I don’t like mornings.

Last morning shift tomorrow and then it’s a smoky-drinky tomorrow night, then back to decent human hours starting at 6 pm next week. I won’t  have to deal with much of that daylight crap at all.

For tonight then, here is a stand-in rant from a professor of psychology and neuroscience, to counter the rantings of some poncy rich gym owner who thinks science is proven whenever his flabby arse or face (interchangeable) speaks the answer.

One more morning of work and then normality.

Still, I did get to watch a good film tonight. Poundland had this one cheaper than Amazon so I risked it. There were at least two entirely predictable plot points but the ending… I really did not see that coming. Much death and horribleness but a clever story over the top. It was a good one.

Right. Last early night and then the madness can resume.



2 thoughts on “I don’t like mornings.

  1. He’s right is he not? He may be missing a point however.

    It’s the same type of people who want to “ban” and “control” everything. White, middle class and entitled as they see it. We have them in droves in Edinburgh.

    I live in a street with a school in it. These people now plan to close the street whilst the cheeldren go back and forth to the school. Why? Because the traffic is very heavy around the school. Why is it heavy? Because so many parents drive their kids to school. All they will do is inconvenience people living nearby whilst they move the congestion elsewhere. They have to take wee Johny or Jane right into the playground to protect them from the pardons who lurk at every corner.

    I could go on but I’m restarting my own blogging next week.

    Edinburgh Council may be mentioned more than once in the next few months.


    • Everyone seems only to see the ban that affects them directly. Vapers are currently railing at the bans they are experiencing but they are all ex-smokers. They should have seen it coming.

      The rest of us did.


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