The Unravelling

When you set up a long, long plan based on deception, you face a big problem.

Not ‘convincing the drones’, hell that part is so easy it’s hardly worth mentioning. You really can convince most people of just about anything.

It’s not even ‘convincing your followers’ because the only ones who will follow you are those who have already fallen for your deception. That’s a self-selecting group. You don’t have to worry about them. They are the deepest-indoctrinated of all.

The big danger, when you set up the deception and repeat it over and over in serious tones is that you start to convince yourself it’s true.

This becomes a really big problem when your plan-scehdule is so long that it spans generations. You might think ‘So what? Some acolyte who believes all the crap I made up will keep the plan going’ but therein you sow the seeds of disaster.

Do you take a few chosen acolytes aside, perhaps to a grove in the woods with a big fake-stone owl, and tell them it’s all a deception?  Or maybe you set up some kind of ritual to keep them stupid? You know they’ll keep the ritual going after you’re gone and you know they’ll keep your deception going because they think it is real. Maybe, by this time, you think it’s real too. Maybe the cusp of sanity is now far behind you on the trail.

Well now, part of the plan involved convincing everyone that everyone is really the same and the acolytes were convinced that they were the ones destined to control the cattle of humanity.

The originators are gone. Only the acolytes remain. Nobody in control now realises that they are running a deception.

They still think that the rest of humanity are cattle and that they alone know best, and whatever they do, the cattle will not notice.

But we did notice. One by one. Increasingly, we noticed. Even the MSM have now noticed and that is a big one because the MSM have been set up to control the drones.

Now there is panic as they try to pull together the fast-splitting seams of their own version of ‘reality’. It now has to be made illegal to question our betters because the lies aren’t working any more – even though the controllers believe the lies to be truth. They are peddling a deception they believe to be true and now, faster and faster, we are approaching the point where they, and they alone, do not know it is a deception. They still believe they are in control. They still believe they are right.

That’s when parliaments burn. It’s already started.

It is not their only error but it is probably their biggest. They cannot fix it now and they will not try. They cannot even accept that it is an error. It’s too late.

When you make such a plan that spans generations, all you are really doing is throwing a handful of shit at a far-away fan.

It’s about to arrive.

Update: more unravelling. It had better be a very big fan.

12 thoughts on “The Unravelling

  1. They’re all a bunch of con artists, the funny thing is Labour making a song-and-dance over it when they would do the exact same if they were the ones in power. It’s a slow drip-drip effect but even the drones are starting to wake up to the bullshit.

    Of course if we were out of the EU we wouldn’t have to pay these bastards £850m to feather their nest and keep the house of cards up.


  2. These “Conservatives” become more unbelievable with time. The Telegraph mentions “an alliance of leading atheists and Christians”. It’s not an alliance, but anyway, wasn’t it here a few weeks ago that I wrote about the impending One World Religion when atheists would be persecuted along with Christians and others if they didn’t follow the O.W.R?

    It’s the fault of the militant secularists/humanists and the lily-livered Christians who didn’t stand up for themselves that we have been swapping our Christian-based laws and morals for all this equality and diversity and fake human rights claptrap which is to weaken our country. (See Yuri Bezmenov, as usual, explain why our Western countries are going down the plughole when our religious foundations are destroyed.)

    The PTB must be dismayed that their intense brainwashing still hasn’t infected everybody. We can’t be far from the stage that disagreeing with the government is a sign of mental illness and leads to decades of incarceration in an institution.

    Do you take a few chosen acolytes aside, perhaps to a grove in the woods with a big fake-stone owl, and tell them it’s all a deception? Or maybe you set up some kind of ritual to keep them stupid?

    You’re referring to Bohemian Grove. The thing about that place is that influential people from all backgrounds can make plans for us “cattle” as I understand they really do call us.

