How to make everyone the same.

(Note: it’s random thought time. A necessary part of making up a complex story).

When describing the physical appearance of characters in my stories, I tend to leave out details such as skin colour unless it’s important to the story. It almost never is. This is deliberate since if I made all my characters clearly white European it would limit the ability of any non-white non-European reader to engage with the story. You can’t scare people if the story makes it quite clear that the horrors are definitely happening to someone else.

‘Panoptica’ is a whole different game. Everyone is equal in all respects within that world although, as usual, a few are more equal than the rest. They are just very good at hiding the fact, unlike today’s ‘leaders’. Every so often in that story I reach a point where I have to explain how a particular situation came to be. This is one of those points.

In ‘Panoptica’ there is so far little to no mention of race, religion or the like because there is no diversity in that world. I have wondered how to get to that stage from the current world where Diversity is the be-all and end-all of the policies of all main parties. How to swing it around so everyone is the same?

It was obvious, really. Lidl and Aldi showed the way.

The way to get people to want something is to make it rare and difficult to get. Tobacco Control would do well to consider that, but they will never grasp it. Limited editions of things sell out fast, whereas a production-line of exactly the same thing would sell more slowly. Eventually the production-line thing will stop selling.

If you tell people your item is one from a continuous production line they will think about whether to buy it today, tomorrow, or at all. They have plenty of time. The line keeps rolling.

Tell them there are one hundred of these items and there will never be any more and they’ll snap them up.

This is the model used by Lidl and Aldi. I was in Morrison’s earlier today, I wanted to pick up a cheap spare keyboard and mouse because they have them very cheap indeed. £6 for a keyboard and £3 for a mouse. Not the finest quality but if either of those things breaks in the middle of the night while I’m on a roll with a story, I want a quick fix to hand.

I’d been meaning to call in there for a couple of weeks, to get the spares, but there was no hurry. I knew they’d always be there. They were.

In Aldi and Lidl, if you see something of interest you have to decide there and then whether you want to buy it or not. They stock up with things – currently in Aldi it’s woodworking tools – and if you go away, think about it and come back in a few days, they are gone. They will not be stocking up with any more, not for months, maybe never. Decide right now.

Morrison’s made a sale but it took weeks for me to eventually buy those things. Aldi sold me a saw rail for £5.99 on the day I was there. It’s a good one too – surprisingly solidly made for the price.

So to make people want something, make it scarce, make it rare, make them think they won’t get it if they delay.

What has this to do with diversity? Well, there is a corollary.

If you want to make people not want something, the best way to do it is to throw it at them every day. Ram it down their throats. Rub their noses in it. Tell them that have to not only put up with it, but they are expected to enjoy it. To ‘celebrate’ it.

They will tolerate it for a while but eventually they will be crying out for it all to stop. Do you apply ‘equality’ at that point?

No. They will realise how brutal your plan is and won’t accept it. You make noises, ineffectual gestures, but you let it get worse. Much worse. Until the people are ready to accept absolutely any solution at all. Even a ‘final’ one.

Then they will demand, in their rage and hate, that final solution. They will not realise that to apply it, you must apply it to them too. They will not realise that that was the intention all along. Then you apply real equality. Everyone the same. ‘Panoptica’ takes it further but my problem was not how to finish that process. It was how to start it. Now I have a plausible way.

I also now have a plausible way to have the hidden elite in control of everything. Having them hidden is no problem. Getting them from the currently highly visible rich morons in charge to hidden devious swines in charge was the difficult transition. Rather, it was how to do it without the proles noticing.

The hidden devious swines are already in place and have been for a long time. The visible morons are a distraction. If I wanted to keep control of Europe while appearing to destroy the EU, here is how I’d do it.

Let the EU idiot administrators run out of control while simultaneously setting up regions, and setting those regions against one another. Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Spain, Catalonia… the list is long. Each region – not just countries any more, but regions within those countries – demands autonomy but they can’t have it yet.

