It’s just a storyline.

This is the sort of plotting that would start a novel. Sidelines and subplots, every character has a role to play even if they seem to be an irrelevant aside for most of the story. It looks disjointed until you start to pull the threads tighter towards the end. Remember, it’s just a story.

So let’s see. Suppose I have a small but wealthy group of people and we want to control absolutely everyone in the world.

It would have to be a long slow process. There might only be, say, fifty of us. Fifty against seven billion is not good odds. We can’t just have a fist-fight, we have to train the drones to do as we say.

There’s really only one effective way to do that. Get them all terrified and promise to save them. Again, just setting off a few explosions, letting a disease run rampant and arranging a few random shootings is no good. That’s on the news every day anyway. It all happens somewhere else. No, for this horror story, it has to be a personal fear instilled in each and every one.

We could do it with ebola. A very scary disease. Keep telling them it could become airborne and let them think that means it will just float around the world until it finds them. Let it loose in the West? Bad idea. Let something like that loose and it might affect us, the conspirators. Once it’s loose it might be hard to control.

Better to just have a couple of easily contained cases and then spread rumours that there are many more. Rumours of cover-ups and of patients disappearing. The drones lap that stuff up.

Not if it comes direct from us though. They don’t trust us. We are ‘Them’, the shadowy ones controlling governments. We have the photos of the politician’s indiscretions, the ones we set them up with before we helped them into power. No, the rumour has to come from someone they think is exposing us.

We aren’t sowing fear and panic. We are accused of trying to prevent fear and panic by the ones sowing fear and panic. Clever, eh?

With maybe five real cases, all easily contained and the disease eradicated from our shores, we can strike terror into the hearts of millions. With nothing more than a rumour. They will clamour to pay for a vaccine that does nothing, to protect against a disease that isn’t there. What’s in the vaccine? Heh heh heh.

Still, seven billion is too many to control. We need to cut their numbers. Tell them the planet is overpopulated. They’ll believe it, especially those who live in cities. Sure, those in the countryside will read those words, look out of their window at the speck of their neighbour’s house in the distance, and maybe wonder. It’s the neighbour who is causing overpopulation. It’s the other guy’s fault. They will believe it because they will all believe that someone else has to die to save the planet. Fate’s finger never points at them.

In fact, who has to die is absolutely never defined. Never, ever, say ‘Sorry mate, it’s you.’ As long as it’s some vague ‘other people’ being eradicated, everyone supports it.

The time will come when the population must be heavily culled. Wars help, especially if we set up some really nasty barbarians and give them lots of money and weapons. They will do a lot of eradicating for us and when the time is right, the world will demand we eradicate the barbarians. Then we can nuke them with full public approval. Even the Greens won’t care if we nuke a desert full of camel-spiders and scorpions.

Some countries allow people to have guns and other weapons. We have to take those weapons away. A few drugged-up kids shooting up schools and attacking policemen will do it as long as the gunman always dies before anyone finds out who drugged him. Knives – easy. People have been cut and stabbed since humans discovered the pointy stick. Airguns and BB guns are guns. ‘Nuff said.

Bows, well, let’s start with the scary crossbow. It’s not like the sport bow. For one thing, it’s much easier for the uintrained to use. It’s a way into banning all forms of bow, and the sport-bow users will, like the vapers, never see it coming. Then we ban dogs. They have an unfortunate habit of defending their owners and that would be highly inconvenient. Gradually, incrementally, we render our targets defenceless and the best part is, they will insist we do it.

Meanwhile we can use bigoted idiots to push their own little controls. We have no intention of keeping the idiots. When the time is right we just throw them to the baying mob. Prohibitionists of all shades will get their day in the smoke-free sunshine but when night falls, it falls on their heads. Like a big starry hammer.

The internet is a major obstacle. We cannot hit all the world at once. Any part we hit first will tell the rest of the world what is happening and then the game is up. The internet has to go.

Regulation? Censorship? It’ll shut down the compliant drones but not the TOR-savvy ones, and those are the ones we most need to silence. How?

Fill the news with talk of asteroids and solar flares. Near misses, time and again. Explain how a big solar flare could wipe out communications and keep drumming that message in.

It all takes time but we have time. We can wait.

Finally we, or rather one of our useful idiots, will tell the news of an impending solar flare that’s going to silence all electronics. Turn off your computer until it’s over. We then shut down the internet and all phones and power and everything else. The last thing they hear is that there are several asteroids heading our way and the experts hope they will miss.

