Find the idiocy.

There is so much of it in this story. In fact it’s hard to find anyone in it who isn’t an idiot.

Woman goes to jail when Monopoly turns violent.

Okay, Lefties are now trying to use this as proof of the inherent violence of capitalism. They are idiots anyway, we knew that but…

1) Boyfirend and girlfirend play Monopoly and she slaps him. Perhaps he bought the shoe shop on Park Lane and wouldn’t sell her any. So far so ordinary. Quarrelsome kids have a little slap-match.

2) Someone (perhaps the boyfriend or another idiot) calls the police. Over a slapped face. If I called the police every time my face was slapped they’d all know me by name by now and I’d be included in training. “Now, cadets, sometime during your career you are likely to meet this red-cheeked guy…”

3) Police actually attend the slapped face incident. Since it’s in America they probably brought along a couple of tanks and were all wearing anti-slap cheek pads.

4) Woman is arrested for slapping her (I bet, now) ex-boyfriend because of a reason. Don’t ask. I can’t come up with anything that makes any sense.

5) Court decides to charge her with domestic assault.

Meanwhile, in a place called Ferguson, shops are burning and people are getting a lot more than a slapped face.

Girlfriend slaps boyfriend over a game of Monotony and ends up in court?

I’d bang my head on the desk but they’d probably arrest my desk.


5 thoughts on “Find the idiocy.

  1. I love your blog – it lets me know that there are still people with a mind of their own AND a sense of humour in the world. Based on a above scenario, will Twister be withdrawn because it poses a risk of inadvertent GBH when trying to get your leg over your partner to the blue circle?


  2. It’s just one part of the subversion process. Yuri Bezmenov (former KGB subversion agent) explains it, part of which is people’s inability to sort out the simplest argument without the ‘authorities’ becoming involved.

    Same reason, I imagine, that corporal punishment was removed from schools. I’m sure the teachers now can’t even look at the cheeeldren in a disapproving way. Whereas before, a quick wallop did the trick, now it’s dealt with by the police and maybe the judiciary and social workers.


  3. Not only in America – Tayport, Fife
    A woman who spent two nights in police cells for “biffing” her husband with a magazine in a row over the remote control has described her treatment as “surreal”.
    Irene Clark, 65, was taken into custody following an argument with her husband, James, over which TV programme to watch.
    The couple from Tayport, Fife were overheard by a neighbour, who called the police.


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