Fell asleep before posting this one (Sunday night) so it might be a bit disjointed because it has added bits now.

Local Shop put up the Christmas crap today (Dec 1st – at least they aren’t as bad as bloody Tesco) and there are five-pointed stars everywhere. Red ones. Big red ones. Blood pentacles. Oh this is going to be just so much fun. A few have read ‘A Christmas Contract’ but not many. I’ll print out a copy for their Christmas party. I won’t be going, I never go to work parties because I’ll get drunk and say and do things and nobody will speak to me for weeks.

Back to the original babble:


The long-work weekend is over and has once again left me knackered, but I don’t have to be up early tomorrow. Toinight though, it’ll be a quickie.

Just a couple of things that jarred with ‘reality’, whatever that is…

First of all, in the West we have Socialists demanding that gay marriage is legalised and that gays be given preferential (not equal) status. Meanwhile in Russia, that ultimate socialist ‘progressive’ state, gay people are running to the West where they are far less despised. It’s not religion that really oppresses gays. It’s socialism, once they have power and don’t need their pets any more. Those militant gays who are currently enjoying political correctness might want to take a sober look at Russia, where their endgame is now in place.

Second, here is your next Oliver Cromwell. He wants to ban mince pies at Christmas again. That law might still be on the books.

Finally, of all the things they might spit roast on the deck of the QE2 in Dubai… pigs? Really?

Okay, I’m about done for the night. Sleep time, I’ll be a bit more alert tomorrow.



There’s been more since. The SNP have replaced Salmond with Sturgeon which all seems a bit fishy to me but hey, the Scots really like having a female Prime Monster because they loved the last one so much.

This new one seems intent on stripping the Scots of all their money. Just like the last one. It’s not on the web as far as I can find, but Nickie Caviar wants control over the tax-free allowance. So she can lower it.

This will be good for Scotland, she insists, while anyone earning any significant amount at all fucks off over the border pronto. The dim benefit monkeys will  cheer her on because they have no idea who is really paying for their lives of leisure. They want the rich to leave. They want the rich penniless. They have no idea where the weekly free money comes from. Get the taxpayers out! The government will give us free money out of the money they take from… oh.

Scotland is about to lose the SNP, possibly forever. Took therm a long time to become significant in politics. It will take them less than a year to become insignificant. All their core voters are about to get fleeced by an utter idiot.

I’d find it funny but… they’ll just vote Labour in again instead. And Labour will do pretty much the same.

It makes no sense. None of it. It’s as if the world is run by kindergarten minds.

Why can’t we all just…get along?


Because this is what trying to compromise with the Leftie Puritans gets you. Every time.

Vapers and all the others, learn this fast. Pointing at the smokers will not help you. That just alienates potential allies.

Your enemy does not work on logic. They work on made-up lies. They always have.

When you see it…. it’ll probably be too late.


12 thoughts on “Discordancy

  1. Thank heavens. Something to comment on. But don’t mind me if I ramble a bit. I’ve had a bad day Moderating a Bear Pit.
    No one votes Labour any more, do they? So don’t write off The SNP. I would vote for them. If I had a vote, that is. But since I don’t want one, then nothing lost. It’s all a huge joke from this side of The Chanel. Not that I can actually afford Chanel on my British State Pension, but I’ve got a couple of bottles left over from my more affluent days which I haven’t yet been forced to drink.

    Whoever he is, banning mince Pies, should come here. You have to make your own Mincemeat. The French have never heard of it. They just come and eat yours.

    I gave up on The Vapour. It made me cough. And I don’t want an explosion. The dog might get hurt.

    I really can’t be bothered to comment on Gays. Please yourself. Just don’t talk to me about it because I don’t want to know. Anymore than I want to know about the other side of the coin. I have done ample research on that myself, and I wouldn’t give you tuppence ‘appeny on that either. Not at my age, anyway.

    Glad you are doing okay. Stick in there.


    • The SNP is a turbo-charged Labour Party, but call it “Scottish” and you fool half the voters into thinking it’s different. It’s Scottish, so it’s got to be pure dead brilliant, by the way.

      Leggy’s probably right about homosexuals. They’re being used purely for re-engineering society. It is ideological subversion designed to destroy our culture to rebuild it as a socialist dystopia. When this is achieved, the “gays” will have done their job and will probably be as despised by the Establishment as Christians are and attacked by the Establishment like some of the militant homosexuals attack owners of B&Bs, bakeries and other businesses to try and have them shut down when they stick to their principles rather than participate in their broken lifestyle.

      Then they’ll expect Christians to come to their aid and help stop the institutionalised persecution.


    • In Scotland, if the polls are right, Labour are facing a wipeout in 2015. So are the Lib Dems. There is a real possibility that the SNP will have more MPs in Wastemonster than the Lib Dems.

      In England and Wales, the Moribund Party of Labour will do better. Plaid Cymru in Wales are nowhere near as lively as the SNP or they ould wipe out Labour too. Not that anyone would notice much difference if they did apart from having to buy computers with runes instead of letters on the keyboard and learning to hoik phlegm while trying to speak.

      I once set a font on an Amstrad PCW to display as runes. Good thing I had the dot-matrix printer version. It would have been a waste of time with a daisywheel.

      This next election could go any way at all. It does look as if it’s going to be an absolute mess, and if they don’t ‘learn lessons’ from that then the only sensible course of action is to tell them all to piss off and turn the Houses of Parliament into a bingo hall.


      • I don’t know about the bingo hall. The place has value – as a home for 650 ‘special needs’ individuals. It’s the country’s biggest borstal. What’s going to happen to them if they are thrown into society and expected to find a real job for the first time in their lives?

        And they won’t be able to play bingo. It’s years since I played, but don’t you circle the letters or cross them out? Politicians only know how to make ticks against EU legislation.

        I think it will stay as it is. A day school for failed Old Etonians and assorted delinquents, dreamers and schemers. The ignorant masses will make sure of it by electing enough MPs that either Moribund or the Forehead of Doom becomes Prime Monster, maybe in a coagulation with Oily Al’s fishy pals.


  2. It’s the Labour party that’s going down the pan. They have some sort of death wish it would seem. I’m very keen to see and hear Jim Murphy once he takes over leadership in Scotland. Could they actually be so inept? Yes they can. It’s just what people in Scotland want a ranter and bully boy. Deep joy.

    And there is Gorgon Broon jumping from one gravy train to another much more splendid version. He’s a socialist you know. Really?

    It’s also interesting to note that the “Bitter the gither” camp told huge lies and used every tool they had to win. If we had a written constitution of course they wouldn’t have been able to lie quite so blatantly. I can’t see any reason why Nippy Sweetie Sturgeon couldn’t get a written bill of rights started right away. It would take a while to get it as good as possible. Okay the WM vested interest crew would want that stopped very quickly. I’ll expand this on my blog today I think. Maybe.


  3. XX They have some sort of death wish it would seem XX

    They do not have to bother. They KNOW they will get in next time, because it is their turn on the merry-go-round again. Con-jobs have had their turn, they have to go to the end of the queue and wait for their next go.

    XX I can’t see any reason why Nippy Sweetie Sturgeon couldn’t get a written bill of rights started right awayXX

    Maybe he can not write???


    • I think they’d already banned that part. Smoking in bed? Too risky. You might fail to notice that the burning smell comes from friction, and forget to apply the ointment.


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