The UK is a big one. Break that one up and the others will fall. It’s already a United Kingdom of four different countries. Inequalities in funding, NHS treatment, tuition fees and so on should not exist between the four component countries but they do, and they are big inequalities in some cases. These are wedges that can be used to drive those countries apart.

Scotland has already tried for independence and failed – but only just. It was a close call. Close enough that those wanting independence will try again, especially as the promises made to keep them in the UK are all going to be broken. For my fictional plan, it was not necessary for Scotland to win this time. It was only necessary for them to have that vote. The nearly 50/50 split was the perfect way to encourage those thoughts of separation, and not just in Scotland.

Now Wales wants a vote. Catalonia. The Basques. Other regions that consider themselves separate from the ‘occupiers’ will follow suit. Scotland had a vote. They all want one too. The game is on.

North Wales will split from South, North England will split from South, Yorkshire and Lancashire will want autonomy. The Home Counties will object to subsidising the outlying counties. The Highlands will want to separate from the Central Belt in Scotland, the islands are already talking about secession, and so on. The process will repeat in countries all over Europe. The EU will fall and Europe will fragment into tiny kingdoms once again. All run by puppets put in place by the hidden devious rulers. Meanwhile the EU government and central government in each country is allowed to collapse. Gone, but none of it was really in charge anyway.

A few well-orchestrated wars between those little kingdoms will soon reduce the population to easily manageable levels. Equality is then furiously enforced and it will look like real equality. Nobody owns anything. The State owns it all and lends it to you. Including the ‘rulers’ of those states. They have nothing either. Socialism endgame. You now live on a farm and you ain’t the farmer.

Where it always fails in the past is when the proles see their ‘equal leaders’ swanning about in limos in the Zil lanes while they push their Trabant to the next petrol station. Eventual revolution is inevitable.

This time, the rich leaders are hidden. The proles never see them, never hear about them. The ‘leaders’ they see are puppets and those puppets own no more than the proles do. They even work in the factories, although in the cushy jobs, not the sweaty ones.

Well, they have a little more. Just a little. A slightly nicer house perhaps. Access to a few small luxuries the proles need never know about. It needn’t cost much to keep the puppets in line. They have nothing to start with so anything at all is a bonus. Will they reveal their little extras to the proles? Hell no! The proles would rip them apart, as they have been trained to do to anyone threatening Equality.

For those puppet leaders then, both the carrot and the stick are in place. They don’t want to lose the carrot and they sure as Hell don’t want to be hit with the stick.

There will be rebels. There always are. They can be largely ignored. They will tell the proles about the ones who live like kings and will be laughed off as conspiracy theorists or will be reported to the authorities as threats to Equality. Everyone has the same as everyone else. Wanting more is just greedy (a term that is becoming ever more popular lately, have you noticed?). Greed is wrong. The greedy must be punished.

The rebels cannot organise. In ‘Panoptica’ absolutely everything is monitored all the time. Not by the wealthy few, oh no, they don’t need to bother with that. The proles will monitor each other and they will consider it a high privilege to be allowed to operate the cameras or the listening stations. Even though there is no real need. Most is automated and as long as everyone believes they are being watched all the time they will behave as if they are. That was the principle behind the real Panopticon, the inspiration for this imaginary world.

Any rebellious individual causing any real likelihood of a problem will be easily isolated and any attempt to organise can be quashed very quickly. The proles will do it. It’s like having sheep that herd themselves.

Small regions allow for severe limitations on travel, much more than is possible with current countries. How can the proles be made to accept strong border controls? Huh. They are demanding it already. There will be no point going to another region anyway, nor even to the next town. Equality means it’ll all be just the same as where you are now.  Whether it is or not, you’ll never know.

London Region will believe that every region has a Marble Arch, Paris Region will believe that every region has an Eiffel Tower, and so on. Nobody is going to bother to check because… why travel to an identical place?

