be spent on providing the WHO with free booze, baccy and burgers.

Many are quite justifiably outraged. I think it’s wonderful. It’s the sort of thing that can bring down a government overnight. Forget about that ‘occupy democracy’ shower of shite. Never bother pointing out that if a small group of people ‘occupy democracy’ then it’s not democracy at all any more. Don’t concern yourself with explaining that sitting on some grass and droning some damn hippie dirge to the accompaniment of an out of tune acoustic guitar, fairtrade bongos and a tie-dyed triangle accomplishes no more than flattening the grass. Oh no, none of that will have any effect.

Even Rusty Bland and his one-man directionless revolution won’t do a single thing.

Just wait until his pizza has a 300% tax added to it. Wait until Dwayne and Chantelle find their case of Red Stripe now requires three benefits cheques and a month’s proceeds of their sole-trader shoplifting enterprise rather than just a few quid. Wait until the queue at MacDonald’s find that the 99p burger now has an asterisk that leads to small print that says ‘plus £3 WHO tax with VAT on top’. Wait until cigarette prices jump overnight from ‘just plain silly’ to ‘fucking hell, what?’

Then you’ll see some rage.

Coincidentally, in the UK you can now be jailed for two years for being angry at someone on Twitter. ‘Trolling’ is a term that originated in fishing. You row your boat upwind on a lake, drop your. line in the water and let the wind slowly take you across the lake. Basically, you drop your baited hook and wait to see what bites. To a fly-fisher, that is the epitome of lazy fishing. Almost as lazy as ledgering and almost as boring as sunbathing. But people do all those things.

The internet took that term and used it in much the same way. Trolls would drop in a comment on a forum and then sit back and watch the Offended swarm in a frenzy, like goldfish around a pile of maggots. These trolls made no threats. They just stirred up trouble – but only where there were idiots willing to play.

Now, a troll is someone with the wrong opinion. There are a lot of us now. The drones are already calling for re-education camps because they don’t think for a moment that they could ever end up in one.

Actually I could have ended that last sentence at ‘moment’ and it would have been grammatically and factually accurate.

What a piss-weak species we have become. We crumble at an insult, we retreat into a tearful foetal position at a threat from an idiot on the other side of the planet, one who does not even know where we live or what we look like and who is too far away to do anything about it anyway. We must have laws to track them down and put them in prison, lest they offend some other feeble bastard who needs to concentrate to breathe.

Children keep getting eaten by zoo animals because they have been taught that all animals are cute and friendly and just like the ones in that Eden they are not allowed to believe in because that would offend religions that don’t believe it.

They are allowed to believe in Santa, naturally.

Children are also taught that all adults want to poke things into their bottoms and then kill them in horribly inventive ways. This is not true. Some adults are like this. We call them ‘sick bastards’ and when the courts get hold of them, they tell them that have been very naughty and then send them on their way because they have not threatened anyone on Twitter. You cannot call modern British justice a joke. It’s not even remotely funny.

I can assure all children that I have no wish to poke anything into anywhere as far as they are concerned. Children are disgusting. I prefer you all to be somewhere else, thank you very much.

Stewart Cowan thinks that part of the new control freakery will be a one-world religion. I agree. Religion is a massively effective means of control and includes the delightful side-effect that its adherents can be induced to spontaneously exterminate any free thinkers without Those in Control bothering to do anything

However, Stewart thinks it is Satanism that is the New Religion. That’s because Stewart is a committed Christian and Satanism is the diametric opposite. It won’t work because not all religions have a Satan. There is only one thing that can convert almost all adherents to all religions to one New World Religion and that is proof that transcends belief.

Does the proof have to be real? Of course not. The last few decades have shown that the people will believe any old shit if it has ‘expert’ in front of it.

The new religion will be scientifically proven. No religion can compete with data against belief. No vicar’s description of Heaven will ever match up to a CGI reconstruction. Not with the  drones.

So science has to change to ‘prove’ an afterlife. Well now, science has ‘proved’ third hand smoke and ‘proved’ that red wine both causes and prevents cancer so this will be easy.



It’s a fun game, isn’t it?


23 thoughts on “Coincidences.

  1. ” It won’t work because not all religions have a Satan. ”

    Not even all flavours of Xianity have a ‘Satan’.
    Those groups that take their bible study perhaps more seriously than some others, tend to reject the notion of a literal Satan….and they have a point.
    Watch the news on any given night and see all the evil- all of it committed by Humans not by some UberBad -wannabe Deity.


    • True, there’s no horns and pitchfork fella in the Bible. The one called ‘satan’ was still on speaking terms with God at the time of Job, and was (if the same one) sent to tempt Christ in the Wilderness by God. Hardly a castout in the fiery hole.


      • Sorry. Just seen this post. The evil committed by humans on the ‘news’ every night (I haven’t had the telly for nearly ten years. It’s still happening, is it?!) is because of the Fall after Satan started tempting people to do bad things after they learned about good and evil.

