It must have been subconscious…

In Panoptica, poor old 10538 gets his medically-approved food supplies in a plain bag from a shop that’s just a counter with nothing at all on display. He eats with his fingers from the bag then puts the bag in a recycling bin. No plates, no table, no cutlery. I had no defined reason behind that part (the food part does have a bearing on the story but how he eats it had no real significance).

In this instance, for a change, I was ahead of reality for a brief time. Unfortunately I didn’t see it until the Daily Shrieking Harpie ran this story. Well, there is time to weave it in.

It is amazing that primary school children cannot use something as simple as a knife and fork. Even in my tatty youth days, with a coal-miner and a school secretary as parents, our house had loads of knives and forks. I am not certain, it was more than half a century ago, but I think we even had small cutlery for small hands to try it out. We definitely had little plates with the Beatles on them, I remember eating from them. Damn. They’d be worth a fortune now. You could play Beatle Bingo and cross them off as they die.

It wasn’t really parental insistence that made us use cutlery. It was more the natural childhood desire to do things we saw our parents do. Hence the still-current trend for toy power tools and kitchen appliances. They were never satisfactory, somehow. They didn’t burn or break things or turn all the white washing pink like the real ones in parental hands. Still, they were representations of future adulthood. The knife and fork part was an easy one to master and not having someone else cut up food for us was a big step on the road to independence.

Is it that these kids have not been taught to eat with a knife and fork? Or is it that their parents never bother so their kids never see that adult behaviour and learn to mimic it? If these affluent middle-class slobs all flob out in front of the TV with takeaway chicken wings and pizza then that is the behaviour their children will copy.

A teacher in the comments makes the valid observation that if schools take on the task of teaching children how to eat like a human, then parents will absolve themselves of that responsibility. Next, schools will be expected to toilet-train five-year-olds and there will be no end to it. Eventually the State will have full responsibility for the rearing and all aspects of life-training of infants and then you have Panoptica.

I don’t think it’s accidental. Children have been monetised. Single mothers get all sorts of benefits (they are not all scroungers but there are those who see a child as a career option). Those benefits will soon be withdrawn. This was the plan all along. Set them up, knock them down. It works for so many things now.

Then the State will move in with ‘Oh, you have accidentally developed a case of pregnatitis? Never mind, we’ll remove and take care of that horrible little growth. Here, have this bag of cash and try not to do it again too often.’

Social Services won’t have to be so brutal in their child-stealing in the future. They’ll just buy the sprogs.

This brings about the Marxist dream of the utter destruction of the family. Eventually it will be seen as a mental aberration to want to raise your own child, akin to growing your own dope.

As for the cutlery, well, the ‘affluent middle class’ are well known for their gullibility and general dimness. It is possible that Knife Terror has made them shield their sprogs from table implements just as it has stopped them buying pop-guns and cap-guns and spud-guns and cowboy outfits. The latter, of course, is now deemed racist.

I had a fantastic pop-gun. It was a double barrelled shotgun made of steel with two corks and two triggers. Later I had a particularly fearsome air rifle (long before the one I sold recently) and my father had no guns at all. We used to carry them in the street and nobody cared.

The only time I ever saw anyone flinch was when I carried a camera with a 500mm lens and a hand-trigger shoulder mount with cable release. Okay, it did look like a rocket launcher and the guy who flinched was certainly old enough to have seen both wars…

I still have that lens. It’s not one of the modern mirror-lenses, it is actually half a metre long. If I took it out with the trigger-mount now I’d probably be shot by a police sniper just in case.

I can believe that many parents, especialy the gullible middle classes, would take the whole knife-scare to heart and keep their children away from cutlery just as they keep them away from plastic toy guns. They would beat the crap out of each other at Christmas to get the ‘Action Man and Ken Civil Partnership Set’ so their kids grow up not knowing what ‘violence’ means.

They are unable to use knives. They cannot make fire, that basic start to humanity. They are terrified of both. Smoke will kill them instantly. They might as well live in trees and throw their shit at each other – and give it one more generation…

Coming up then, a ban on knives in the home. For the cheeldren. They might get hold of a properly sharp knife and who needs such a thing in these days of burgers and tinned chicken?

