The Fat Controllers.

I have spent a good part of today tidying the garage and have achieved the rearrangement of the mess into an entirely different mess. So, not a total failure but not really a success.

The big news is of course the by-election at Rochester. Have UKIP now managed a second MP? I hope so, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow. So let’s talk about the Fat Controllers.

Not the railway boss of Thomas the Tank Engine fame. Not someone fat who is in control. No, I’m talking about those who want to control fat.

Why do they want to control fat? Well… um… there is no real reason other than to make themselves feel as if the world gives a fuck about their existence. Really, if someone else is fat and you aren’t, what’s the problem? Fat people don’t care if you’re thin so why are you so damn worked up about them being fat?

It’s a familiar target pattern, isn’t it?

Those of us who smoke have never been bothered about those who don’t smoke. We have never tried to make anyone take up smoking. We are happy to let you live your lives as you like.

Those of us fond of a tipple or twenty have never cared about forcing anyone else to join us. We like the booze. You prefer tea? No problem.

Fat people have never berated thin people for the emaciated state of their bodies. ‘You can see your ribs? Oh, that’s disgusting’. Never happens.

The other way round though, it’s different. It’s okay for antismokers to openly abuse smokers. Puritans abusing drinkers (including those puritans who drink the better class of booze)? Fine.

And if you want to be snide to a chubby, well that has been fine and dandy for a while now. The latest from @theMorrigan1972 on Twitter is no surprise.Neither is the ‘new’ idea of using lies and made-up numbers to add a further layer of control to our lives. Funny how all those numbers are pretty much the same, isn’t it? No imagination, you see?

We are not supposed to object. We are not expected to retaliate. We are expected to cave in and do as we are told.

We aren’t supposed to vote them all out at the next general election… but we can do that.

And if we have any sense left in this country at all, that is exactly what we will do.

Probably won’t happen though. Too many idiot drones…



9 thoughts on “The Fat Controllers.

  1. What you are expected to do is, OBEY! That is why it has been plastered with every graffitti on every wall in the world I have ever been to. A sad state we have been reduced to…


  2. I’m not entirely sure that people have got fatter. They may have since the carb diet was pushed in by the nuttytricianists. I don’t know. I didn’t keep a photographic diary of the advance or not of larger people. My Fathers family were heading down the blob route mind you. My paternal Granny was a large, snarly take no prisoners type. (Small aside – my paternal grandfather was a lovely man who wanted peace to smoke his pipe and grow his plants but was probably hounded to death by my Grandmother, no mention or records of those sorts of deaths by the feminists).

    My Dads posh, sort of Auntie was a very large woman by all accounts and had to be taken out on a door when she died. Now that’s large. There were a couple of kids at school who also were large. They were described as big boned or it was in their genes, not jeans though. Since we can’t believe any statistics we’ll never know truthfully, if people are getting fatter.

    The precautionary principle is an absolute gem. It’s based on horrorscopes in the Sun and such like. If the horrorscopes says you are going to have a bad day then you stay at home and hide under the duvet, thus ensuring you have a bad day.

    Lastly, re ladies health. You might want to check out the website “For women’s eyes only”. The abuse of women by health professionals.


    • I agree – there don’t seem to be more fat people around than there used to be. There do seem to be a hell of a lot more with asthma and diabetes and things like lactose or wheat intolerance – the latter was unheard of until fairly recently.

      I’ll take a look at that website (I don’t have women’s eyes but they won’t know).


  3. Not that it makes any difference to what’s going on but I do have to argue with this:
    “Fat people have never berated thin people for the emaciated state of their bodies. ‘You can see your ribs? Oh, that’s disgusting’. Never happens.”
    As a life long bean pole I have indeed had larger people frequently tell me I need to get more pies down me not got quite as far as “disgusting” but berating yep. Also there’s the whole “real women” movement with such memorable lines as:
    “real women have curves”
    “men prefer curves”
    etc, and the campaigns against very slender models in fashion. So yeah saying it “never” happens is a bit off target.


    • I’ve always been ‘middling’, veering between chubby and non-chubby but never actually reaching ‘fat’ or ‘thin’. So I haven’t experienced this.

      The pretend outrage at the thin catwalk models is a distraction though. The reason kids are turning anorexic is because the NHS, through the schools, keeps telling perfectly normal kids they are fat.

      Still, I accept that it does happen.


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