Work. Consume. Die.

I am becoming quite fond of Twitter. It allows a quick break from writing, with a bit of practice thrown in. Captioning images needs some quick thinking – they go past the screen quickly. Also, if I call up Twitter and there are a few hundred new tweets, realistically I am only going to look at the first 10. I miss a lot, but I also learn a lot.

For instance, yesterday’s announcement by the NHS that they will refuse to treat those who pay most into the system has spurred a frenzy of antismoker stories today.

Smokers have something wrong with their brains. We just won’t do as we are told. Therefore we must have our self-control brought under control so we can be good little compliant drones and live exactly as our masters direct.

Next step: compulsory incarceration in a mental health institution where nobody is allowed to smoke. Because we smoke.

The idea that maybe, just maybe, we smoke because we like it never enters the Healthfinder-General’s heads. People actually enjoying something other people don’t enjoy? Impossible! They are obviously improperly assimilated and their deviancy must be corrected. Set the drones on them. Force compliance. Peer pressure…

Well, peer pressure doesn’t work unless we give a shit what the indoctrinated drones think. I suppose ‘what’ they think is somewhat premature because I’m still trying to work out ‘whether’. One thing I do know – I really don’t want to live like them. Even if, one day, I should decide I don’t want to smoke any more, I never want to live under the direction of pompous asses.

It’s quite likely that, if I do decide I don’t want to smoke any more, I’d keep doing it anyway just to annoy them.

Tipped by Email (Chris) and Twitter (Roobedoo) – Worse than having an illegally-wired brain, we smokers have no Y chromosomes in our blood! Imagine! Big hulking building site workers with girlie blood in their veins! The horror!

For some reason, these researchers think that the Y chromosome carries a gene that prevents cancer, and that if it isn’t in your blood then you are destined to become one huge slobbery lump of cancer and then die.

They do not wonder why women, who have no Y chromosomes anywhere in their bodies at all, are not routinely turning into Jabba the Hutt with boobs on (I know, but I had the image in my head and the only way to get it out is to pass it on).

They must be talking about white blood cells. The immune system cells. They cannot be talking about red blood cells because those have no nucleus, and therefore no chromosomes of any kind. Don’t get all pernickety about mitochondria, you know what I mean. No human-DNA chromosomes.

That means their premise must be based on the activity of a gene within those immune system cells that lets them attack cancer cells. This gene must also only be on the Y chromosome. Women don’t have it.

If their premise is true then women must be far, far more prone to cancer than men, and smoking men only increase their risk to nearly the same level as a woman, and smoking makes no difference to women at all.

These things are testable. There are figures somewhere (too tired to be bothered looking it up right now, besides, if GaryK comes along he probably already has them) showing the cancer rates for women and men, smoking and non-smoking.

My bet is that there is no real difference between women and men. That women do not get cancer at the same rate as smoking men. That there are figures showing an increased risk to women who smoke. Therefore the whole Y-chromosome theory is blown out of the water without having to do a single extra experiment.

It’ll be a tight call though, because when you look at real numbers rather than percentages, cancer rates for all those groups are low numbers. It’s hard to apply stats to low numbers (but they do anyway) and get meaningful results. If you have a 50% increased risk of cancer it sounds very scary, but if the real figures show that you increase your risk from 2 in 1000 to 3 in 1000, well that’s not quite so scary, is it? Yet that is what a 50% increase can look like.

So far, smokers are demonstrably insane and men who smoke have girly pink blood in their lumpy veins. Yes, that is how far down the insanity hole we have now fallen. I don’t know how the reporters typing this stuff up manage to keep a straight face because I didn’t while reading it. Maybe they didn’t read it, just copy/pasted a press release and added a few ‘Shock Horror Drone Frenzy’ lines here and there.

Where the antismoke crusade inevitably leads (tipped by TheMorrigan on Twitter) is now apparent in Utah, home of the loony Mormon cult. I mean, come on. More than one wife means more than one mother-in-law. You’d have to be insane to even consider it.

You have to pay for clean energy. You are not allowed to go into the woods and pick up sticks for free. Is that, perhaps, the ultimate aim of it all?

Ah, but Electrofag burns nothing and produces only flavoured steam. So it’s not included in this hate-fest.

Hahahaha. Dream on.

One of these came from Jredheadgirl on Twitter but I can’t remember which. I have Parents visiting (they brought Penderyn and five Portuguese 50g packs of Amber Leaf so they get to sleep in the house) so I have to be as sociable as I can manage and have left tabs open all day.

