Machiavelli takes notes.

Oily Al is a clever little fat boy.

His referendum for Scottish independence failed. Only by a little bit, but it failed. He then instigated plan B. Oh yes, he did indeed have a plan B.

Plan B involves Oily Al becoming an MP in Wastemonster. He’s been one before and he’s pretty much a shoe-in to do it again considering he’s chosen to do it in a constituency that is pretty much all kilts and whisky.. The plan also requires a huge SNP victory in Scotland, ousting all those Labour and Lib Dem useless articles. That part of the plan is well under way and is working perfectly. I, for one, will not miss a single one of the ousted MPs although I doubt their replacements will be noiticeably different.

The SNP will get as many votes in England as the ‘No More Beer’ party would get in Wales but that doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need or want to take control of the UK Parliament. He doesn’t even, really, need to enter a coagulation with the Ed Miller Band. He needs no real power at all. He and his SNP MPs just need to be there.

It cannot have escaped his notice that the English have progressed from ‘a bit miffed’ to ‘quite chagrined’ at the idea of Scottish MPs voting on English matters, while English MPs have no say on matters of the sporran. Rubbing that open sore with salty double-figures of MPs who are members of a purely Scottish party will do the trick – and here’s the trick.

The Scots did not vote for independence from the UK but the English are more than ready to do it for them. All it takes is one little push and having even less than 5% of Wastemonster seats occupied by Scottish Nationalists will pretty much force a referendum, no matter who is in charge.

Take England out of the mix and the entire UK falls apart. Wales and Norn Iron will not remain in a rest-of-UK with Scotland because they’ll argue about who should be in charge. Take England out and the UK is gone. Four countries.

Scotland gets independence by being thrown out rather than by escaping. The end result is the same. For them. But that is all Oily Al and the Spiteful Nannying Party ever wanted. It was their principal aim from the outset. Independence was their original reason for existing at all.

Interesting that they villify UKIP for wanting almost exactly the same thing…

The real genius in this was handing over to the utterly insane Nicola Sturgeon (the caviar socialist) who will provide plenty of soundbite distractions to keep the dopey press happy.

If Oily Al can’t get Scotland to vote for independence from the UK then he’ll get it thrown out of the UK.

I wonder if that is, secretly, the Cameroid’s plan regarding the EU? No, that would credit him with far too much intelligence.

Meanwhile Ed Moribund thinks that promising to give the vote to 16-year-olds will be a vote-winner even though those he’s making his promise to can’t vote. The stupidity epidemic continues to devastate the party that once represented the working class but now no longer remembers who they are.

I would vote SNP just to see the spanner grind in the works but the SNP hate smokers and drinkers and I am both. I cannot vote for a party that hates me.

The one flaw in Oily Al’s plan is Nicky. She is so eccentric that she could well lose all those projected SNP gains and leave Al on his own in a corner of the green benches.

Scotland has lived under a woman Prime Monster before. They didn’t like that, not at all. This new one is starting to look worse.


In other news, parents made it home safely which is good since if the promised horrible weather arrives tomorrow they wouldn’t have been flying anywhere.

I am tired and tipsy. Tomorrow I don’t have to get up early and also work late. Just work late.

Normal service is at least on the horizon if not imminent.



14 thoughts on “Machiavelli takes notes.

  1. As a Scot living in England I am hearing more and more that people wish Scotland had voted for independence since the demands never cease and the sight of the insufferably smug Salmond is a real turn off. A few of my friends are seriously considering moving South as the SNP plans have them worried. Even during the referendum few people were bothered one way or another, a bit sad to see Scotland go but sick of the constant whining and demands.


  2. In my defence I’m English, from Yorkshire. My take on this is simple: if the daft buggers want to go, let ’em go. I’ll even assist, with the toe of my size 13s. A decade or two of the SNP mismanaging stuff ought to teach the daft gits a bit of sense.

    I am also very much in favour of a very great deal more devolution of powers and taxation to local levels back here in England. Let us devolve income tax to the local levels, and the paying of most benefits also. If done properly, then all of a sudden local politics becomes locally much, much more important, and if you elect redder than red Marxist morons to your locality who try to tax hell out of everyone and redistribute everything, then you’ll pretty soon educate the local population in the ways of politics and not voting for utter muppets.

    This badly needs doing.

    The modern population doesn’t connect the actions of voting for idiots, and bad things happening to them. This must be remedied, or we shall suffer under a succession of crap governments.


    • Local politics would be a great idea. Any council hiking up their taxes will soon have nobody to tax.

      As American states are finding out: local huge taxes on tobacco and booze mean people just take a shopping trip to the state next door.


  3. Vote for the SNP. Simples. We get independence and other parties not involved with Waste Monster will appear. There will be some really good political parties and maybe even a couple who will be keen for us to be out if the EU. Norway is the best example of a wee country doing its own thing and having more of a say than any country in the EU.

    Not in the EU? It’s holding us all back. It won’t ever work unless the military force it to.

    Who knows what’ll happen. Either way it may well be entertaining. Or not.


  4. Dear Leggie . It ain’t a shoe-in it’s a shoo-in.

    How many bloggers over the years have given up, dropped out, retired hurt or otherwise run out of things to write about. And you keep going day after day with thought provoking intellegent very well crafted posts.
    After looking at the world’s daily crop of earthquakes your blog is always next to be visited.
    You have my admiration and considerable gratitude. Thank you.

    I thought I’d just say:.. and Merry Christmas

    Liked by 1 person

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