Out and out lies.

The Mail claims that Electrofag is ten times as carcinogenic as smoke.

This is not even based on the findings of the original paper. The work, sponsored by the government of Japan (which incidentally owns and runs the Japan Tobacco company) found that they could get a fair bit of formaldehyde in vapour by running the heating elements overhot – and running them until they were burning dried-on e-juice.

Even then, they couldn’t get anywhere near the levels found in real smoke. And formaldehyde is not the terrifying chemical it is made out to be. Especially not at the trivial levels found in smoke and the inconsequential levels in Electrofag.

It’s late and I’m tired and tomorrow I must endure a haircut (it’ll be a load off my mind) so I’ll leave you with a good takedown of this rubbish reporting by the Ashtray Blog.

The Mail aren’t twisting the facts on this story. They have entirely discarded the facts and gone straight into propaganda mode.

The entire story is a bunch of lies.


15 thoughts on “Out and out lies.

  1. Inspecting a yeast facility in Peru I walked into a spray of formaldehyde at a fairly high concentration which left me with a splitting headache and the whitest scleras imaginable.


  2. So we have an apparently safe way of smoking in vaping. But that isn’t good enough for the righteous. Oh no. Vaping is dangerous. Really? Are they really trying to push and maintain that?

    The fact that vaping is a reasonable choice for people to make is fine surely? But they are trying to stop it and probably encouraging people to smoke fags at the same time. I’m with Leggy, smoking is nowhere near as dangerous as it gets blamed for. Diesel large particulates and probably nuclear bomb testing radiation have a lot to do with lung cancer.

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  3. I’m afraid points are deducted for any article that uses Tobacco Control propaganda (‘smoking kills’) to support their argument. It might win a battle but it’ll lose the war.


    • I agree – they are still ‘doing a CAMRA’ by pointing at smokers and saying ‘It’s not us you want, it’s them’.

      We’re not going to get any progress until they (and CAMRA, and the chubbies, and everyone else) realise we’re all facing the same enemy.


  4. Japan Tobacco Company is an investor in a new tobacco manufacturing company that is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, USA, by the name of Ploom. They make a vaporizing device that uses a heating element to heat, but not burn, actual real tobacco, then release the vapor through the device to be inhaled, a combination of smoking/vaping. So it may be that Japan Tobacco Company has a financial incentive in driving e-cigs out of business so it can promote its own version that also uses proprietary and expensive tobacco cartridges that plug on and off their brand only of vape/pipe device.

    Here is info if you have not heard of them before, but Japan Tobacco is one of the investors and “follow the money” is possibly a motive behind what they are now preaching out of Japan.





    Ironic too, a tobacco company new startup, featuring real tobacco, would locate in SF, home to UCSF, Glantz and one of the biggest anti-smoker industry headquarters in the world. Kind of makes you wonder if both sides to the freedom-of-choice/anti-smoking-prohibitionist debate aren’t in cahoots, at the very top, behind the curtains, in the darkest areas of the boardrooms, funding both sides of the equation, something to gain, either way. Perhaps.


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  6. Talking of “flavoured smoking” I made an interesting discovery today.

    I had an accident in the kitchen, and spilled a whole load of dried garlic flakes in my pipe baccy.

    So, not wanting to waste anything, I smoked it any way.


    Rum maple garlic!

    Try it!


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