Finally got a reaction on Twitter.

Old Pics Archive ‏@oldpicsarchive
WW1 London_ Female members of the Scotland Yard pose for a group portrait.

1. Legiron ‏@Underdogsbiteup 1h1 hour ago
@oldpicsarchive A group of stern policewomen prepare to investigate a shirt.
2. Claire R ‏@bikerclaire 58m58 minutes ago
@oldpicsarchive @Underdogsbiteup How to undermine a group of strong women. Well done. Sure your mums are proud.
3. Legiron ‏@Underdogsbiteup 52m52 minutes ago
@bikerclaire @oldpicsarchive If you are strong you cannot be undermined. If your foundations are easily toppled then you need to look again.
4. Legiron ‏@Underdogsbiteup 51m51 minutes ago
@bikerclaire @oldpicsarchive Oh. And I only had one mum. We had rationing, you know.

It took a while. I have fun captioning the old photos but really wasn’t looking for any reaction to that other than a laugh. This wasn’t where I expected the reaction to come from at all but it was so bloody po-faced I just had to respond. I imagine Claire R cracks a smile in the way a radiator cracks antique porcelain. And brings less joy to the world in the process.

One hooked. More to come, I’m sure.

The world is full of them. Not feminists. Idiots. Self-important idiots.

The easily indoctrinated are the easily controlled. Bring them on.

Incidentaly, Twitter is a godsend for the verbiose trying to edit a story or two. There is much rewording in those tweets. All good practice. I’m glad I joined.

Well, another long shift tomorrow but at least it starts at the crack of noon instead of horrible o’clock. Sense will return when the hard work is done.


12 thoughts on “Finally got a reaction on Twitter.

  1. Twitter is fantastic mate but you will get many idiots on there faking faux outrage at just about anything.

    What I like is that sometimes when I take a pop at someone famous (ish) I sometimes get a reply, the latest one was Jeremy Vine on his lunchtime BBC2 radio show taking a pop at e-cigarettes despite not even knowing what PG and VG was, I told him to do more research before making comments on them, I doubt the twat will but it made me feel a lil’ better for it. I love Twitter.


  2. I signed up for Twitter a couple of years ago, have made a couple of dozen tweets, and am not sure if I’ve ever received any. Heh, I think there’s some box or something I missed putting a check mark next to out there.



    • Michael, right now your twitter account is “protected.” If you uncheck “protect my tweets” in Settings: Security and Privacy,” more tweeters will be able to follow you and see your tweets, if that’s what you want.

      I just finished reading Brains and have started TobakkoNacht and would be delighted to see more of you on twitter!

      Legiron, I am very much enjoying you on twitter!


  3. I had a feeling that you would find Twitter suited your style, LI. Once you get the hang of it, it’s surprising how much of a message you can pack into 140 characters! 😉


  4. Verbiose????????????????????????????? err……..should that not be “verbose”, Legiron? An extra, unintentional twitch of the finger whilst typing, perchance? Or eyesight/memory affected by a wee drinky too many?
    Am not on Twitter. Don’t tweet or follow people who do. Hope I never have to start. Too many twats out there who love to be nasty, given half a chance. Clearly, I may miss a few gems, but its something I find I can live with.
    Still enjoy your blog, though.


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