Imagine there’s no refuge…

John Lennon once sang a song about a one-world order. His vision was of everyone forgetting their differences and just getting on with life. It was a Utopia. A proper one.

Science also has a vision (I use the version of the term ‘science’ that means ‘control freak bastards with as much understanding of reality as a sea-squirt understands astrophysics’. And, incidentally, as much interest in real life as a sea slug has in planetary motion). So not real science. Socialist science. Socience. Is that a good word? It’ll do.

I’ll start that bit again.

Socience has a vision of what it thinks will be Utopia but will in fact be North Korea on a global scale. Run by a little fat man with a pudding-basin haircut and a plasticine face. One World Order. One World Government. Everyone exactly the same with the same dictated aspirations and the same needs and the same dietary requirerments and all assimilated into the Collective with one politically-correct hive-mind. No more difference. No more creativity. Drones.

John Lennon envisaged some kind of global hippy commune with everyone saying ‘peace and love’ to each other and going around doing their own thing and never hurting anyone else. Sounds good to me.

Socience has envisaged the Borg.

You’d have to pay to read the whole article. I’m not paying for that Leftie hack-rag, I see no need. The rest is entirely predictable from that opening and will not be worth anyone’s time.

Do we need countries? Yes. We do. I do not want to live as they live in Iran and those in Iran do not want to live as I do. Those who want to live like they do in Iran can live in Iran, and I can live here. Then we can just get on with our lives without telling each other how to live. Even ISIS. You have a place, folks. :Live in it and stop taunting nuclear nations by killing their people and you might last longer than the middle of next week.

If the controls and bans here get too extreme, I can move to somewhere less extreme. If there are no countries, if there is a New World Order and One World Government, that option is gone. My only choice would be to be oppressed in the warm or in the cold. I prefer the cold. I’ll keep longer.

Even within Europe now, if you go from one country to another they each have their own way of doing things. Their own way of life. Find the one that fits you and live there. No countries, no more options. It is the horror of extreme and total centralisation. Hell, the EU is bad enough for imposing stupid regulations that suit some countries but harm others. Imagine that on a global scale. It cannot work.

What socience cannot grasp and will never grasp is that people are not all the same. I’m not just talking about whether or not you like to smoke or drink or whether your film-watching preference is ‘Wonderful Spattery Gore’ or ‘Mind-Grinding-Lovey-Dovey-Shite’ or any personal choice. We are different at a physiological level.

Asian immigrants to the West are at a higher risk of things like diabetes or heart problems due to the Western diet and lifestyle. You can deny it and call it racist while they die unnecessarily if you want. I’d rather stop them dying than deny it’s happening and if you still think that makes me a racist then frankly you are an evil, inhuman cunt. Have a nice day and I hope it’s your last.

We in the West have adapted to the diet around us which became the one best suited to keeping us alive. The reason is simple. Those who did not adapt to the available diet all died young. The same is true of any peoples, anywhere in the world.

I recall from long ago (I wish I could recall the reference) a study done on remote Scottish islands. Islands where fishing was pretty much all of the industry available. Men on those islands all tended to live into their eighties in good health (accidents excepted)  and then died suddenly. No long slow deaths. Fine and hearty one day and pop-gone the next.

The conclusion was that their diet, largely composed of sea-fish and whisky, was the cause. The high salt intake with the fish hardened their arteries, the whisky counteracted it. Eventually this delicate balance broke and the body could take no more.

Yet they lived into their eighties. That’s long enough. Especially if you can still be perky and alert. I’d rather die abruptly than drag it out, too. I do not want to spend months with tubes in every orifice while Death sits beside my bed smoking his way through five packs a day just to taunt me. I’d much rather take Death by surprise by tapping him on the shoulder and saying ‘Like ah, boo, daddio, y’hear?’

A diet of sea-fish and whisky might kill a mid-continent African in a week. A diet of Aberdeen butteries would probably wipe out Japan. Fill the Chinese diet with milk and dairy products and stand back from the poo tsunami.

Fill the western diet with rice and lentils and there’ll be tumbleweed in the sewage works and a nasty miasma in the air. You won’t have to worry about smokers. We dare not strike a match.

We are not all the same. Free passage all over the world is a nice thought but really it will end up with Montezuma’s revenge in every bowel on the planet. Even the microflora of the water differs from place to place and it takes time to acclimatise.

The point of countries is not currently solely political except perhaps in Africa. In Africa there were no countries before European empires (not just British) arrived but even so, the people tended to stay or roam within defined areas. The same is probably true of Arabia and was likely to have been true of Europe and certainly America in the past. We did not always have countries, or states.

