The NHS – now officially a protection racket.

It’s no longer just a theory. We are forced to pay taxes for the billions that get poured into the NHS so the NHS can dictate how we live. Obamacare will do the same thing in the USA, if it hasn’t already started.

(Tipped by Katabasis on Twitter) The NHS has now declared that those who pay tax plus extra taxes into its bloated wasteful system – the smokers, drinkers, and so on – are going to be refused treatment unless they become compliant drones and live exactly as directed.

Since the annual death toll racked up by the medical profession far exceeds anything smoking, drinking or obesity could ever manage, being refused treatment might not be such a terrible thing. And yet… I for one have paid many times over for my rare and brief incursions into their territory. If I had been billed per visit instead of paying through taxes I’d be a hell of a lot richer than I am now.

Well, no, I wouldn’t be a hell of a lot richer, but I would be a hell of a lot drunker. I’d be on top-shelf excellent whiskies every time.

When money is extorted under threat of violence as some kind of ‘insurance’ that you can never, ever claim on, that is a protection racket. That is what Devon NHS have now quite openly become. You must pay for the ‘service’ but there is no service for you. Only for their gang members. The drones. Since they live as directed, they will never be diagnosed with anything but will feel pretty silly one day, lying in a hospital bed, dying of nothing.

This makes an eventual class action lawsuit inevitable. It won’t be just the smokers and drinkers and round people either. Like a bacon sarnie now and then? They are coming for you too because they claim you want them to. This class action, when (not if, not any more) it finally explodes into the legal system, will include pretty much everyone apart from the utterly indoctrinated drones. Who are dying out because they believe every word of the verbal Puritan shite that passes for ‘health’ advice. They drink masses of water and take in no salt. That’s a quick death, and not a pleasant one.

Finally we will have a use for those ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers. I don’t like them but they exist, we might as well use them.They are weapons of the enemy, set up to force us into compliance by enabling the Perpetually Offended and the Compo Collectors to sue any of us for the slightest thing, whether it’s really our fault or not. I have always been a big fan oif turning the enemy’s guns on themselves.

Our case is based on the forced extraction of money to pay for a service that refuses to treat us unless we live our lives as their obedient slaves. Devon NHS have publically declared our case proven before we even talk to a lawyer. A no win, no fee lawyer could make a fortune in days out of this one. All he/she/it needs is 10% of the reclaimed taxation and that would be substantial for just one smoker. Imagine 10% of the reclaimed taxes for all the smokers, drinkers etc…

Hell, offer them 90%. 99%. 100%. It’s not about the money (for me, anyway), it’s about smashing the protection gang. I don’t care if the lawyer gets obscenely rich. I just want the NHS destroyed. It’s Frankenstein’s monster now, it has turned on its paymasters and bitten very deep into the hands that feed it.

A health service based on competition would not discriminate against anyone. Some providers might refuse to take smoker money but there will be others who will and competition between them will keep prices reasonable. Sure, I fully expect that smokers will pay a little more than the compliant drones but I really don’t think it would be unaffordable. No business wants to price itself out of the market. Take the tax off tobacco and any smoker could easily afford private healthcare. Especially when the companies providing it find out that really, most of us cost no more than the healthies and all the ‘smokers are riddled with the lumps’ stories are just hype.

Smokers will pay a little more because the companies will know they can get away with it, not because we actually cost more, overall, to look after. The same is true of drinkers and roundies. It’ll still be a lot cheaper than paying all the taxes to those pompous suits who want to tell us how we must live. Plus paying for their layers of management morons and all the plush offices and named parking spaces.

Those competing companies will not waste time or money on ASH or ‘stoptober’ or ‘drinkaware’ or any of the rest of the nonsense because they will know that any attempt to do so will send all their customers elsewhere. They will also fire crap employees instead of covering up their blunders and targeting the whistleblowers.

So bring it on, Devon NHS. Let’s have the rest of the NHS doing the same.

It’ll make the lawyers rich but for once it will be worth it.


16 thoughts on “The NHS – now officially a protection racket.

  1. Harleyrider 1978 has just linked to the BBC article in a comment at Frank’s and also the link to this:

    “Devon NHS Care Commissioning Group faces £430m deficit”

    “To make the savings, the group is looking at… cutting routine operations for people who smoke or who are very overweight.”

    So, not actually related to smoking or being overweight, just money to be saved by the further persecution of these two already dehumanised groups, which the rest of the population will be glad of if it means their chances of treatment are improved in a ‘survival of the fittest’ and self-preservation evolutionist/eugenicist frame of mind.

    It should actually be unlawful for smokers to be denied healthcare on ANY grounds, as the price of cigarettes includes an additional amount specifically for the NHS.

    And in the future?