    The Freemasons have many rituals. Few initiates ever make it past the first three degrees, so they are only shown things that they can’t possibly work out, so they think it’s a benign social club. But there is a huge pool from which to pick the few with the ‘qualities’ to progress.

    Of course everything is secret. We have no say in anything at all; no influence. The ones to get the top jobs processing the rules are likely to be Freemasons, Common Purpose, compromised politicians and civil servants, etc.

    I do hope that the next Tory manifesto does include this and it puts off even more people from voting for them and that after the Rochester by-election the week after next that there will be many more defections to UKIP by Tory MPs.


    • It’s not an alliance but a cease-fire while you and the atheists fight a common (and bigger) enemy.

      Continuing to fight each other at this time is not sensible. It is what your common enemy wants, it is the reason they have grown so big.

      Put aside your infighting for a moment and look at who is encouraging it.


  3. I saw a woman on TV, who was in remission with lung cancer claim both her parents had died on the basis of secondhand smoke. She was the wealthy leftie type who are so willing to believe all that the BBC say.

    Any sort of group which tries to gain traction has a huge struggle to get any sort of real unbiased coverage in the MSM. If it’s covered at all its twisted to make it sound silly.

    The fact that lungs from smokers are transplanted is the smoking gun that proves the current smoking attitudes to be complete bollocks.


    • My perfectly healthy smoker lungs will not be transplanted. They will burn with me. Nobody is going to be allowed to moan about me saving their life.

      Some say I should donate but… these are smoker lungs. They cannot possibly be of any use to anyone.

      Either smoking damages the lungs so they are no use for transplant, or smoking does not damage the lungs and we should carry donor cards.

      One or the other, antismokers. There is no in-between.


  4. ” Some acolyte who believes all the crap I made up will keep the plan going’ ”

    Dunno about that. Seems to have worked well enough and long enough for St. Paul. The Pauline flavour Xianity still seems to be going strong after 2K years, even if they are now no longer the power they once were. Millions of people still believe what that Old Bloke With The Funny Hat in Rome tells them for example.


    • That bloke with the funny hat in Rome is a complete fake. He is heading up The One World Religion to accompany the One World Government….

      Interesting how the World Trade centre with its seven buildings has been completely destroyed, to be replaced with just one new World Trade Centre. Anything to do with the coming One World Banking system?

      666 The number of the beast…


      • “That bloke with the funny hat in Rome is a complete fake”

        A fake what? Pope? Head of the Church of Rome? Despite my referring to him as ‘the bloke with the funny hat’ I actually think he is a very genuine and devout man, I may not share all of his beliefs nor consider him Christ’s representative on Earth but I see nothing sinister in his motives.

        I also don’t go a bundle on the whole ‘lets arse rape The Apocalypse Of John to make it fit current events’ school of eschatological thought., Even in my short life time so far I have lost count of the number of different ‘interpretations’ for the various prophetic images…back in the 80s a lot of rather misguided Xians, for example, thought that The Beast was the USSR, then later the EEC. My adventist friends explained to me that it was infact the USA. Others claim that the Pope…

        You pays your money and your makes your apocalyptic choice.


      • Fish-head isn’t going to be in charge of the one world religion. He just thinks he is. The same is true of the Muslim headhunters. It’s not them either, they are to be exterminated with public approval which will help cut the population. It’s no coincidence they a live in desert lands that nobody will miss when they are turned to glass.

        Yes it’s nasty. Very nasty. But it’s not my idea. It’s Marxism in its pure form.

        The new Religion is going to be a very dark one. A severely controlling one. Some say ‘devil-worship’ but if it were only that we’d at least have orgies and booze and debauchery. It’s going to be much worse. Puritan Hell.

        It is not a coincidence that the Latin for ‘left’ is ‘sinister’.


    • Judaism is even older.

      The big difference is, I think, that the old religions all say ‘Shag like bunnies and make more of us’ while the new ones want to kill us all.

      One of those attitudes is much more appealing than the other.



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