Random thoughts.

No work tomorrow. Tonight should have been Smoky-Drinky but I have eaten something yesterday that’s in a hurry to leave today. It’s safer to stay home with this bottle of Glen Orrin rather than risk finding a toilet occupied. The whisky will flush it out.

I have some films from Poundland’s Halloween selection. ‘The Hollow Man’ has spectacular special effects but the plot has more holes than a doyley. They know he’s dangerous, they know the animals in the previous experiments became dangerous, but nobody ever thinks to… lock his door. And when you punch the madman and he falls down, you do not turn your back and slowly walk away. They do this over and over!

A possibly little-known film, ‘No Tell Motel’, turned out to be a good one. Two major plot points were entirely predictable before they were revealed and it starts with the usual ‘teenage road trip, crash, have to spend the night in the derelict motel’ theme but it did have a lot of nice twists. The ending was totally unexpected and perfect. I can’t really say much more without spoiling it.

The third is ‘Deranged’. I’ll watch that one later.

Scotland now has a law that shops must charge for bags. Irritating, but not very. I have a small rucksack. I just take that with me.

The charge is five pence, the kind of coin few people bother to pick up if they drop it. I know this because I keep finding them. Well, scanning the ground is second nature after two years in that job.

This will totally bugger up Poundland. They are set up to charge one pound for everything. They are not set up to give every customer 95p change when they charge for a bag. I suspect people will soon start picking up their own dropped 5p coins. They are suddenly useful.

Tobacco plants did not do well this year. That cold snap in August pretty much stopped them growing and they aren’t going to have time to flower now. Pity I was on holiday when it happened, I could have moved them into the greenhouse. Well, I’ll try again next year.

I have five years to get them growing wild. The pressure is on!

That’s enough babble. Back later with something more serious.



4 thoughts on “Random thoughts.

  1. “This will totally bugger up Poundland. They are set up to charge one pound for everything.”

    Perhaps they will simply… charge £1 for a number of bags from 1-20?

    “I suspect people will soon start picking up their own dropped 5p coins.”



    • I haven’t bought much tobacco in the UK for quite some time. I’m still trying to persuade drones at work to do the same.

      Every tax hike takes me a little closer to winning that war.


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