So that’s two backstory problems solved tonight, and the reason behind everyone’s acceptance of limited movement set in place. That means accelerated story-writing. I doubt I can have it in print by Christmas but it’s not impossible. Just very improbable.


One final thing. You do believe I’m just making all this up, right?


8 thoughts on “How to make everyone the same.

  1. Talking about the proles controlling the proles there once was a website that allowed people to monitor various CCTV cameras around the UK (shops etc.) from their own laptop or PC in their own home and report any suspicious behaviour. No idea if the website is still around today but it was a pretty frightening concept. Very 1984.


  2. So, you’re turning the whole equality thing around, changing its current role as a divide and conquer device into a unifying force. Interesting. Of course, real equality (for the proles) is what you get when socialism gets out of hand. Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.” That endgame is becoming clear now after many decades of ‘grooming’ us and the past few generations without a (noticeable) revolution, although we’ve had revolutions like Women’s Lib, ‘Gay’ Lib., etc.

    I agree that there’s no point getting bogged down with ‘race’ and especially not sexual ‘persuasion’ as it would add a layer of unnecessary verbiage and our differences won’t matter anymore. Maybe there will be an end of ‘gay pride’ parades and groups like the National Black Police Association?

    It would be easy for it to happen. If Cameron had kept his pre-election promise (hahahaha) to cease pandering to political correctness and stop funding the fake charities and quangos it could have been a reality already. Perhaps they need to get to the stage where every last Christian baker will make a “gay wedding” cake for a couple of Stonewall stooges? Or more likely, wait until all the laws are in place to deal with the dissenters.

    Don’t know if you want to incorporate the One World Religion, or Pantoptica might be set in the time before that happens as we don’t know exactly how the ‘new’ one will be sold and it would gel people together whereas you want wars.

    But I think we can already see that we are being re-engineered to be equal in money terms (the original equality?), for example, it seems to me that most people are scraping by regardless of their job. Where a couple both work they often have two cars and there might be child-minding expenses, leaving them with next to nothing. At the other end of the normal spectrum are those on the minimum wage topped up with tax credits. Is it just my perception or do many companies think that the minimum wage is the wage now?

    But then there are the “rich”. Where I disagree with you is that in the real world, the elite(s) are mega-super rich. This is how they can get their drones into positions of leadership all around the World, other than Muslim countries, which they are bombing into ‘democracy’. I’ve heard it say that the Crown still really owns a large part of the World, like Canada and even the USA. The royals are out in the open, but it’s maybe a case of ‘hidden in plain sight’. Most of the elite(s) are unknown. There are also the wannabe elites, like the Gates’s who are swanning around the world championing population control and tobacco control, trying to curry favour with the real elitists, because, even with their multi-billions, they still don’t count.

    Ex-NY City Mayor Bloomberg does much the same, but he’s probably even more despised by the real powers elite for toadying up to them. Same with the Ford Foundation and the other “foundations” that spend billions on the same old things: population control, ‘equality’ (apart from Christians and smokers), climate change and ‘sustainability’. Remember to mention the ‘S’ word. I think it will be critical. The UN’s Agenda 21 is about “sustainable development”, which many observers take to mean population reduction. This could be achieved by various means. The other day, I thought that manipulating the price of GM patented seed (and engineering suicide genes to kill the plant before it’s ready for harvesting) could be used to fine-tune the numbers they want to starve to death. Courtesy of The Ministry of Plenty!

    Someone else has first bagsies on that. But unlike ‘1984’ rationing won’t do, as killing off the ‘excess’ billions is required, although there might be some rationing, or a half-hearted attempt for show.

    But the elite aren’t Wizard of Oz-type fakers. If the proles would only learn what’s really happening then the elites’ influence could be stamped out, but they control the mainstream media so they can keep the majority in the land of ‘bread and circuses’. Until the bread runs out. That might be your motive for war. Not that the next country or region will have much, but we could end up back in the days of ragtag armies pillaging and raping.