The drones are primed to support it.

That is why 10538 eats from the bag with his fingers. I had no idea. It must have been a subconscious prompt.

I spend a lot of time subconscious. The world looks much better that way.


18 thoughts on “It must have been subconscious…

  1. Due to “family planning” propaganda couples seem to be staying childless until much later in life and only having one or two and I have seen the way they are wrapped in cotton wool.

    This brings about the Marxist dream of the utter destruction of the family.

    Exactly. Not only did the fertility rate have to be reduced but the involvement of the State was ramped up. Now I see that this was the purpose of the ‘Welfare State’ because there’s not much welfare around for many people I know, myself included (legal action pending).

    Marriage has been undermined. In Scotland, there were 29,135 marriages in 2011, whereas in the 1970s there were 40-45,000 pa. In the UK I believe there are now more children born out of wedlock (to use what seems to be a rather quaint, archaic word already).

    Between 1900 and the end of the century, completed family size in the UK dropped from 3.5 children to 1.7.

    As a BTW, an interesting statistic is that “the composition of the workforce has changed. Now [1999], 1 in 3 are professionals or managers, compared to 1 in 7 in 1911.” That would explain a lot, like why there are so many people trying to change things to justify their employment and why there is so much waste and why we need to import so many people to work as doctors, dentists and plumbers, as the people already here are managers with other managers above them and managers below them all trying to conjure up and fine-tune new ways of making us healthy and safe.

    And half of our young adults go off to university for more socialist brainwashing and to learn subjects that are useless to them and us in the real world. I think one of your ideas for a course was tofu-weaving?

    The stigmas have been largely removed so that becoming pregnant while single, living in sin or ‘coming out’ as homosexual no longer shock.

    This is why the Marxist-Leninists in charge must also destroy the national, if nominal, religion, as Judeo-Christian ethics were the foundation of our morals, laws and institutions. That’s no good when you want people’s behaviour to degenerate so that you create confusion to produce a socialist dystopia, so you must replace God with other things: crusades with spiritual-like qualities such as healthism and environmentalism and ‘equality’ and other cults specially created for the “enlightened” ones – the “free-thinkers”*.

    *Some evolutionists say that there is no such thing as freewill, as our brains are just obeying the laws of physics and chemistry, yet Dawkins’ lot brag about being “free-thinkers”. Having tried to debate with them for a few years, I can promise you that the majority of them are not. They have bought into this cult of free-thinking atheism hook, line and sinker. Their hubris and assuredness make militant humanists dangerous (and why the State rubbishes religion at every opportunity) because they truly *believe* that their religion is correct (and evolution has been described as a fully-fledged alternative to Christianity by leading atheist, Michael Ruse). Humanists insist that because they are “right”, are free-thinkers and rational (in their minds), that everyone must abide by what they say and you end up with a Stalin, Mao or Hitler in charge who have no scruples when it comes to killing off millions of undesirables, be they the ‘wrong’ ethnicity or religion or have disabilities.

    Historically, Christians and others have been beaten into submission by the humanists’ way of thinking, but if we evolved from non-living chemicals and our brains are just computers made of meat then why should they be rational and why should one group’s computers be considered more trustworthy than all the other groups? That’s “Animal Farm”, isn’t it?


    • This is why I call Dawkins the Archbishop of Atheism, and why I call myself an apathist rather than an atheist.

      Dawkins’ followers are as radical as the followers of any religion. They not-believe as strongly as the religious believe.

      I don’t believe in any God but I don’t deny God either. I have no means to measure or study any of the various Gods other than what those who believe in them tell me, so there is nothing I can do to prove or disprove the existence of any of them.

      Sun worship is one that can be disproven. The sun is no more a God than an ignited fart. It’s a ball of burning gas and it will rise in the morning whether we slay that goat or not.

      Therefore I ignore the matter. I just don’t care what anyone else believes. People should be allowed to believe in anything they like. As loing as they don’t try to force others to accept unprovable beliefs, I don’t care. Telling people about those beliefs is fine, cutting their heads off or burning them when they refuse to also believe is not fine.