Electrofag scares the Righteous because it might re-normalise smoking  Newsflash, pompous asses, smoking is re-normalising itself. It was always normal, just as climbing mountains with nothing at the top or jumping off bridges tied to a rope made of elastic bands is normal. I don’t do the last two things there and never will but differences between people’s choices of how to spend their lives is normal.

Early Electrofags looked like actual cigarettes. Those kinds of Electroag are now in Poundland. It soon became apparent that it didn’t have to look like anything else and modern ones look like Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver with extra features added.

So they do not affect real smoking at all. They are nothing like real smoking. They feel like smoking but of all the amazing flavours they have produced (including roast chicken, try it, it actually works) the one they have not got right is tobacco flavour.

That’s because there is no ‘tobacco flavour’. There are many kinds of tobacco and many more blends of tobacco. It’s like whisky. Some blends (such as Monkey Shoulder) are very good and others (such as Bells) are awful. That’s my opinion. Yet Bells sell a lot of whisky so a lot of people have a different opinion. That is no problem. Shops can fill the shelves with Bells, I just won’t buy any. Other people will.

Tobacco, cigarettes particularly, range from Consulate/More to Player’s Navy Cut/Capstan. If you smoke Consulate yrou will hate Navy Cut and vice versa. It is not possible to produce a generic ‘tobacco flavour’.

None of the current flavours, including the terrible ‘tobacco flavour’, will induce anyone to move on to real smoking. Whichever brand they try, it will not taste like Electrofag and the new vaper will not try it again. Electrofag does not renormalise smoking any more than riding a bus renormailises driving a car. It is an entirely different thing.

That does not stop the Righteous from banning it. It looks a bit like smoking and might destroy their Pharmer funding so it has to go. Facts? We don’ got no facts. We don’ need no steenking facts.

Smoking is just one aspect. You have to be healthy. You have to be compliant. You have to be a good little tax-generating worker drone like the ones they have already indoctrinated. You must work and produce and consume to keep the New God, Economy, in sacrifices and cash. You need nothing. Economy is God and needs it all. Serve and be happy.

And when you can’t work any more… ‘retirement’ awaits.Obamacare has much to learn from the NHS but it’s learning fast.

Don’t be a sheep. To pinch a current advertising meme, ‘Be more smoker’.


29 thoughts on “Work. Consume. Die.

  1. A few days ago I compared a “List of countries by life expectancy” with “Prevalence of tobacco consumption”

    In nearly every country, women outlive men by 3 to 6 years, regardless of the smoking prevalence. For example, in China the smoking rate for men is 59.5% and for women just 3.7% yet women live on average 3 years longer than men.

    Russia and some of the former Soviet republics buck the trend with men dying off 9 years or more before women. In Russia women outlive men on average by 14.3 years, but that’s probably the vodka.


    • I hear the Russian vodka binges consist of going out for the evening, and coming back three days later when they finally remember where they live.

      So I’d agree with your assessment of the discrepancy 😉


  2. Regarding the rest of your piece about the NHS and the sort of people who work for it, I have just left these comments at Frank’s:

    “Now the flames have been turned up under smokers and the obese, but there are no taxpayer-funded ‘charities’ to defend these minorities’ “lifestyle choices”. They “cost” society X-billions a year in this, that and the other. Never a mention of what it costs smokers and the overweight in terms of high tobacco prices and large amounts of food. The ‘expert’ economists talk about costs to the NHS and the “lost productivity” allegedly due to these two “epidemics” as they are now suddenly termed.

    Simple. Let us opt out of the NHS, pay lower N.I. contributions and remove the taxes from cigarettes and the 20% VAT from takeaway food and sweets. ‘Lost productivity’ doesn’t matter in a country with millions unemployed and underemployed.

    To show that these ‘experts’ at the WHO deal in fraud, an ‘epidemic’ is concerned with the rapid spread of infectious disease in a short period of time over a given area. You could have a “crime epidemic” but the medical term refers to communicable diseases.

    Anyway, smoking and obesity would not be epidemics but pandemics as they affect nigh on the whole world and this word refers again to infectious diseases.

    But we know the WHO and NHS and Obamacare run on fraud and coercion. This means that anything is possible in future. Imagine a scenario and it’ll probably happen. Involuntary euthanasia on your 65th birthday? Some ‘experts’ openly talk about older people being a “burden” on the NHS. I wonder how much tax they’ve paid in a lifetime and seen it thrown away on fake wars, foreign despots’ private jets, £50+ million a day to Brussels (which would pay Devon NHS’s 5 years of deficit off in 8 days – it is projected to be £430 million by 2019) and most ironically, houses, benefits and healthcare for anyone who comes to the UK.