They won’t, because they aren’t real. When the nukes go off in densely populated areas, static-ridden news will claim they were asteroid strikes. What a pity all communications are offline, or someone could try to check.

Finally, we use the powers we have set up to remove ‘potential terrorists’. There is a global emergency due to the ‘solar flare’ and the ‘asteroids’. It needs a co-ordinated global response and we can’t tolerate anyone causing problems. If you want to live, if you want to be saved, do as we say and we’ll save you.

Now we no longer need those useful idiots. The mob can have them – well, the ones who weren’t already deliberately based in densely populated areas. Now we have a few million people worldwide, all of whom are clamouring for salvation and willing to give everything they have in exchange.

We don’t want their money. We have more than they can imagine anyway.

What we want is someone to run the power stations, drive the limo, cook dinner and clean the toilets. Meanwhile we can make use of our vast hunting grounds for sport, take our pick of the serving wenches and relax while the plebs cater to our every whim. Including the darker whims. Then we are kings, each of us lords of vast tracts of the planet with our subordinate drones doing anything we want done.


It’s a sketchy outline. An idea. A thought for a story.

Really. It’s just a story.

It has a huge plot hole too. If you reduce the population to five million and they are all compliant drones, who is training doctors? Scientists? Sewage workers?

The elite will all die of chicken pox as soon as they win. ‘Thinking it through’ is not their strong point.


30 thoughts on “It’s just a storyline.

  1. That is excellent!! There’s quite a bit of “Problem-Reaction-Solution” in there which is the favoured MO to keep the drones in line.


    • The god thing wont work. I metamorphosed into the one true god overnight. Beat them to it. I’m a god of the old testament ilk: Incomprehensible, savage and downright wierd. Gods tend to be like that. Anyway, as it is Saturday in godland, I’m having a day off. But on sunday I might indulge in a bit of smiting, or I could just go to the pub. Haven’t decided yet. Us gods are a capricous lot.


      • No, you are the one true god. You bagsied it. They’ll have to settle for a pantheon of gods – that comes with a shelf-life. There was alot of in-fighting with those guys. Hey, maybe the Fifty are really the gods of old but as belief in them died, so did they leaving just their shells to be filled with all kinds of nasty creepy crawlies.

        Have fun with the smiting … or the pub (is that when the incomprehensible bit kicks in?) 😀


  2. XX Even the Greens won’t care if we nuke a desert full of camel-spiders and scorpions.XX

    Way ahead of you. 😀

    The one party here that is supporting sending German troops and heavy weapons into Syria is…. the GREENS!!!


  3. I just wish they’d get their act together and speed it up. All the necessary is in place so go for it the fifty kings (are they a popular music ensemble?) go for it.


    • They’ll want to see it in their lifetimes, at least some of them will, and most are pretty old now. If they accelerate, they’ll crash.

      So, let’s hope they put the pedal to the metal!


  4. This is like a red rag to a bull here. Clearly, ‘They’ want to depopulate the planet and like you say, they are vastly outnumbered, so what does one do? As Wobbler says, “Problem-Reaction-Solution” is the best way, but first there is much groundwork, such as the destruction of the family, dumbing down, political correctness and ‘equality’ and other devices to try to rid the world of individuality and freedom. In other words, to create a world of compliant drones who will relish their own slavery; call for the ‘solutions’ to the problems created especially for the purpose.

    It is funny that you wrote,

    No, the rumour has to come from someone they think is exposing us.

    Then you link to an Alex ‘CIA’ Jones website! Classic. I preferred to find the info elsewhere. I also found the Ebola ‘prophesy’ in the “Bible Code” – scroll down (no pun intended). Not that I believe the code, but I’ve not delved into it.

    As well as ‘Ebola’, ‘death’ x 3, ‘airborne’, etc., are the words ‘thousands of millions’. This is the number of deaths they want. According to the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, they only want 500 million people remaining, so I reckon that’s probably about the ‘right’ number to have all the doctors, scientists, architects, builders, entertainers, farmers, etc., that they’ll need.

    In the Bible Code is also “the cave”. That’s where the Elite will be hiding until it’s all clear. Not sure how they will get to their 1/2 billion target. Maybe they have calculated the survival rate.

    But some of the initial things you mention are good ones to keep the ball rolling in the ‘right’ direction.

