A flash of ankle (swoon).

Our Gubblement are determined to take us back to the prudery and cruelty of Victorian times. They have banned all kinds of things that make porn into porn. Soon we will gasp at an accidentally exposed shoulder-blade and have palpitations at the sight of a tiny thread of midriff.

Meanwhile, in schools, graphic sex films including anal sex are the norm, and quite possibly an instructional video on how much duct tape to wrap around hamsters so they don’t split when you fuck them.

For adults, any object penetrating a woman is now taboo. Including a penis. Also including any lesbian toys. Women are not allowed to enjoy sex at all, they are to lie back and think of England, shopping lists and well ironed socks.

For children, anything penetrating anywhere is fine. Until they are 18 because then they are adults and have to have it all forcibly extracted from their brains with hot pliers.

Does anyone else see the makings of dysfunctional, confused and easily manipulated adults here?

Personally I am not into the kinky stuff at all. Years ago I was told about ‘fisting’, didn’t believe it and foolishly looked it up on the internet. Even more foolishly I clicked on ‘image search’ and… well, what has been seen can never be unseen and those images will be visible to anyone who gets my eyes as a transplant. They are permanently seared onto my retinas.

I cannot see any appeal in being tied up and beaten and I must admit I’d be very uncomfortable doing that to someone else even if they begged me to.

Old joke interlude – What did the masochist say to the sadist? “Hit me.”
What did the sadist say to the masochist? “No.”

I see nothing to attract me in all-over rubberwear with chains, it looks like someone trying to build a suspension bridge out of clown balloons. I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey and am not likely to. I am pretty much a straightforward ‘hide the sausage’ guy. Different positions, fine, but no chains or whips or hitting or biting or nails driven in with hammers.

Some people like that stuff. Some really really like it. The most haunting part of that fisting image was the girl who had a hand shoved up her further than the average cow-vet can manage… and she was smiling!. I’ve just had a camera about the thickness of a biro shoved up my equivalent bits and even with the anaesthetic, I wasn’t smiling. I don’t think I smiled for days afterwards. In fact I flinched every time someone picked up a pen. When the anaesthetic wore off the underdog became the hangdog..

Okay, I know, the women’s bits have to stretch to get a baby out but if it’s already been stretched that far by repeated applications of bovine veterinary examinations, a baby could drop out and hit the floor while they are in a supermarket queue. If the baby is lucky, the umbilical cord won’t be too long and they’ll bungee back in before Mum notices. Imagine a foetus bracing its legs against the uterus wall every time Mum stands up…

None of it should be banned. I don’t want it but then I don’t want horse-riding or mountain climbing or bicycles or Ugg boots or a Range Rover. Other people want those things and they are welcome to them. As are those who like being slapped with a chocolate stoat or a salt-preserved coelacanth or who like to have a mustard-lubricated narwhal horn up the jacksi. Adults, consenting, in private, can do whatever they please as far as I am concerned. I don’t want to see it and I certainly don’t want to join in but hey, if you like that stuff, knock yourself out. Or up, as you prefer.

I see no problem with making porn films including these things. I am not going to watch them so they will never trouble me.

Children? If children are looking up this kind of stuff then they will be as revolted as I was, as a child, at some tatty porn mag involving two girls and a donkey. Come to think of it (fnarr) it really wasn’t all that different from fisting…

This ban has nothing to do with protecting anyone. Truth be told, neither have any of the others. Ever. It’s all about control. Always has been and always will be.

You will live as the Puritans direct and there is onyl one way to escape.

Stop voting for them.

21 thoughts on “A flash of ankle (swoon).

  1. Oh God. Do we really have to talk about this? I am so tired of it all. Sex is a disgusting joke, sicked on us all by some weird God who must have been horribly bored at the time. Surely it must be possible to procreate just by thinking about it. Or perhaps we wouldn’t bother. I sometimes wonder why I did.


    • If people stuck to God’s rules, we wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Instead, the social engineers are using sex and sexuality to subvert our culture. Destruction of the family has been a major goal – perhaps the major goal of the Left – for at least 130 years, since the Fabian Society was formed, because it is the main way to achieve total socialist influence – for the State to become everyone’s surrogate parent.

      God made it very simple: a man leaves his mother and father and marries a woman. It couldn’t be more simple and it’s how it was throughout all the world and in all ages until very, very recently. Otherwise, no government or monarch has ever legalised same-sex “marriage” – ever, because they knew that families and stability and morals are what keeps a country or empire together and once you lose these things, society falls apart and that’s exactly why the subversion is happening today – to construct a global socialist order.


      • Almost any set of rules, if people stuck to them, we wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

        But there has never been a set of rules that everyone will stick to.

        Rules should be kept to an absolute minimum.
        Unless you enjoy exercising power, and punishing transgressors.
        Some people do. I don’t.


          • Poor child. The rules made by the Almighty are for our benefit. We see the kind of rules made by atheist regimes, most notably Stalin’s and Mao’s and of course, Hitler’s. They believed in evolution theory, so didn’t mind killing millions of people and corral the others like slaves.

            As people in the West increasingly become atheist or agnostic they increasingly believe in moral relativity to their confusion and enslavement and governments increasingly believe in killing their people (abortion, euthanasia, LCP, etc). All sorts of people are being mistreated, like in old folks’ homes and by smoking bans and by restricting all manner of other freedoms.

            Was life better 20-30-40 years ago when we were more of an (alleged) Christian country?


              • Quite. The religious when able to exert authority are as tyrannical as any other regime. At least Stalin’s death squads were relatively humane – a bullet in the back of the neck is relatively quick. Burning at the stake is particularly vicious.

                For our own good indeed. Pah!


            • Don’t patronise me. I am not a poor child. I do not need rules made up by the followers of imaginary supernatural beings to be able to live my life. The people who make up rules do so because they like to boss other people around. So, take your rules and stuff ’em, frankly – along with your imaginary friend.

              I note the old – atheism = communism trope for what it is; bollocks. It is not necessary to believe in bronze age superstitions to be able to make moral decisions. And we do not need rules based upon the deranged, bigoted rantings of bronze age goat herders. What we need is to be left to make up our own minds about how we live our lives – so everyone who wants to tell me how to live my life – be it god botherers or the socialists can take a hike. They are all as bad as each other thinking that how we live our lives is any of their damned business. It isn’t.


            • ‘Gods’ rules? Nah mate. You’re talking about priests rules, which are self evidently not the same thing. For ‘priest’ read; deluded fool with so many bees in his bonnet it resembles a hive.


  2. Stopping voting is exactly what they want. Stay in power and protect the masses. Join the gravy train for life, but only if you are already in the right club.

    What people do in their own homes etc. is of course up to them. Like all things some go beyond the norm as it were. We are all different and no doubt we float our own boat accordingly with a partner as keen as we may be.

    You could argue that meddling in people’s lives is deviant in itself. Power is a drug perhaps. The self agrandment, being able to say “that was my idea, I made that happen for millions of plebs” will be a turn on for some.

    Money and power. Poke the masses with a number of sticks and see just how much they will take. On current evidence? A lot!!! A very, very lot.


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  4. Old RC joke: When God invented sex he was joking. When he discovered we like it he made it a sin.

    I have long held that if “they” want to stop teenage pregnancies, “they” should make hard porn compulsory viewing for sub-teenage girls. The cries of “Eeeeeeuuuuwww!” would echo throughout the land.

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    • I fear they maybe ahead of you there. Modern tech is their medium to reach out to each other. Sending pics for starters and then going in from there. Just between themselves until it gets a bit stale then back to the start again. Repeat as necessary.


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