One man, one country.

In Australia at this very moment, a lunatic is holding hostages in a chocolate shop. Reports are vague so far but it seems it’s one Islamist loon with a sawn-off shotgun and 20 hostages.

Most of the city, including airspace, has been shut down and major locations evacuated. The loon says he has bombs everywhere. He probably doesn’t but fair enough, it’s not impossible.

The Australian Prime Monster is going to address the nation on this issue. That’s right. All of Australia brought to a standstill by one maniac with a sawn-off shotgun.

How can this happen? It’s quite simple. The loon knew for certain that nobody else in the shop was armed because law-abiding people are not trusted with any kind of weapon at all. He knew he was in no danger because if someone so much as threw a spoon at him, he’d be the victim and they’d get prosecuted instead of him. They dare not resist. Impeding a criminal in the execution of his duty is a crime.

That is what the West’s governments have done to the people. Shit-scared sheep who run and cower at the sound of a dog barking. Meanwhile they arm the police with more and more weaponry so they can look after the herd that is no longer allowed to look after itself.

A few short decades ago, that loon with a shotgun would have found himself looking down the barrels of twenty guns before he said a word. It doesn’t even have to be twenty. If 10% of the people carried guns then a shop with twenty people in it would likely have two with guns.

Would you risk it? Which two have guns? Is one or both of them behind you when you shout ‘This is a stick-up’?

Now there is no risk. Any criminal knows they can walk into any crowded public area and be the only one armed.

I’ve never owned a live-round gun. I used to have an airgun but no longer. The Scottish Nannying Puritans plan to ban those too so I sold mine before they do it.

The thing is, any criminal attacking me in the past would not have known whether I had a gun or not. Or whether I had a Crocodile Dundee knife strapped to my back. Now they are absolutely certain I have neither because only criminals have them. The law-abiding don’t even have a Swiss army knife in their pockets. The criminals’ weapons were illegal before all the bans anyway, it made no difference to them at all. Except to make their lives easier.

I once returned from a camping holiday and we left the train at Cardiff to visit some shops on the way home. Specifically, Bud Morgan’s model shop. This would be around 1974 – 76. We had been in town for quite a while before I realised I still had my very sharp camping knife on my belt. Nobody had remarked on this, nobody had even noticed.

Try it now and you’ll have police helicopters overhead and will face years of jail. Even if you had no intention of unsheathing the (rather more than three inches) blade.

Oh, you can still buy the knives. You just can’t use them anywhere. Rather like cigarettes and booze.

You are not permitted to have a gun without intense licencing and if you get one you can’t carry it around. Handguns are not even legal in the UK to the extent that the UK Olympic pistol shooters have to train in other countries and ex-SAS soldiers are not trusted with them. Yet shootings happen all the time because criminals always bought theirs illegally so the ban had only one effect on crime.

It made it easier. The criminals are delighted to know for certain that they will not be shot when they attack you.

And so, one man with a crappy sawn-off shotgun can walk into any shop anywhere and shout ‘I have a gun’ and he can watch the sheep baa themselves into any corner he wants.

He knows for sure that there is nobody behind him pulling out a ’45. For sure.

This is how one man with a shotgun takes down a country. The country has made itself ready for him.

Slow handclap time.



30 thoughts on “One man, one country.

  1. The recent court case in Glasgow proves the need for some sort of licensed concealed gun carrying. A young chap rang the bell of a house because it was the only one with a light on. An old guy opened the door and said young chap pushes his way into house and stabs old guy. He then stabs old guys wife over 50 times and kills her.

    The crims know who have guns mostly. Them and the polis.

    On BBC Countryfile we had a police raid on a garage in a suburban street. Garage contains a fabulous collection of war relics including guns, ammo and uniforms etc. guy is taken in for questioning whilst a large number of cops with a huge array of equipment and vehicles go through his cache. They take away stuff that might be dangerous and blow it up in a field.

    Too much power, far too much money, inappropriate use of force and some cops with guns completely unsuitable for the job. Cops turning up at a demonstration by nurses for more pay in London with machine guns. Yes that did happen!


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    • It’s getting stupid up here. I’m sure the police don’t mind the criminals. The Government(s) don’t because it is an extra fear factor for the other sheep. But look at this:

      On his 71st birthday, Ian MacGregor (previously who had no criminal record), appeared at Perth Sheriff Court after spending a night in the cells. He had been reported to the police by neighbours for saying to them in a private conversation about other neighbours, “That’s the tinks got the shed up”. He was charged with a hate crime.

      So now only the crims have guns (the official criminals and the Government), which means the police can treat people so disgustingly. The bonus for them here is that people are grassing up their neighbours to the Stasi for “crimes” the Government has invented as part of their divide and conquer project.