    Personally, I see the splitting up of countries into regions – all keen to stay in the EU – as a way of making the EU even more powerful and unaccountable (if that is possible). We could see the big countries Balkanise. It is true that something as small as ‘free’ prescriptions in Scotland, Wales and N.I. enrages people in England (although they only seem to blame the Scots). I have seen it online so many times as the main reason for Scottish ‘independence’ being supported by English people. Sometimes, invoking a bit of jealousy is all it takes. It’s not fair; it’s political shenanigans, but the masses tend to increasing think with their emotions rather than their brains. That’s something else I think we have been trained to do. People’s brains are in their knees now as they are jerked by some engineered situation, like the Muslim families given huge houses in leafy suburbs by their local councils to rattle the cages of everyone else. Like with the prescription charges, people don’t like favouratism. But presumably that would stop in Panoptica and only the outer party members (or whatever you’ll call them) will get small extras.

    Eventual revolution is inevitable.

    It depends on how well the propaganda works. It seemed to be nigh on perfected in ‘1984’. For years in the UK, many people have been loving their enslavement. Most people are happy for the State to ‘care’ for them from cradle to grave in return for handing over half their earnings in taxes (not that they realise this part), even though health and education are now pitiful and pensions a pittance and so on. I imagine in Panoptica, there might be Soviet-style apartment blocks to cram in the masses?

    After I left a comment a few days ago about looking for property in North Korea – joking that soon it will be a beacon of freedom compared to the West – or was I joking? I actually did look, only to find out that housing is all state-owned, but that there is a growing black market and that includes the sale of houses, but you have to give backhanders to officials.

    Yes, there will still be rebels. It’s presumably where some of the story lies? People who can remember when there was smoking in films and when you could smoke in pubs, when there was plenty of food and so much more. All muttered by ‘conspiracy loons’, of course.

    Oh yes, the proles will tattle on each other, East German-style. It started, legitimately perhaps, with shopping a drink driver then moved onto reporting benefits cheats.

    One final thing. You do believe I’m just making all this up, right?

    We are definitely heading for a socialist global government; we’re probably 4/5ths of the way there. We’re definitely going to see major population reduction by one means or another. We are definitely going to feel more like we’re living in a police state as time goes by. There will be a one world religion of Luciferianism camouflaged as something wonderful which the Freemasons have been working on for a couple of centuries – indirectly helped by the Fabians and other far left groups who similarly need to destroy Christianity for their own reasons. The WHO’s first D-G, Brock Chisholm, eugenicist and internationalist, said,

    To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.

    It’s all being taken care of. It started a long time ago. Our traitorous politicians started signing dangerous international treaties decades ago, without a cheep from the natives, because we believed their lies. Their social engineering to weaken national identity, weaken the family and weaken religion has also been very successful.

    A little more time and there will only be one worldview where the State is seen as an all-loving surrogate parent.

    And the few remaining who say differently are ‘conspiracy theorists’ at best and dangerous criminals at worst, but by that time, the proles will practically all be snitches (probably half are already) and the State will have the power to incarcerate dissenters on grounds of mental illness.

    And they all lived happily ever after. Not.


    • I don’t think it’s a turn around. It’s what happens when the ‘divide’ part moves to the ‘conquer’ part.

      So far I’ve left religion out of it, but the whole thing is still pretty fluid at this stage. Religion might yet get a look in before it ‘sets’.


  3. Population control? We had that and we still do but it’s not being noticed. The UK population numbers were dropping and continue to drop when you omit immigrants. The nuclear family was going by the boards as well. People were having fewer children. It was and still is pretty much the same in most Western countries.

    But if your countries finances aren’t great and your government wish to borrow more you might want to encourage immigration to boost population numbers which drives down wages all of which helps you borrow with your populace as some form of collateral.


    • I hadn’t thought of that – immigration as a way to convince the drones the population is spiralling out of control when the indigenous population is really in freefall.

      Global population could be manipulated in the same way. Depopulate whole countries by getting everyone to move out, and the places they move to will cry ‘Overpopulation! Something must be done!’


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