We formed them because some of us wanted to live one way and others wanted to live a different way. We wanted our laws to apply to a particular territory and we did not all want the same laws.

That has not changed. If anything, the differences have become deeper with time. Those differences of thought have become differences of physiology. We cannot, globally or even within one country, live on the one standard socience diet. We are one people of individuals.

It was Roobeedoo’s explanation of that Tate exhibition of sunflower seeds that smacked the message home. A floor covered with ceramic seeds. It meant nothing to this art-philistine until the obvious was pointed out.

A sea of ceramic sunflower seeds. Look down and they all look the same. Each one is hand painted and each one is a little bit different from all the others.

Science would class them as ‘sunflower seeds’ and leave it at that. Some variation is to be expected.

Socience does not allow variation. All must be identical. If socience  had commissioned that art, the ‘seeds’ would have been painted by programmed machinery, not by hand. Therein lies the difference.

We are those ceramic seeds. We are all a little bit different.

I think the worst horror here is that what claims to be a science journal does not recognise that. New Socientist has progressed beyond Leftie hack-rag into something that looks like the progenitor of the Cybermen or the Borg. It does look like they would be delighted to see either of those things come to pass.

New Socientist is not worth your money  Let it fade away like the Socientist Inquisition it has come from.

We do need countries, We do need separate places to be. Only one reason is needed.


We don’t all want to live the same way.


Something socience simply cannot understand, and never will.


19 thoughts on “Imagine there’s no refuge…

  1. I’ve been a subscriber to New Socientist since 1980. I’ve got the whole collection on shelves. My subscription is now cancelled, and ends this month. It was a wrench, but for several years now I’ve resented the money they get from me. Two out of three articles now squeeze Global Warbling in. The remaining information in there is like the equivalent of tits on page three.
    It was never perfect. When they spoke of something that I know about, I could see the errors. But it kept me far better informed than the MSM.
    But too much is enough. I have the internet now to stimulate my brain. It contains errors too, but it also has the corrections if I look for them.
    Good riddance, New Socientist. Fuck off.


  2. Lubos Motls calls it the “Nude Socialist” and one can easily see why (maybe not the nude bit).

    @Zaphod, you’re a brave man sir; I cancelled my sub many many years ago, before Global Warming was even a glint in anyone’s eye. In fact, come to think of it, round about the time when the concensus view was that we were just entering the next Ice Age. We could laugh then…


  3. Cheers Legs. For me the Ai Weiwei Sunflower Seed installation at Tate Modern was like an invitation to imagine being god and taking a turn amongst the seeds (creation), a seemingly infinite landscape:

    Touch them …

    … and play with them …

    Inevitably seeds would break, they were made of porcelain. How would you feel at the crack beneath your weight; do you feel sadness, remorse, pleasure … anything at all?

    Unfortunately, few got to have that experience as the fluorescent yellow jackets got frightfully nervous at the potential for toxic dust and roped the installation off. After a few days you could only look on creation from afar …

    Says it all really.


  4. John Lennon might have sang “imagine no possessions”, but he sang it whilst playing a white Steinway in the drawing room of his 72-acre estate in Berkshire – Mitch Benn


    • Whenever I hear the phrase ‘brotherhood of man’, my imagination conjures up a sleazy, voluble, evangelical hypocrite who can’t keep his eyes off the place he thinks I keep my wallet. Just imagine, eh, ….


    • Well, all socialists demand equality and wealth redistribution while living in huge homes protected by bodyguards.

      In Lennon’s favour, he didn’t expect the taxpayer to fund him…


      • XX In Lennon’s favour, he didn’t expect the taxpayer to fund him…XX

        Not him, no. But his loony bloody projects, like that Rehab center for reprobate bastards in Liverpool, “Strawberry fucking fields.”

        Wonder if they ever reccognised the irony of naming a school for drug addled criminal turds, after THAT particular song?

        Any one know if their school song was “Lucy in the sky with diamonds?”


  5. I fear that New Socientist will get their way eventually. At the moment, each country has their own gene pool, more or less. People mostly marry people within their own country. By opening borders and encouraging immigration (or interbreeding) the New Socientist is aiming to dilute the gene pool, thus diluting and weakening the genes that make people Caucasian, Mongolian or Negroid (my deep apologies for using the – still – official names for human races). They will stop at nothing. There will be one gigantic drone race that is easy to control. I’m only glad I won’t be around when we get to that point. Happy New World Order Day!


    • Unfortunately for them, their migrants tend to stick together, and some of them will kill their own daughters rather than let them breed with the natives.

      They suffer from a misconception that humanity is a homogeneous mass already. That’s why they will never win. They will, however, never stop trying.


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