The Basement

Another Poundland cheap scary film. This is one of those ‘film within a film’ ones, in which a lousy film maker goes off the rails and decides to make a horror film using real horror. A snuff movie.

This one is called ‘The Basement’. Amazon have the NTSC/USA version but Poundland have the PAL/UK version, and a lot cheaper too.

It looks terrible throughout, mostly done with shaky camera shots where the main character is holding the camera. He does have a few hidden cameras around the place so there are some other point-of-view shots.

The main character himself is rarely clearly seen, which is understandable. He does plan to release this film so does not want to be easily identified. When he speaks to the camera near the final scenes, he is masked.

The acting is pretty good, the plot is believable but it feels dull and predictable throughout. There is very limited gore and you see no deaths.

Until the end. That made the film for me. The end was entirely unexpected and a work of genius. I can’t say anything at all about it without spoiling the film completely but that ending made slogging through the rest of the film absolutely worthwhile.

One pound well spent, I’d say.


10 thoughts on “The Basement

  1. Hey Leggy, you could offer to take over presenting Film 2014 for the BBC. And include a segment on films which are available in pound shops and the like. The only demand you could make would to be allowed to smoke and drink an expensive whisky in the style of Dave Allan.

    You’d be a shoe in. Your viewing figures would go through the roof and secondary school boys would rant on about how brilliant your wit and insight was. You would probably win a major TV award and tediously have to go to the BAFTAs, the Oscars and all manner of events in white dinner jacket but always with a fag.

    This comment may not reflect the realities.

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    • Okay, but this is a BIG SPOILER so if you’ve going for the Poundland film, stop reading now

      He hasn’t killed any of them, just tortured them a little. He has been storing them up for his finale, which is all of them locked into a long guillotine set off by a tripwire. They are gagged so can’t warn anyone coming into the basement about the tripwire.

      Then he calls the police…


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