I have now watched ‘Deranged‘ and well… it wasn’t great.

The first and most appalling error was to have a picture of the killer on the cover of the DVD. In a pose she adopted right at the very end of the film. What a giveaway. We know from the outset who she is but the film tries to pretend it’s not her.

Her motivation becomes clear early on too. Really not hard to work out what’s going to happen.

The contents of the locked room seem creepy, and I give the film credit for the explanation for that room. Nice twist.

The killer is supposed to be a career actress in the film. An actress playing a mad actress. Her ‘mad killer’ acting would have made Vincent Price wince at its hamminess. Ol’ Vince could ham it up into a full Sunday dinner with all the trimmings but when he did it, it was fun to watch. This wasn’t. This was so far over the top you can’t even see the top from up there.

Disappointing but not terrible, really. No really inventive killings. Straight-out slasher movie.

Not bad for a pound, I suppose. I bought three for three pounds, two pretty good ones and one dud. I think I’m still up on the deal.

I’ll see what else Poundland have to offer.


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