    I have been denied treatment, but not due to smoking or ‘obesity’ but something else which I haven’t revealed yet but which I have been discriminated against for – for the past two years. Legal action is almost guaranteed.

    It’s why I know that people in the medical profession are mostly self-important, arrogant, ignorant, amoral, overpaid idiots whose number one concern is preserving their overblown salaries and pensions. Some are actually petrified of breaking the smallest Department of Health diktat.

    My remaining friend from the ‘church’ I used to attend tells me of the times he asks questions to NHS staff only to be informed that he can’t be told due to privacy rules, even asking after another fellow churchgoer after church. Approx. half of the adults at that church work for the NHS. I once asked one of the four GPs there if a good friend of mine – a well-known alcoholic in the town who used to visit me almost every day after I befriended him – had died five days previously like I had heard (but the person who informed me wasn’t sure if it was ‘my’ John or the other John at the hostel).

    Anyway, this GP refused to tell me because his brothers (who had practically disowned him) hadn’t been found. Eventually I had asked enough questions for him to have to admit that he had died.

    But the best one goes to my last-remaining church friend who went up to the surgery to pick up a friend to drive her home. He asked the receptionist if the woman was out of consultation yet only to be told that she could not divulge this information due to privacy rules.

    They are only obeying orders and they revel in them. It’s why the top dogs have no scruples about letting people go blind and killing others on the road if it saves enough money to preserve their fat salaries.”


    • I forgot to add my story about the cataracts and cars…

      The real deficit the “GP-led” Devon NHS Care Commissioning Group is facing is £430 million over the next five years.

      “Routine” treatment denied to smokers who keep on smoking and the ‘obese’ who don’t lose weight includes cataract and hernia operations.

      I used to get lifts from a man in his 70s with cataracts in both eyes. Due to very long waiting lists ten years or more ago, out of one eye he couldn’t see anything and the other was pretty hopeless. We nearly had a crash entering a roundabout as he hadn’t seen a car which was coming round about 20 yards away. Cost-cutting will cost lives as well as leaving smokers and overweight people blinded and in pain, but they can be picked on because they’ve already been dehumanised by the media. But the ‘news’papers will spin it to read, “Smoker who refused to give up for operation killed himself and family of four in car crash.”


  3. My bet is that there is no real difference between women and men. That women do not get cancer at the same rate as smoking men

    Vitamin lotion may help skin cancer fight

    “Researchers at the New South Wales Cancer Institute painted healthy volunteers with a lotion containing vitamin B3 or nicotinamide.
    They found those patients treated with the substance suffered no damage to their immunity when exposed to ultra violet light.

    In another first, the study found men were twice as likely to suffer immune damage from the sun than women

    Scientists are not exactly sure how vitamin B3 boosts the skin’s defences against cancer.”

    Anti-invasive activity of niacin and trigonelline against cancer cells.

    “The effects of niacin, namely, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide, and trigonelline on the proliferation and invasion of cancer cells were studied using a rat ascites hepatoma cell line of AH109A in culture. Niacin and trigonelline inhibited the invasion of hepatoma cells at concentrations of 2.5-40 microM without affecting proliferation. Hepatoma cells previously cultured with a reactive oxygen species (ROS)-generating system showed increased invasive activity. Niacin and trigonelline suppressed this ROS-potentiated invasive capacity through simultaneous treatment of AH109A cells with the ROS-generating system. The present study indicates for the first time the anti-invasive activities of niacin and trigonelline against cancer cells.”

    Drink more coffee.


  4. I mentioned ‘The Zero Theorem’ in comments at Frank’s place yesterday. There’s a party scene in which ‘smoking’ is depicted (sorry about the dubbing but I’m not posting it for the dialogue):


  5. In the USA, you have(on average) about a 5/100ths of a1% chance of dying from lung cancer in any given year.
    That = 0.0005 probability of dying from lung cancer and a 99.95% probability of not doing so.

    When dealing with such small percentages, the difference between men and women and smokers and non-smokers is splitting of hairs.


    • More seriously, Science journal (or, should I say, the new News of The World) actually accepted this vomitous excreta here:

      How anyone with half a brain cell to rub together could grant this the slightest credence, let alone allow it past peer review in one of the formerly more prestigious journals, is beyond me.

      Standards have slipped so far that I fully expect Science to start publishing astrology readings and Kardashian sightings next month. Truly, my level of disgust and disdain is off the scale.


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