Greenpeas have been acting all superior again. In their quest to save the planet they have fucked up a bit more of it. If there was an Olympic event for fucking things up, Greenpeas would get gold every single time.

The Nazca lines could be destroyed by a gust of wind. They are that delicate. Fortunately there is no wind where they are so they have lasted for thousands of years. Nobody, not even kings and presidents and Prime Monsters have been allowed to get in there and fuck them up by walking all over them. Footprints, like the lines, never fade away.

Greenpeas have not only walked over them, they have spread graffiti on them. Graffiti nobody can see unless they have a non-Greenpeas-approved satellite camera. This means that other people will now have to further damage the lines by walking over them to get rid of the Greenpeas shite.

And this irreparable damage is all to further their cause of not damaging the planet.

Sometimes you come across such a density of stupid it has an event horizon.

But as Lima hosted the UN climate conference, Greenpeace activists sneaked into the restricted area and installed bright yellow banners, proclaiming: “Time for change! The future is renewable.” A Greenpeace spokesperson claims the demonstrators, who wore sneakers in the photos, were “absolutely careful to protect the Nazca Lines.”

‘The future is renewable’. That historic site is not.

Greenpeas, please, just fuck off. You are all idiots.

45 thoughts on “Ecovandals

  1. Especially sad, as they have to beg for money to support this kind of crap, even from people who oppose their agenda. Next time put your banners on the Moon where everyone can see them; that job should bankrupt you…

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  2. Greenpeas is big in SF, CA, USA also. They are always out on the street spreading propaganda, handing out literature and that is where they train people for doing that plus begging for donations. Since SF is a one-party left-lib-prog-comm only political region, there are many organizations, such as Greenpeas and others (greenists, health-fascists, anti-smoking-smoke-haters, pro-UN, etc.) who headquarter and then train there. The volunteers don’t have so hard a time from people on the street, who are likewise brainwashed, as are the trainees. That gives the new recruits more confidence and so when they are exported to other parts of the US, where reception may not be so gracious, they still have their SF memories of warm, fuzzy, undaunted reception by the like-minded extremist public, so as to keep up their faith and not become discouraged. Greenpeas has their headquarters in DC and the other, like so many others, in SF. If you spend enough time in SF, you will realize soon enough it is a training ground for all the one-world left-lib-prog-comm-fascist brainwashed minions, to train them there, first, among a receptive crowd, before sending them into the harder core, less accepting areas of the US where they will be stationed to further spread their propaganda campaigns.
    1661 Mission Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    (415) 255-9221

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  3. “A Greenpeace spokesperson claims the demonstrators, who wore sneakers in the photos” It doesn’t say they drove to the site is 4 x 4 leaving wheel tracks along the side of the lines.

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    • Well, their use of fossil fuels and the products of the steel and auto industry causes no pollution.

      Rather like a stick of celery cancelling out the calories in chocolate. I met someone who believed that.

      Of course, that was after I explained it…


  4. Look, I’m just throwing this out there for consideration but if they really REALLY want to earn a little respect whilst trampling all over people’s sensitivities why don’t they abseil from a helicopter onto the roof of the Kabaa and place a similar protest message?

    Then remain there to continue the protest in person…Oh, with an all-female team as well….

    I dunno about anyone else but I TRULY WOULD respect them for their principles for such an act…

    I’d still think they were righteous wankers but don’t mean one can’t respect them….


  5. Taoist Christianity is the religion I have settled on. It has all the good Jesusy stuff like minding your own business and not throwing stones at hookers, but works on the assumption that Jesus is so awesome he really doesn’t give a damn if you believe in him or not. And you don’t have to give a damn if he is real or not either.There’s none of the yibbering about ‘opening your heart to Jesus’ rubbish and you don’t have to appease him by singing monotone songs about how shit you are compared to God. All you got to do is let the world go by and be nice to people. Forgiveness is of course a big part of it, but Taoist Jesus understands that sometimes bad people need a bullet put in them, and as long as they really asked for it He’ll look the other way. His representatives on Earth are house cats, and being nice to them will earn you a better seat in heaven. Or a mouse, depending on the cat.

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    • Yes, all the drive for windmills and other ‘renewables’ shows a remarkable paucity of vision. A continuing supply of energy rests on exploiting the atomic energy of basic elements, not dreaming up some fucking Cro-Magnon non-solution. What they advocate is akin to reverting to rubbing two sticks together to make fire. Unimaginative fools, the lot of them.

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  6. Sadly they’re just echo vandals of this lot:

    The Peruvian Government is spitting feathers and Greenpeas are shocked to find they’ve crossed a ‘moral’ line:

    I hope they’re green pissing their pants. Anyhoo … here’s a nice story about a hummingbird and an old man:


  7. That was a nice pristine desert ’til some fools drew crudely-executed monkeys and humming birds all over it. Your average crop circle blasts this primitive bilge to shit.
    Sorry, but in this instance the fuckometer flickereth not.


      • As art the pictograms stink and since the Nazcas built them at great cost and effort instead of decent irrigation it’s no wonder they went extinct. The lines are a monument to State fuckwittism.
        The monkey with the spiral tail isn’t – for instance – quite as good as this:
        Letters of cloth being placed on the ground isn’t even remotely equivalent to re-arranging Stonehenge either.
        The lines can’t be that fragile or they wouldn’t have lasted hundreds of years. In fact the top 12 or 15 inches of red rock have been removed to reveal light-coloured rock below. Even Greenpeace can’t remove rock by walking on it.
        I usually agree with you, being a regular reader, so I must ask if you’re sure you’ve thought this through? Greenpeace may be a bunch of dicks but on the other hand mate – those lines are shite.


        • ‘As art the pictograms stink and since the Nazcas built them at great cost and effort instead of decent irrigation it’s no wonder they went extinct. The lines are a monument to State fuckwittism.’

          Interesting … They took the Nazca hummingbird symbol and displayed it on their backs:

          Here’s hoping then this stunt helps Greenpeas go extinct.


        • I don’t care about the lines as art either. My only interest would be in how they did it and why. As you said, they made drawings that as far as they knew, nobody would ever be able to see.

          Perhaps it was a massive drunken joke, as I’m convinced most ancient monuments were. Get someone to follow the spiral path and titter because they don’t realise they’re about to walk straight up a monkey’s arse.

          Anyway, the lines themselves are not the point. They are very important to Peru and that’s what really matters. In Peru they are regarded as almost sacred.

          The point is that Greenpeace decided to just go and stomp all over something that’s very important to someone else. Something they had no right to stomp all over.



  8. And -And!!- you can’t even see them except from the air. Utterly pointless as art. Except that back then you probably had to pay some priest or other to walk the lines, in the belief that perambulating on giant doodles would have been observable from heaven and would have pleased the Gods. Probably a stone-age Carbon tax and equally as irrational.


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