Death by milk.

Furor was right. Experts have Said, and Studies have Shown. Drink milk and die.

I mean, really, they are down to demonising milk now?

If the drones accept that one, tomorrow I will tell them that air causes cancer.  Considering that more than 2000 nuclear bombs have blown up in it, it probably does anyway.



19 thoughts on “Death by milk.

  1. I like milk in my tea and coffee. I like fermented milk too as in cheese and yoghurt. One day I will die. If I give up milk in my tea and fermented milk products, one day I will die. Miserable for not drinking tea and eating cheese. So sod it. I reckon the drink will do for me long before the milk.


    • How many times can one man die? I’ll be recorded as a drink-related death, also smoking-related and now milk-related too.

      At this rate, future historians will think we had more lives than cats!


    • Milk vodka? Prohibitionist heads will explode!

      Give it out free at schools. Then, in the future, when anyone starts with ‘I remember my school days’ you can say ‘Liar’.


  2. remember, this is only for one year, then it will be good for you again, just like eggs, red wine, white flour and all the rest.
    This tax payer funded study to find something will soon be overcome by the next one – studies will kill us all financially


  3. My Great Grandfather was a shepherd, my Grandfather was a shepherd, my father was not a shepherd, he died in his 80s, whereas my Great and Grandfather died in their 90s. Therefore sheep cause longevity, and not being a shepherd means a reduced lifespan. Sheep are good for you so surround yourself with sheep for a long life


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