      I have a good friend about the same age as Mr MacGregor who says of someone who comes back from holiday well-tanned that they “look like a n*gger”. He means absolutely no malice, as he’s about the nicest bloke I’ve ever met, but you can’t afford to talk like that these days.

      Free speech is dead as are self-defence, property rights, conscientious objection, freedom of contract and so on.

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    • In my lifetime, police have gone from wearing a blue suit and carrying a stick most of them never used to wearing armour and carrying an arsenal.

      That, apparently, is progress.


  2. But cowed people are easy to control, in all senses of the word.

    Plus the chances of anyone truly important falling victim (or even mildly inconvenienced) to armed crime is minimal, because their state provided minders will be armed, and they sure won’t be living in, nor visiting the urban hells they created unless surrounded by goons and media lackeys.

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      • Actually I think it’s more than that, it’s projection too.

        This is a subject close to my heart. I shot for years (3 gun comps), ex-forces and as a hobby, I even went regularly to the States to train with the likes of Mas Ayoob and (showing my age) Col. Jeff Cooper (orange not grey if anyone’s interested). I regularly seem to have conversations where I point out that if sundry ‘victims’ were allowed to be armed (or even defend themselves legally in any way) there would be a great deal less crime. (we’re constantly told by the MSM about the American gun-death rate but they fail to mention that it is almost exclusively confined to certain ‘ethnic’ types and the cities where they live, mostly crime/gang related, most of the States have a lower crime rate than we do and is considerably more ‘respectful’ – “an armed society is a polite society” Robert Heinlein – after all).

        The constant, guaranteed, response? “But we’d have people shooting each other over parking spots and shopping, minor arguments will result in a blood-bath”. My reply? “So if I gave you a gun , here, now, you would immediately lose all control, morals and judgement and shoot someone at random for not making your latte quickly enough?”

        And ‘that’ is the point, most of these ban-all-guns/knives/any-item-or-action–that-can-possibly-hurt-someone types ‘do’ fear that ‘they’ would do exactly that – and they think everyone else is like them.

        The Colonel coined the term hoplophobia to explain them, I still disagree with him on this. They aren’t (only) scared of weapons, they’re scared of what they ‘know’ they’d do if they had one.


  3. I was a pretty good pistol shot when I was younger. I used to shoot small bore rapid fire at county level.

    Then one day a man walked into a school on Dunblane and shot a bunch of kids with a load of pistols he should never have been allowed to have if the police had done their job properly. For example, a Walther PPK has a .75″ barrel and is a short range killer – it’s completely useless for sporting purposes like target shooting. You can hit sod all with it at 10 metres so don’t believe the James Bond films. I guy down our club had one too. I tried it out and couldn’t hit the target.

    So what happened after Dunblane? They banned properly licensed holders from having pistols and that screwed our hobby. Still, if you want to rob a bank, it’s dead easy to just pop across the channel and buy a gun and ammo and then just carry it back on the ferry.

    One wonders what will happen if someone walks into a school and kills a load of kids with a cricket bat? They’ll probably ban cricket…

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    • Cricket just won’t be the same with foam bats, will it?

      Currently they are working on airguns and crossbows. More and more ‘bad man with bow’ stories – but it’s never the bad man at fault, always the bow.


      • Dioclese

        Yeh, and with that wimpy .380 you’d be lucky if it even punched a hole in the target anyway. I do so love the sight (in the movies) of someone being shot with one flying back twenty feet, dead after being shot, from thirty+ metres away, …. in the arm lol

        As someone who was shot in the leg with a 5.45×39 (and had a .50 bounce off my SAPI plate – am I lucky or what?), I’m just waiting for them to ban my walking stick (I se the old Bill eyeing it enough as it is already, but then that’s because I’m apparently a potential terror type being white, heterosexual, British, Christian and a non-lefty).


  4. An ‘expert’ on the Today programme said that the siege would become more risky when the crim became tired. It seems likely that, at that point, he “could begin to act irrationally”.

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  5. Actually, the Dunblane pistol ban was even worse than that. The government in their great wisdom decided that although (having been compelled to do so by court action) they would pay damages for pistols handed in, they would not do so for reloading equipment. The law back then stated that you could walk into a gun shop and buy cases, primers, powder and bullets all without showing a firearms certificate. Law-abiding gun owners had been quietly telling the government for years before this that this state of affairs was asking for trouble, and would they please make the buying of primers a ticket-only affair.

    However, with their pistols banned, a lot of people sold their reloading equipment on the open market. This would normally include scales, powder measures, reloading press, primer-fitting press, nitro powder, bullets and of course a handy guide on how to turn all this into viable, safe ammunition.