      I don’t accept the word of Dawkins either. He should know better than to try to apply science to something that cannot be studied with science.

      I remain an apathist, at least until some means of measuring these various gods is developed.

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      • O.T. But the in the last few weeks NASA have landed a probe on comet and another in the vicinity of Pluto. In about seven months we should have the first ever pictures of Pluto and its moons. They have also successfully tested the Orion craft and new delta iv rocket. this is serious clever people stuff and the sad muppets we waste our lives moaning about will never even get their CVs read by organisations like NASA, let alone be allowed near the buildings. Not sure what my point is really, just that its reassuring to know mankind is still being pushed along by the geniuses and just the idiots.


  2. Leg Iron,
    I agree whole heartedly with the idea that schools should teach everything from table manners to blow-jobs is utterly corrosive. One of the useful skills I took to University (physics) was the ability to program. I learned that off my own bat in a bedroom with a 48K Spectrum. The very idea that useful things can be learned in an informal setting is anathema to the National Curriculumists. I’m also a good cook. Also self-taught. I blagged my way into University without a maths A-Level. Taught myself calculus and stuff concurrent with studying physics. I don’t recommend doing it like that but…


  3. State toilet training is already here, one of the reasons Mrs A left teaching was it was there were more and more parents sending their 4 year old brats to primary school in nappies which the teachers we expected to change


  4. Interesting you should touch on a subject they discussed this week on NHK television.

    “Japanese children entering kindergarten are usually potty trained. However, preschools often allow younger children to enter the school while still in diapers. When doing this, potty training will most likely be part of the curriculum, with the class taking regular breaks to try the potty and change soiled diapers. A classroom assistant can take any child to use the potty during class time if he has to go.”

    And the bit I found amusing “potty training will most likely be part of the curriculum”.

    Is it possible they’ll ever contemplate this sort of behaviour in Britain? I mean the teacher really does have to see and assist the child – of either sex – handle very intimate parts.

    Mind you, it helps explain why ATM keyboards and coins contain significant traces of fecal matter!


      • This one’ll help give that aura of credibility!

        “As far as we know, everybody is always covered with their own dung (and it isn’t everybody that has appropriate hand hygiene), and that’s why diseases get transmitted. Public faucets, for example, are very contaminated, and so are elevator buttons and ATMs, and I won’t even mention children, who are basically walking fecal matter delivery services.”

        (It amuses me to think of Ms. Arnott shaking the hand of Mr. S Williams MP (Lib) when she was at his award presentation!)


  5. Money?? Most shopping carts in every major store in America are contaminated with more fecal bacteria than most toilets.
    In the novel “No Country for Old Men” by Cormmac McCarthy, the protaganist Sheriif muses at the begginning of each chapter. One is that “Since most people today don’t raise their own kids and dump that job upon their own parents because they are so busy working or doing drugs or in jail, who is going to raise the children that their kids produce? Because obviously they weren’t capable of being parents, how could they ever be expected to become grandparents who want to raise granchildren.” Something else to worry about…


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  7. Just quick note on camera lenses. Not wishing to splash out on a self-focussing big zoom lens, I bought myself a small, compact mirror lens a couple of years ago; a Tokina micro four thirds one to be exact.

    The good part is that it does give bloody good results, as long as there’s enough light, and it is very, very compact; it looks nothing like a long lens.

    The bad part is that it is manual focus, fixed zoom, and it has a seriously shallow depth of field. Your photos with it will therefore consist of a hell of a lot of slightly-out-of-focus shots, with only a minority of in-focus ones. There’s no image stabilisation, either, so a tripod or a monopod is absolutely essential.


    • For moon shots, mine sits on two tripods. One under the camera and one under the lens. It’s fully manual, no auto-anything so a good moon shot is a one-or-two-per-film thing. Better than the digital though. The worst part is having to line it up just ahead of the moon, wait for the moon to be in the frame, press and hope nothing shook.

      Sometime there’s a lens doubler in there too. That does seriously increase the crappy-shot rate because it needs a longer exposure.


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