We have a pill for that too.

The weekend has started. For me anyway. Friday and Saturday are non-drinking nights now that most of my job-time is compressed into Saturday and Sunday. The  rest of the week is drinkietime and write mad stuff time because I don’t start until 6 pm for three days then I have two days off. So things have become a little blurry around here now and it will soon be time to hit the oblivion pillow.

I definitely qualify as what the NHS calls a ‘problem drinker’ because – Friday and Saturday aside – their 7.5 unit limit is in the first glass.

But – where is the ‘problem’? I drink at home or at Smoky-Drinky. I am sat at a keyboard, not roaming the streets with drunken pals singing loud and off-key renditions of songs from ‘The Sound of Music’ (that hasn’t happened since Christmas 1980). I do not smash things other than, occasionally, myself. I cost the NHS nothing beyond a few doctors’ ground teeth and suicidal despair. They have tried and tried to find something wrong with me and failed. The only ‘problem’ I see is affording the whisky.

Aldi and Lidl have been a great help with that. Glen Orrin (Aldi) and Glen Orchy (Lidl) are decent malt blends, far better and slightly cheaper than the supermarket low-end grain blends. If you’re on a tight budget and are looking at Whyte and Mackay in Tesco, get to Aldi or Lidl and try their malt blend for less. Do not buy their ultracheap grain blends. Those are terrible.

I digress.

There is a pill to eradicate the enjoyment of alcohol just as there is one to eradicate the enjoyment of smoking. Same pill, really – it eradicates enjoyment. Of anything. So you become one of the Puritan drones, incapable of enjoying life and just doing it to earn tax for the Righteous to spend on oppressing you.

Come on. 7.5 units a day is children’s portions. It’s a snack. A starter. A taste. Tonight’s bottle (Glen Orrin, but parents are visiting soon and might bring a Penderyn if they want to sleep in a bed) contains 28 units and it’s nearly finished. The NHS can offer me their silly little pill if they like, I will flush the lot.

I do not want to become one of their pucker-lipped disapproving drones whose lives are so empty they act like black-hole vampires, sucking the life out of anyone who strays too close. I have one life. One go at this. My time here is not an economic unit, not some Government-controlled tickbox exercise to pay off the money they borrowed. My life is not anyone else’s concern.

As for the national debt, well that is Government debt. They can pay it back since they borrowed it. I didn’t borrow billions. If I had I would not be able to see the keyboard now, much less type on it. Instead of spending it on more and more vicious ways to control everyone else I’d have spent the lot on smokes and booze and I’d be dead long before the repayments started. They can reclaim whatever they can get back on recycling all the bottles.

We are not here to pay off other people’s debts. We are not here to live under the control of idiots. Whether you believe in a God or not, doesn’t matter, we are not here to do as other humans tell us to do.

We are not the 99%. We are not the collective. We are not the property of ‘Public Health’ and we are not the property of government. We are individuals.

Some people have no lives. They are empty shells soaked in misery and loathing. They hate everything because they are incapable of feeling any form of pleasure beyond the torment of others. They have no life. They want yours.

And now they have pills to make you as miserable as they are.

Take the pill and wake up to a long, tightly controlled drone life of misery and hate.

Or pick up the glass, the ciggie and the lighter and take the (maybe) shorter life of happiness and delight.

Make your choice.


30 thoughts on “We have a pill for that too.

  1. An absolutely bang up posting there Senor Hierro. So many gems and simple words of wisdom I lost count.

    I’ve filed this one away as yet another of Leg-iron’s Greatest Hits.

    I hit the ‘save as text’ dropdown box and it asked for a filename. I called it the contemporary Declaration of Independence.txt

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  2. Who is doing this to us and why? I have just written about the psychopaths after being inspired by Frank’s post today, but it could equally have been written in response to yours.

    I summed it all up with, “Only psychopaths would deprive hospital patients of smoking. Only psychopaths would force people to stand outside in freezing weather. Only psychopaths with their lack of remorse and superficial charm could get away with it.”

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    • Ian B, who comments frequently on // http://www.thelibertarianelliance.com // has a very developable hypothesis, which we’re trying hard to get him to write formally about, as a pamphlet or something. It’s Anglosphere Puritans, those being mainly White (formerly)Christian(now atheist) “Improvers of the People”.