        The trick about the One World Religion is that the new faithful will believe they are worshipping the returning Messiah, but it will be Lucifer, who can appear as a light-bearer, hence the name.

        In Albert Pike’s ‘Morals and Dogma’ he explains that the Freemasonic mission is to destroy religions, mainly Christianity and replace them with Luciferianism.

        Yuri Bezmenov talked about how, as a KGB subversion agent, part of his job to bring down the West was to destroy religion and spread ‘equality’ because it’s the religion that holds the people together. Socialist regimes tend to hate religion, so Labour introduced large numbers of Muslims to the population and ramped up political correctness to help destroy our own.

        Cameron’s Tories, being socialists too (the leadership, anyway), have carried this on despite promising otherwise before the last election (coincidence?).

        The UN is clearly very socialist and anti-freedom as we are increasingly finding out and a lot of the ‘EU’ laws started out at the UN.

        The ‘great’ socialist leaders like Stalin and Mao tried to ban religion. They also used brute force to control the population (and kill millions).

        The World Government is much more clever. They are using propaganda to make people love their serfdom and instead of banning religion – although it looks like it now – they will use it to bring the whole global regime together.


  2. LI, Didcot is gas-powered; there was a coal station on site but it was closed a couple of years ago for emitting plant food.
    I’m puzzled as to how a cooling tower can catch fire, since it’s permanently drenched in water.


  3. I didn’t realize trolling is a fishing/angling term – cheers. I imagined it was something to do fingers with trip-trapping over a keyboard.

    On a personal note, Legs, the cartoon in today’s Times has turned the troll into a Purple People Eater which, for me, is considerably LOL-worthy: it was two years ago in the run up to Halloween that I got my triple PPE sync that changed the way I look at all the coincidences in life 😉


  4. A true troll would never threaten or insult. That’s the reaction you are trying to provoke in your opponents. To a true troll, resorting to anger is a sign you have lost. My style of trolling was to get them worked up all crazy and to slowly twist the argument around so at the end I would have adopted my opponent’s argument. However they would be so consumed with anger they wouldn’t realise and would end up arguing against their own original opinion. I also do the same in real life with Socialist Workers.


  5. WHO taxes on food?. The same WHO that is making a ballsup of the Ebola tombola?. Nasty and arrogant as UK political scum are, I think wanging huge tax increases on food is a bridge way too far. Esp as the green nonsense is coming apart. A winter of blackouts would absolutely stuff them. They have made huge efforts to line up diesel generators at enormous cost but if power stations keep going down and it is a bad winter–they may not hold.

    As for trolling–they’d like to jail dissenters–but there are too many blogs and too many telling them to piss off. Those who make idiotic personal threats may be in the firing line–but to attempt to supress rage-filled general comment would mean legal challenges and the sheer volume of hatred of political filth out there is far beyond TPTB . They ought to realise that if blowing off steam on blogs is suppressed–which they won’t be able to anyway–then there will be a lot more direct action.


    • The trolling laws will have the easily offended clogging the police phone lines with complaints, few of which will even be touched by the lawyers. They’ll all be after compensation for their slightly bruised feelings.

      It’s going to be chaos.


  6. It’s as if many people are functioning in their daily lives with their lips superglued into the semblance of a smile whilst Embracing Challenges (a fav personal employer one) Celebrating Multiculturalism (although unable to talk to the Muslim lady next door because she doesn’t speak a word of English and anyway you can’t be sure who you’re talking to behind a burkha) and Living The Dream (I’ll bet that poor sod Alan Henning sat in his taxi and thought that there must be more to life than this and that he should do something meaningful (because life isn’t a dress rehearsal) and that all Muslims are lovely ( because the propaganda tells us that nasty Muslims are not real Muslims). Behind the mask, however, people are raging.

    I seem to remember the EU telling the Cameroid that not giving benefits to immigrants amounted to discrimination and that that was illegal. Why do they all want to come to the UK – are the benefits in France and Germany less generous?.


    • As far as I am aware, France simply say ‘non’. France are also about to deny entry to anyone they don’t like the look of, whether EU citizen or not.

      Faced with an EU rule they don’t like, the French simply deploy their ‘Le Fuck a droit off’ response and do what the hell they please.

      We should too.


  7. I once went on a course where an American was giving a talk. He blamed all the world’s ills on Satin. He said it was all these Satin worshipers that were the root cause of the problems. Now, perhaps I misheard because of his accent, then again maybe there was something else to what he was saying.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The Ebola break out seems to have been a lot more serious then previous events. Okay people travel more and stuff but it still seems a lot worse, especially when you consider previous outbreaks have been dealt with by local people. They stopped people coming and going from their villages. Simple.

    Now we have loads of NGOs egged on by the WHO sticking their noses in and hey presto we have a serious breakout and it’s the “end of the world I tell you”. The WHO people are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s just what they needed.

    What’s next? Everything they can come up with. Bono will be along shortly. A tearful Cameron.



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