Of cars and children.

Frank Davis has the details of the new ridiculous ban on smoking in your own car if it has a child infestation. Getting the infestation out won’t help for long. The law hasn’t even been passed yet and ham-ASH are already demanding an amendment to ‘protect adults too’. Vapers, I’d hold off on the smugness for a while this time if I were you. You must know by now that you are next.

It was never about ‘the cheeldren’. These antismoking filth use children in the same way HAMAS use them. As disposable human shields. Jeremy the Total and Utter Hunt (the smug-faced bastard is pictured exuding self-righteousness in the Daily Twat) really should be right up there with Abu Hamza and all the rest of the intolerant preachers of hate, but soon it will be illegal even to hint at that. The anti-extremism laws are designed to stop us complaining about extremists such as those in government. Stalin would be so proud of our Tory leaders.

Get a ‘No Children’ sticker for your car. Someone slightly more sober could probably design one right now. Something along the lines of the ‘No Fat Birds’ warning that’s on British booze. I’ll try to take a quick image off this bottle of whisky with my crappy phone camera –

nofatbirdsThe phone camera is rubbish at close work in poor light (it’s pretty rubbish anyway) and I’m a trifle unsteady. Good enough to give you the idea. The ‘No fat birds’ warning is next to the ‘This might make your head spin’ warning.

What we need is a ‘No children’ sign for cars. Also disinfectant, sprays and traps (humane, if you must. I prefer the opposite) to keep them out.

The next stage will be a ‘No nonsmokers’ sign. Then a ‘Nobody’ sign.

We could just skip right ahead to the big ‘NO’ sign, I think. When I had that Mk II Cortina in 1979, I often drove around with only a driver’s seat and the rest of the space used for carrying stuff. If I still had that car I’d take out all the other seats and pull up next to hitchikers again, like in the old days. I’d never put those other seats back in and would defy the arresting knobhead to find my passenger.

Incidentally, the whisky bottle now says ‘This bottle contains 28 measures’ rather than ’28 units’. Turns out it’s the same thing but this time, I think we have them under trades description laws. I have never managed to get 28 drinks out of a 750 ml bottle of anything. Do they think I drink from a thimble?

Dammit, next thing you know they’ll make it illegal to swig whisky while driving in case a child manages to sneak in to the car. Where will it all end?

If a child does get into your car, you will be arrested under the ‘Jimmy Savile Impersonator’ laws because well, if there is a child in your car, you must be a perv. If you gave birth to that child you are a grow-your-own perv. Get out of that. Best start working on your answer, you’ll need it soon.

Interesting catch-22…

Drive fast past a school and you are a potential child killer. Drive slowly past a school and you are obviously ogling your next target, you filthy paedo. Drive fast or drive slow. Your choice. Remember, driving under 20 mph is officially kerb crawling. The UK speed limit past schools is…?

Probably safest to drop the kids off three streets away and let them take their chances. It’s them or you.

In the land of those rebel colonists who think they won the war of independence (ha ha, don’t tell them) they are getting speed cameras outside schools. Well, hard to argue against that but Nasal Man does a convincing one. What he misses is that under their 6th amendment (the right to face your accuser) and in the wording of the fixed penalty notice (your car was speeding) there is no need for the driver or the owner to be involved.

Legally, in the strict sense, the accused is the car and the accuser is the camera. Get a good lawyer with a sense of humour and plenty of time and this one could run and run.

See, if you accept and respond to the accusation, it’s your word against the camera’s. You cannot win this one. If you were parked and the camera says you were doing ninety, you will lose. The court will take an inanimate object’s word over yours. Yes, we really are there now. For the children.

No. It isn’t. It’s for the money and the control.

Whenever you hear ‘for the children’, remember that. They don’t give a shrew’s frenulum for the children. The children are just their human shields. These people are the same as all the ones they call ‘evil’. Exactly the same.

HAMAS, ISIS, Al Qaeda, all believe they are doing their work for good.

So do public health, the idiot government and all their hangers-on.

The thing is, it’s not for my good or your good. They, none of them, are at all concerned about that. It’s all for their good. Their agenda. What they believe life should be like (for you, not for them. It’s like how you think life should be like for farmed trout – that is what they think of you).

And, all of them, if they can use your children as weapons against you, well, they have no problem with that.

Do you?

Careful in your response. Criticising Government actions will soon be illegal, like in China, and they will take your children into protection. You will be an extremist and an unfit parent.

Object right now, or shut your gob and take it up the khyber forever. The window of opportunity is closing. Fast.

Look again at your children. Are they yours? Or are they ‘ours’ to take from you as and when we see fit, for whatever reason we decide to make up? Thinking time is over. The timer has started and it won’t take long.

Make your choice.

Then live with it.


22 thoughts on “Of cars and children.