    The shadowy elements of government that pulled off 9/11, 7/7, Madrid and probably Bali made huge advances in shepherding the people further into a police state.

    BTW, for doubters, these multi-location attacks have the hallmarks of state-sponsored terrorism. If thousands of Muslims have been to training camps in Afghanistan and are living in the West, ready and willing to kill and be killed and with the knowledge of making bombs – why has there not been a multiple location event since 2005? Not that they won’t necessarily ‘remind’ us with another.

    The school shootings have been useful in instilling guilt into the US public, many of whom are demanding gun control because of this. But again, the attacks all seem to have the same M.O. A lone gunman on psychotropic drugs who shoots a class of youngsters then turns the gun on himself. Like at Dunblane too. Perfect for stirring up the public into demanding more restrictions.

    I have probably posted this before, but William Cooper knew enough about it in 1991, when he published “Behold A Pale Horse”:

    The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.

    A ‘good’ way to kill off six and a half billion people would be to have a global inoculation programme for Ebola (or something else later), but which is far deadlier than the disease. It’s possibly the reason Bill and Melinda Gates have taken a sudden shine to vaccinating children in Africa. Trial runs. Getting them and their parents used to the idea like in the rest of the world. “White doctor with needle – he here to help us. My arm for you, sir.”

    And these days you can get ‘race’ specific bioweapons, so the Aryan ‘master race’ (or slaves as they would be) could finally become a reality.

    Meanwhile we can use bigoted idiots to push their own little controls. We have no intention of keeping the idiots. When the time is right we just throw them to the baying mob.

    And do you know who are the most superior, demanding, bullying control freaks of all? Worse than Tobacco Control? Humanists. Because as Lenin said, “Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism”. (Note the word ‘propaganda’!)

    The ‘funny’ thing is that quite soon (I imagine) the opposite will happen and the atheists who don’t follow the One World Religion discussed a few days ago will be put to death with the Christians and every other dissenter. Richard Dawkins and church leaders united in an alliance for freedom. At least there will be a funny side to the murderous calamity.

    With the West’s Judeo-Christian foundation of laws and fairness being shoved out the way, it’s becoming all the more simple for them to exert control. Also, like you were saying the other day, people try to fill the spiritual gap by turning to other ‘religions’ like environmentalism and healthism which keeps the whole control freak momentum going.

    The internet must be the biggest concern for them. They have the MSM in their pocket – well, they own it, or their pets do. Your idea of how to deal with the internet at the right time sounds nice. In the meantime we are almost guaranteed to get Chinese-style restrictions and require a licence, which can be easily revoked.

    But the internet is already quite heavily censored. For example, my blog has been banned from Reddit (and you can get a huge amount of hits from a popular story there – I rarely use it, but once got many thousands of hits and about 900 upvotes on a post at my old anti-Labour party site, which I must put back up). They admit I’m banned, but won’t say why (I’m not politically correct).

    Example two: I left a comment under the online Guardian article about the London bus driver who told two homosexual males who were kissing to get off his bus. I wrote, “Somebody has standards and isn’t afraid to show them. Bravo indeed!” It was removed very shortly afterwards for not abiding to their “community standards”. I saw similar comments being removed, so that what is left gives the impression that almost everybody doesn’t mind seeing two men kissing on their bus journey.

    It was on the number 89 which I used to ride from Lewisham all the way to Erith to see friends. I expect I would have given the driver hearty applause and be on the Ten Most Wanted list.


    • Alex Jones predicted martial law in the US in 2014.

      Ebola would provide a perfect excuse as long as the population believe it is spreading like wildfire and the government are hiding it.

      Alex Jones tells them it’s spreading like wildfire and the government are hiding it.

      He’s providing the means to fulfil his own warning. Can’t he see that?

      On the 500 million population – they will take it well below that figure and then breed up compliant drones to that figure. They need just enough so they don’t breed too many six-fingered banjo players. The new breed will not remember the old world and will not be allowed to learn about it.

      At least, that’s how I did it – but that was just a storyline.


      • Jones has predicted many, many things which haven’t come to pass.

        Alex Jones predicted martial law in the US in 2014.

        He predicted in 2009 that it would happen within 2-3 years and 16 year-olds are being trained to do it! It’s on the video.

        I do agree with him that governments will announce the existence of ‘aliens’.


  5. The PTB have another advantage over UK populace. There is no written constitution si very little chance of taking the politicians and the Establishment to task on anything.