      100 years ago, the same people peddled “eugenics”. When their NSDAP friends in Germany gave that a rather bad name, they dropped it and went back (temporarily) a step to the strategy of “altering behahviour” instead of “preventing life a-priori”.

      The Puritans of course, being social controllers and therefore of the left, have never “got it” that it was capitalism that made poverty, want, disease and degradation hideous: because it was showing what will be achieved instead by personal liberty, and not what the Puritans were shouting about.

      They’ve never forgiven us, and never will. Their strategic objective is to

      …whether the People decide they want to be improved or not. If you buy into this hypothesis, it explains automatically why one “template” leads inexorably to another. They learned that from the FabiaNazis: “not to try to do everything at once”….


        • Yes, the eugenics agenda has been very cleverly cloaked in ‘caring’ about our health and equality and the environment. It seems that most people fell for it until the internet became popular and like-minded people could finally compare notes. Unfortunately, many people are still being brainwashed via television (mainly) faster than the internet can deprogramme them.

          “Improvers of the People” in times past, I think, came in two flavours: the eugenicists and the genuinely compassionate who saw certain pursuits as sinful or otherwise damaging and ought to be stopped. The wives of drunkards, for example, had a just cause to form temperance groups.

          But we know to which group the current “do-gooders” belong. Their bans and demands and mass immigration and global “conventions” are to assimilate everyone into their collective – to make us truly believe, like in 1984, that Big Brother really does care about us.

          And if you’re not a mug, you’re considered a criminal or mentally ill, which I’m sure will gain momentum.


    • Psychopaths indeed. Look at the antismokers – every new measure to ‘reduce smoking’ fails and yet they move on to the next measure regardless.

      And politicians never say ‘Wait – none of this is working, why are we still giving you money?’

      There’s no thought in any of it.


      • It’s like the obsession with teenage pregnancy. The “education” has made matters worse, but still the government ‘advisors’ insist that more of the same, but even more intense and starting at younger ages, is the answer.

        It just happens that those advisors are social workers and apparent sex ‘experts’ of one kind or another and directors of abortion and contraception “providers” who can only benefit from making the situation worse.

        I think that a lot of thought has gone into it. With tobacco, it has been a drip, drip effect over decades, increasing to a crescendo recently by stamping on property rights, banning vending machines, adding grotesque imagery and even hiding products behind doors. Now there’s the mania about vaping because it “looks like smoking”.

        I think it’s to demoralise the people further, as well as stopping us meeting up as often as we used to – both very handy when you want total control.

        It’s the “normal” politician who has not been compromised (so will never get a top job) who is so loyal to the Party and his salary and ego that he turns a blind eye to the reality of what his voting record has helped to produce. Not even a blind eye sometimes. I have met a few of them and they are mainly “gone”; they’re in Cloud Cuckoo Land, robotically repeating Party policy.


  3. The quacks will doubtless be making noises about this pill to my Pa-in-law. Aged 80+ and faced with a painful and debilitating incurable disease, he weighed up the choices – a permanent cocktail of opiates plus a host of extra stuff to treat the inevitable and unpleasant side-effects or self-medication with whisky as necessary – and opted for the latter.

    His doctors are horrified and have taken to lecturing him sternly at regular intervals. It’s a far cry from my childhood GP, who generally resorted to the prescription pad only when whisky, applied internally or externally and mixed with honey when necessary, had failed and whose success rate was phenomenal.

    The pill wouldn’t work, of course, since Pa-in-law is consciously using the alcohol for a purpose – the fact that he enjoys whisky is an merely a bonus – but the medics will doubtless try to push it in their continued campaign to make him accept their choice of analgesic rather than his own.


  4. A New shop has opened around the corner from where we live.

    A WHISKEY shop!!!!

    You name it, they have it! (Or can get it within a week!)

    Tomorow is pay day…. oh dear!!!

    But prices…. Talisker, Mc Callans, Islay Malt, Laphroaig, €30-€40. (20 to 30 Quid)

    I presume that is expensive?


  5. Let me see. When to a comedy night at the local pub last night and had 4 pints of stella. Large glass of wine at home with the wife and then a couple of pints of strong lager. Then bed. 12/13 units-ish. Go to pub 3 pints say 5 mights that’s say 22 a week excluding drinkies at home. I am fir and well and enjoying a little tipple.


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