The Fat Grim Reaper.

Ah, the image. Fat Boy Grim, the skeleton in the stretchy tracksuit cowl. Chubby phalanges gripping a scythe dripping with bacon fat and gravy. The ultimate in doublethnk – an obese fleshless skeleton.

This is the lunatic mind of Stanley Blue, a name I could not have made up but wish I had, who lectures in social totalitarianism in Manchester. This makes him an Expert who Says and the drones will follow every contradictory and logic-purged word he utters.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are social habits that must be tackled by public health officials.

No. They are personal choices. Fair enough, tell people that most of them are likely to suffer ill effects if they overdo those things but the choice of whether or not to do them remains with the individual. Public health officials are, by definition, pompous, self-important and utterly useless in any real situation morons. If they could do a real job and/or had any self respect at all they would not be public health officials. I will not be dictated to by self-defined gits.

Warnings are fair enough when they are backed by real science. However,  you eventually realise that all this new obesity has been caused by the NHS telling people ‘fat is bad, eat cereals’ while knowing all along that pig farmers fatten up pigs for market by… feeding them cereals.

Also, with a bit of the old 70’s real-education school biology, knowing that animal and especially plant fats are not human fats and will not go straight to your hips…

Still, there are warnings that could be given out. If you have a sedentary job you don’t need to eat as much as someone who carries a hod of bricks up ten floors of scaffolding for eght hours a day. Eat more than you use and you get fatter. It’s basic arithmetic. It’s not even pocket science.

None of it is the same for everyone. I need a lot of salt in my diet. Many people need a lot less. My little job has me moving for the entire shift. The previous job had me siitting down all day. I burn off a lot more daily calories than I used to. There is no ‘British Standard Human’ even for an individual. On that basis, ‘Public health’ and its insistence on one-size-fits-all is not only completely bonkers, it is actually dangerous.

Fortunately the Religion of the Standard Body will only kill the stupid. Those of us with enough intelligence to be able to point both eyes in the same direction will ignore it all. Only the drones will listen and die. The obedient they want to keep are the only ones they will kill. There is a flaw in the plan…

So now we are on to food control using the tobacco template that was only for tobacco and had no slippery slope attached. The dopes believed it and supported it.

Fatties enjoyed picking on smokers. Well  I hope you foilks had fun because it’s smokertime for you now. You are going to experience all that we have experienced. Even if your only transgression is fish and chips once a month.

Eventually, and soon, you will turn to the smokers you hated and say ‘You learned how to deal with denormalisation. Help us’.

We’ll whisper ‘No.’ We saw it all coming and we are prepared. You are not – your problem.

Repeal the smoking ban. No compromise, you never wanted any. Repeal it entirely.

Then maybe we’ll talk.


12 thoughts on “The Fat Grim Reaper.

    • Smokers, whatever their waistline, have already been through it all. The fat smokers will be just fine.

      The fat antismokers who thought it would never apply to them are the ones who will suffer.

      Ho ho ho.


  1. “… Eat more than you use and you get fatter. It’s basic arithmetic. It’s not even pocket science….”

    I still remember Food And Nutrition 101, an elective to satisfy some science requirement back in college – she gave us a chart (and it can be found online these days I imagine) – it listed all types of food and for each, broke it down by calories, protein, fat types, fiber, the different vitamins and mineral contents, whatever all you rate foods for, for nutritional purposes.

    Then, one of our assignments, quite interesting actually at the time, but for a week or two, we recorded everything we ate on chart paper and under the categories of nutritional contents, fats, calories, etc., put in the values as per standard measurements.

    The point was to come up with a daily and weekly average, to see if we were going way over board on one such food type or another, then to write up a short paper saying the results and how best to adjust our diet, to fit back within reasonable standards as per whatever was nutritional guidelines back in that day.

    If one has a weight problem or with diabetes or some other issue, where diet becomes an issue, that is one way, if you can find the nutritional values in foods charts and RDAs, you can chart out for a week how you are eating – and then give yourself an arithmetic result – where to cut back, where you can increase, if you are doing too much of one thing or another in relation to some physical issue you are trying to tackle.

    Yes, it’s very arithmetic, not just calories but across the board, for all nutrional values attached to common food types. If one can add, one can in the course of a week discover if they might want to cut back on some things, increase on others or leave some things as they are.


  2. I’ve been on the Dukan diet a couple of times. Eating loads of protein. The pounds fall off and they fall out of your wallet also. It was pretty good. But the weight lost came back over a period of time. Oh well…


  3. I’m on an ‘Eat-What-The-Fuck-Takes-Your-Fancy’ diet, and I have to say it has worked out very well for me. I’ve been following it for several decades now, and have found the regimen really very easy to follow. It has enabled me to maintain a fairly constant 67 kg (10½ stone) since I’ve been on it. It’s certainly an improvement on the ‘Eat-Anything-You-Can-Get-Your-Hands-On-Because-There-Might-Not-Be-Any-Money-Left-Tomorrow’ diet that I was following when I was younger, even though I put a bit of weight on when I switched.

    I’m an expert on diet, and I can say, too. So if any of you guys out there need any dietary advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  4. “Dr Stanley Blue is a lecturer in social sciences”
    Blue doesn’t design rockets or cars. He doesn’t treat patients. He doesn’t run a business. He doesn’t program computers He doesn’t even clean toilets and he doesn’t even teach something that might be of some vague use, such as English, History or Economics.
    He does nothing apart from get paid for expressing his opinions.

    Would you pay £27K for a degree in Sociology? The only way he can maintain his non-job is to manufacture other non-jobbers to either never repay their student loans (being unemployable), or to clone himself.

    I had really hoped that the University fees would clear out this sort of dross. Why do we still have Mickey Mouse degrees?

    Snivelling, leftist cowards like Blue need the apparatus of the State to bully us all to be like him. Hopefully any sons he might have will be bullied as he was. What are they going to say – “Wait till my dad hears about this – he’s a sociologist!”.


    • As a “Do it or piss off” module, they made me do Sociology at uni.

      Went down like a lead Zeppelin so I did.

      Class full of giggling silly 17 and 18 year old girlies, plus something of indeterminate gender, and me, Ex Police, Military Police, been at sea on and off for 15 years., make Ghenghis Kahn politicaly look like a pathetic commy/green wimp.

      Went down like a lead Zeppelin, so I did.

      GREAT fun! Leggy would have loved it! 😀 😀


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