Quick roundup.

Another early night – parents are leaving tomorrow morning and I am expected to be conscious when they do. Then I can go back to being an unsociable grumpy git again.

I do appreciate these visits. They are getting very old now so there might not be many more. I also enjoy my annual visits to Wales – although next summer, most of the family seem to be coming to visit me. Few of them have visited Scotland before and they’ll find it a wonderful place in the summer. In winter, not so much.

Anyway, all I have tonight are some quickies. Mostly nicked from Twitter throughout the evening although I have forgotten which came from who.

First up – another job for the rapidly-developing Stasi. Some people will spend so much time watching everyone else that they will die without realising they were ever alive.

Next – you cannot have porn. Porn is only for little girls. Well, they have to get their future career choices from somewhere, don’t they? With all the current furore about Paedos in Parliament you’d think they’d lay off the whole ‘sexualisation of children’ thing for a while, but it seems they just can’t help themselves. The Houses of Parliament should have bromide in every teacup.

Finally, the Green Disaster for the countryside. These Greens do seem to wreck everything they get involved with, don’t they? The EU involvement makes me wonder if those neonicotinoid insecticides were impinging on the profits of GMO crops. If the EU are involved then there is money involved. The EU have no other interest.

Right. Best get some sleep. Tomorrow night I’ll be tired too since I have to cover for  Stimpy. He has been called as a witness in a faraway trial and nobody knows when he’ll be allowed to come back. Still, I won’t have to be sociable so can be online and concentrate on the writing a lot more than this week.

Take heart. Christmas is nearly over.


15 thoughts on “Quick roundup.

  1. Just watch it, Mate. I am probably as old as your parents. But I have no intention of dying soon. And I never visit my children if I can possibly avoid it, so you might be lucky.

    Scotland, Wales, Ireland, with a bit of Italy thrown in. I am a Celt. And Scotland is bloody wonderful in Winter. Nowhere I would rather be.

    As it is, I am in Brittany, and pleased to be so. But then houses were very cheap when I bought this place. And at least it is mine.

    Sorry if I over reacted. Just don’t knock off the parents before you have to.


    • I’m just being realistic. My father has had several strokes (his mind is still sharp, but he’s seriously slow now) and my mother has angina.

      And I’m no spring chicken either!


  2. Well since they want us to, every time we see an off duty policeman getting into his car, we may feel obliged to call it in, just in case our suspicions are real. Maybe every time they leave the Masonic hall, or rotary club, country club or golf course? Hell, maybe leaving their house to take their children somewhere. Better to be safe than sorry. Think of the children.


  3. You know maybe using their laws against them might just work? Hmmmm…

    I’m working at a hospice for three days on a software thing, well 2.5 maybe. Not sure what to expect really. A more serious bit of work than I usually do.

    It cold, wet, icy, snowy and increasingly windy and that’s just in the car.

    Oh well…


  4. I was working last christmas, and I got good money for it, so I’m doing the same again. Have you any idea what the new books price will be yet?
    John Gibson


    • Can’t be sure of the price but it’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper than the properly-published print versions. Final price will depend on how thick it is. I’m aiming for a reasonably slim volume, rather than a tome.


  5. I’ve got a feeling that they’ve tried this before (maybe during one of the boringly regular Christmas anti drink-driving campaigns), but – thankfully – it withered on the vine and wasn’t repeated in subsequent years, mainly because whilst it’s one thing for Joe Public to agree sagely that it’s a “jolly good thing” to catch people drinking and driving when they don’t know those imaginary people, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to shopping their mates who they’ve just been out drinking with. And it’s virtually impossible to know, outside of one’s own crowd, exactly who’s drinking what and who – out of a group of total strangers who one isn’t actually sitting with – is driving home. But in any case, for anyone so inclined, it’s always been possible to “shop” people for D&D. In fact, it’s about the only thing these days guaranteed to get an instant response from the police to a single phone call. My own OH got done for said offence in just that way, and that was many years ago, long before this present “snoopers’ charter” was suggested. He never found out who it was, which is, in and of itself, an indication that even those who actually do this kind of “shopping” aren’t proud of what they do and know that few other people will be impressed by it, either.

    Of course, back in the day before the smoking ban decimated the whole real pub scene, it was quite commonplace for the landlord to confiscate the car keys of anyone who’d drunk too much to drive, and call them a taxi or arrange for another punter to run them home. Back then, when pubs were real “locals,” even someone with a bellyful of beer wouldn’t argue for fear of being banned; not so now, with pubs steadily morphing into giant, impersonal drinking warehouses or snooty gastro-pubs where, quite frankly, no-one involved in running the establishment has any more interest in the welfare of their customers than they have any interest in the welfare of the Man on the Moon.


  6. oy, the oil seed rape is ruining the countryside! so I don’t care if some of it gets eaten by pests. I’d rather we did anything we can to help our bees. And if you think our government scientists are so blooming honest, what about all the fuss over the electrofags??


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