    An incoming Labour Government would give the NHS a £2.5bn injection, funded by a mansion tax, a levy on tobacco firms and closing tax loopholes exploited by hedge funds, Ed Miliband announced today. (The Independent)

    That older BBC article from 4 weeks ago links to this one from the previous week: which states that NHS Devon proposes to,

    Introduce criteria-based approval for routine procedures such as hernias, botox injections and cataracts.

    That these ‘medical professionals’ and their financial henchmen would see certain groups suffering severe pain or going blind sums up, for me, their general attitude these days.

    I could tell you about my recent personal experiences – nothing to do with smoking or obesity – just pure negligence and ignorance.

    So absolutely, the NHS has passed its sell-by date and must go. When the welfare state was begun in the 40s it was conceded that it could only be afforded when we had full employment and industrial output. Compare with today! Not only has our industry shrunk but the scope of the welfare protection racket has increased beyond all reason and (clearly) become economically untenable.


    • Similar things are going on with housing benefit, whereby a benefit is propping up the price of houses, and in many parts of London, rich people are taxed mightily so that poor people can be paid to live in extremely rich areas; insanity of a very high order.

      Child Benefit is far, far worse. Social housing is apportioned as to need, so many an underclass mother keeps churning out sprog after sprog merely to retain the housing she has grown accustomed to. Unmarried mothers are prioritised over married couples, so the definition of “family” now seems to be a collection of mis-matched, undersized kids which only vaguely resemble each other, and over which the mother exerts only marginal control.

      In other words, we are paying morons to breed more morons, in a manner which social sciences tell us will give these mini-morons the worst possible chances in life, whilst at the same time we are penalising the intelligent in society and reducing their breeding potential way below that of the idiots.

      Intelligence is heritable. School performance levels are going down. Why are we surprised by this?


      • I don’t like the eugenicist idea of restricting family sizes, whatever the context. The Government introduced moral relativism into society by legalising abortion and homosexual acts and numerous other undesirable laws to subvert our culture, so people are playing the game. When the council houses were sold off there was an even greater shortage so more has to be spent on housing benefit for private accommodation. I’m not excusing lack of personal responsibility, but at the end of the day, our social problems have all been government-driven.

        Anyway, family allowance has been going since 1946, payable on all children other than the eldest to start with. People generally haven’t been scrounging like they tend to today (if you believe the papers). I knew parents who had nine children and they both worked at whatever they could and with the UK woman’s fertility rate becoming dangerously low, more children are needed. We are just over 2 children per woman again, but that’s only due to the large number of immigrants. Our people have bought into the family planning ‘soft eugenics’ for the past two or three generations to our detriment.


  2. Re. the legality of this, discriminating against smokers is also very politically incorrect!

    “Smoking rates vary considerably between ethnic groups. In men, compared to the general population, rates are particularly high in the Black Caribbean (37%) and Bangladeshi (36%) populations but these differences are explained by socioeconomic differences between the groups.”

    Homosexuals are far more likely to smoke than heterosexuals. And apparently…

    “gay people are seven times more likely to take illegal drugs than the general population, with one in five of those surveyed showing signs of dependency on drugs or alcohol.”


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  4. It seems it’s safer to gave a baby at home rather than going into hospital. Why? I’d suggest too much interference. They over complicate EVERYTHING. It’s their way or no way. Not them all but most.

    We desperately need a Declaration of Rights which lays out how we are treated by those who are supposed to care for us and protect us whilst also being employed by us. The NHS is not fit for purpose.


    • If you were going make ‘Health’ the official global religion, you’d start in this country where it already is considered ‘sacred’. Maybe give it a bit of promotion on a global stage:

      …? …


  5. “This makes an eventual class action lawsuit inevitable.”

    Do we have “class actions” over here in the UK? I know it’s quite a “thing” in the States (as the big anti-tobacco case of the 1990’s proved), but are massive group actions permissible in the UK legal system, or can civil cases only be brought by individuals? If so, then the man from Scotland who is suing for the loss of his social life would surely have done better to have got a group of like-minded smokers together to pool their resources towards a case. Just wondering, because if there is a form of “class action” over here, then the money, in the form of re-claimed NHS stamps could make it a very, very worthwhile proposition – and one which might give the NHS cause to backpedal a bit quickly on this blatantly unfair and unreasonable policy.


    • Smokers should get all their tobacco duty back, which is currently £5.08 on a packet of 20 retailing at £8.50.

      £5.08 is just the duty then there’s 20% VAT on the whole retail price, but a 20 a day smoker of 30 years could justifiably receive a rebate of £55,664.10, although the increases have been more draconian as time has gone on, so I reckon that a rebate of £40,000 would be reasonable plus a portion of the NHS portion of their N.I. contributions.

      Actually, if the expenditure of being a smoker has caused the person to go into credit card or loan debt, that too should be repaid with interest.


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