Internet keeps going off tonight. That’s probably because ISPs think nobody is up at this time on a Thursday morning so they can meddle –  but Thursday and Friday are my days off!

I doubt I’ll get a proper post up tonight, I can just about get a tweet out before it cuts out.

So here are a few quickies from those who posted while it was stable –

On The Ecig Advert

On Crashing a Puritan Dronefest

A Smoker Seeks Revenge

Okay, I’ll lie low until the internet stabilises. Probably best just pack it in for the night and try earlier tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Intermittent

  1. My good friends at Virgin dropped their broadband here one day last week. No warning and it was off from 9.00 until 14.30. No warning. I work from home so it was just great! Not.

    Then late Saturday night their TV service went down followed a few minutes later by the net again. I can get a reasonable 4G here but not ideal.

    In their TOC they say they will pay comp if the service is down for a period. In practice they make it difficult for you to register any outage. They put an auto message saying the service is down and you can’t get to speak to a human. They also put other messages in if you call them but it cuts off before you can do anything meaningful.


    Mind you I get 80-90mbps here.!


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