  1. “Interesting catch-22…

    Drive fast past a school and you are a potential child killer. Drive slowly past a school and you are obviously ogling your next target, you filthy paedo. Drive fast or drive slow. Your choice. Remember, driving under 20 mph is officially kerb crawling. The UK speed limit past schools is…?

    Probably safest to drop the kids off three streets away and let them take their chances. It’s them or you.”


    Beautiful catch Leg!

    I’ve often phrased the Antis’ approach to children as “the abuse of our love for our children” — which is truly what it is. They might be able to legally argue that they are not abusing children per se, but they most certainly are abusing our hardwired biological instincts of loving and caring for children.

    Hmmm… with your notes on car signage, you’ve given me an idea for a trick you can play on Antismokers ‘n other folks you may not care for who are hanging out in your favorite pub. Carry a few cute bumper stickers with “Boozer On Board” showing a tipply driver graphic, and stick ’em on the bumpers of appropriate vehicles.

    Then, if you’d like to collect some of that Anti moola, drive along in front of them and suddenly hit the brakes! The resulting dented bumper and police intervention should get you enough antismoking money to fund a good hit back, eh? (Note to legal types: This is a JOKE, OK? Not an incentive to our teetotaling Leggy to break the law or harass anyone or do anything besides go to church religiously every morning and offer his obesiences to whatever gods he chooses.)

    – MJM

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    • Heh. One of my brother’s friends was caught out by those ‘crash for cash’ guys.

      They dropped their case because, as he calmly explained in the pub, he found out where they lived and ‘went round and had a word’.

      My brother hangs out with casual psychopaths.


  2. Criticising Government actions will soon be illegal, like in China…

    Yes, indeed. Theresa May has announced “Extremism Disruption Orders”: Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn

    That’ll my blog deemed illegal and shut down.

    Of course, this nonsense is all over the ‘West’. In Australia:

    Criticising Islam, gays sets army major up for a fall.

    Major Bernie Gaynor jnr has served three tours of duty in Iraq but he is going to be thrown out of the army this week, or next, or very soon. And he is not going quietly.


    • Well, to be honest, some of the new ones do resemble sex toys…

      Uh-oh, now some vapers are going to be really embarrassed to put one in their mouths and suck it in public. Although, if you can sit in a pub and suck a dildo until steam comes out of it, you have my unwavering respect forever.


  3. Let’s have speed cameras outside every school, set to record those going too slow as well as those speeding. Sorted! Paedos & Speedos all caught with minimal plod effort. But surely “they” won’t do that, will they?


      • I learned to swim once. Didn’t like it at all but I was fishing from boats at the time so I thought I’d better give myself a chance of at least staying afloat long enough to be rescued.

        I still don’t like swimming. These days I stay on the banks.


  4. In Edinburgh they are going to introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit for all roads apart from arterial routes. I was a bit ticked at this so I wrote to my councillor and asked what the motivation was for the 20 mph limit. He replied that tests had been carried out in some areas and some people had thought it was a good thing. Now I’d like to provide you with figures and safety issues etc. but there are none.

    Next step was for them to go out to consultation which meant going online and filling out a questionnaire. I did this with the full knopwledge that loads of tree huggers, warmers and lefties would be in full asgreement to 20mph although they may well go faster than 20 on their bicycles.

    So we will be getting 20mph speed limits everywhere. Joy. I suggested to my councillor that lowering the speed limit would significantly increase polution mainly from buses (we have loads of them here), large lorries and vans and taxis. He actually though the polution would go down. Good grief.

    They are also beginning to rollout street closures at certain times of the day when school children will be getting dropped off or collected from school. So you can’t drive into the road you live in when you want too. Is it the fault of the residents? No. It’s because the kids parents drive and park like loonies snd endanger their own kids. Of course they’ll just behave the same way as before but just outside the closed street area.

    How much is a Tardis? It’s looking more likely that I’ll need one to get away from the Nazis!


    • I’m thinking that one day it is inevitable that I will have to leave. As most things are now globalised, including the thieving of freedoms in the name of international ‘cooperation’, equality, climate change (environmentalism generally), the cheeeldren, etc., I wouldn’t know where to go to. I expect property in North Korea is very cheap and it will likely soon be a beacon of freedom compared to everywhere else. I’m off to check online estate agents in Pyongyang…

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    • We have 20 mph limits on a lot of the residential streets here and speed bumps that could stop a tractor.

      I have wondered how many of the cyclists realise that they are likely to be caught, if speed cameras ever get installed.


  5. Warning
    No Under-18s Allowed
    This is a Smoker’s Car. The Government does NOT allow under-18s to ride in this car.
    Get a ride from someone else

    I’ve just printed two copies of this sign on A4 paper, I’ve laminated them both and placed one in each rear-door window. On the signs the text is centralised, with appropriate underlining and with the first and last lines in red.


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