    Any reason for ebola being prevelent in countries that have oil reserves? By the middle of next year theyl’ll have enough antidote to treat thousands. Hmmmm

    I also note that Jo-La has resigned because Labour at Westminster were interfering all the time! Who’d a thunk it?


  6. World population was 1 billion in 1800 & 2 billion in 1920. Then the rate of rise increased: 2.5 billion in 1954 and after only 28 years, doubled to 5 billion in 1982. Emme Thomson’s daughter (Gaia) won’t stand for this – a natural disaster will surely remove the humanoid swarm soon.

    A friend of mine has a viral ear infection – the first case of Earbola in the UK?

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  7. <”It has a huge plot hole too. If you reduce the population to five million and they are all compliant drones, who is training doctors? Scientists? Sewage workers?”

    That’d be a nice ending, but I suspect that they would have thought of that (or already have). The solution, as we have seen, is to enable the more-intelligent drones to do the necessary jobs, such as being doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, scientists etc, but don’t give them the freedom to think for themselves. Brainwashing and propaganda work equally as well on the supposedly bright as they do on the supposedly unintelligent – often better. We’ve already seen how people such as doctors, nurses, teachers etc can easily be brainwashed into both believing and then parroting whatever the latest mantra is. All that would be required would be for them to be thought-trained a little further into not treating/teaching etc people who don’t conform in every way to the elite’s dictats as to what they should or shouldn’t do or how they should live and work. People who are not useful to the elite, or likely to cause them any trouble will simply be denied access to vital services unless and until they do as they are told. Or, if there’s a real shortage, services would be restricted only to those people for whom the elite give their express permission (i.e. just themselves and their families). Our social structure would return to the middle ages, i.e. access to any and all of the latest and best services and care for the wealthy few, but virtually no access at all for the rest of the peasants. And do you know what? They’d still insist on calling it “progress!”


    • I remember shocking a doctor (a PhD) by suggesting that a nicotine-free Electrofag would be safe to use by a nonsmoker. It’s just flavoured steam and it can taste of anything.

      She was absolutely horrified. ‘But it will start people smoking!’

      Will it? Do Quorn sausages turn veggies into meat eaters? Do dildos turn lesbians straight? These things do not happen.

      Puffing on strawberry steam is not going to encourage anyone to burn the real leaf. It’s a totally different thing.

      She could not be shaken from her brainwashing. Sad to see such intelligence wasted.

      You’re right, smart people can be brainwashed just like the dim. You just have to phrase it a litle more carefully.


  8. Trouble for these elites and godlike masters of all – they can’t do anything themselves! Consider just how many people work to get you a simple thing nowadays; take that plastic bag you hand out at your shop
    1. Ethylene plant to produce the Ethylene feedstock, huge place with large workforce of TRAINED people to keep it going
    2. Transport to take that monomer to the processing plant, which may be on another continent, near the markets
    3. Processing plant produces plastic chips in a process that very often kicks up, 3500 Bar of pressure in the process lines will do that! Clever people required again.
    Plastic chips are transported to plants to make stuff like bags and plastic buckets, all the stuff that is so ubiquitous that you don’t notice it – until it’s gone.
    People think “I could have a Roller and a chauffeur” forgetting that someone dug the ore, made the steel, ran the car plant, made the fuel and oils, all so you could ‘just’ have a car.
    No, unless you want only 18th century technology for everyone, you need the level of clever people who run all the background stuff, and the plants that make all the valves and pipes to run those plants and the mills that produce the steel in the vast and various grades to work in the very hostile environments of those plants.

    You need Engineers too, like me. Guess what? I designed that plant you depend on, guess who knows how to wreck it beyond repair?


    • Who knows how to wreck it? Politicians. They can wreck anything.

      No, they can’t actually make anything at all. Nor fix anything. They get us plebs in for that.

      So when they’ve eradicated us, there’s going to be one big ‘Whoops’.


  9. It is a great idea, but unfortunately Douglas Adams got there thirty years or so ago, with the Golgafrinchan “B” Ark. You see, Ark A was supposed to have all the leaders, visionaries, great scientists and so on in it, Ark C was supposed to have all the workers, the people who do stuff and so on in it.

    Ark B had all the useless middle-men, telephone sanitisers and similar pillocks in it. The other two were unavoidably detained at source; the civilisation eventually died from a virulent space-plague caught from a dirty telephone.


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