    All of this equipment was legal to hold without a firearms certificate, even the primers which are bloody hard to manufacture, hence were these an “on-ticket” item, reloading by unauthorised persons would be prevented.

    As you might imagine, criminals saw this kit coming onto the market at bargain basement prices, with no record of whom it was being sold to (in the past, gun shop owners would usually demand ID for sales of this kit, just to be on the safe side), and jumped for joy. Illegal guns are actually quite easy to get hold of, usually smuggled in from Eastern Europe and so on, but ammunition is harder to find. Ammunition goes stale over time, and won’t last indefinitely as a properly-oiled gun will.

    A ready source of known-good ammunition that could be as powerful as the guns would take was a godsend to criminals everywhere, and it was notable that the amount of gun crime jumped slightly in the years after the Dunblane pistol ban. This is yet another example of a government falling foul of the law of unintended consequences.

    Were this to be reversed, though, I dare say a reasonable way of permitting concealed carry of firearms might be to permit the use of gel-pepper spray, Tasers and Taser projectile launchers. All of these firearms are short-range devices, readily traceable back to registered owners, and none are much use if one is confronted with a police ARV.


    • XX Dr Dan H. on December 15, 2014 at 11:34 am said:
      The law back then stated that you could walk into a gun shop and buy cases, primers, powder XX

      Bollox, you needed a powder certificate!

      I lost count of the amount I reloaded. 9MM, .357 Mag, .38, .303, .44, .44 Mag. AND casting the bullets.

      THOSE were the days!


      • “Goes Stale”?

        Er, not quite true either – as someone who has shot some 50+ year old .303, stored properly it will last effectively indefinitely.

        That and the crims buy their ammo the same place they get their weapons, bulk smuggled in from the continent. Go to any pub in Newcastle, Manchester or london and if you know the right people all id freely available even (especially) now.

        The ‘real’ crime of Dunblane and Hungerford was that the people there, including the local bobbies, repeatedly reported their concerns about them. They even went so far as to remove the weapons from one of them …. only to have the Chief Constables force them to give them back! (and yes both CC’s got lovely pensions).


  6. Whilst I agree with your views on gun ownership and would like to own them myself, I have to disagree with you regarding your views on criminals and guns. I’m not a criminal but I have known many criminals over the years and very, very few of them posses guns. The few that I have known of that did have guns got banged up for a very long time. The days when kids ran round blasting away in Toxted Heath or Peckham are long gone. Mark Duggan was the last of a, quite literally, dying breed. Remember crooks exploit weakness and the government has made it clear they will not be seen as weak when it comes to firearms. Its the same with knives. Very few crooks carry any sort of tool these days which is why most of the horror stories you hear of involve people being beaten to death. Which, I agree would happen less if citizens were allowed concealed carry permits.


    • Probably the biggest problem is the teen thug rather than the professional criminal (who would be very careful not to be in possession of anything guaranteed to put them inside).

      The thugs are more likely to think it’s big to have a gun, and more likely not to know how to use it or look after it. They are the ones who cause problems now.

      Even so, a burglar entering my house knows he doesn’t need to come ‘tooled up’ because he knows I’m definitely not. All he needs is a crowbar.

      But then, I have one of those too 😉


  7. The excitable upsidedowner’s choice of location is a big help in single-handedly locking down an entire city. He took over a coffee bar in spitting distance (and possibly actual view) of the offices of a major broadcast media outlet. If he’d tried the same in rural Buggarup, Northern Territory no-one would give a hoot.

    Proximity to reporters and cameras = newsworthy.

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  8. You said “a few short decades ago”. I regularly went shooting at the range at 14, but my mother would have gone batshit if I’d tried to get my own weapons. One of my school buddies was American, and he had an armoury, so I borrowed his. Although it was theoretically possible, you didn’t need a fucking firearm then, unless you were in with some right wrong ‘uns.

    I’ve had a pistol pointed at me. It was in a late-night garage where I worked when I was studying. The doors were locked (people paid through a slot and we had bulletproof glass). This numpty lifted his balaclava to see why the doors wouldn’t open, then came to the slot to demand the money. I told him to clear off, as I’d seen his face. He did. He didn’t know that we didn’t have bulletproof glass – it was tinted to make it look that way.

    For protection, I had the “Wog Basher”. This was a four-foot piece of 3/4″ galvanised pipe with bolts screwed into the business end. Various knives and spanners were left for tactical use as well. I suppose I called it the “Wog Basher” because I am a stinking racist, rather than the fact that they were the ones who could mean real trouble.

    You also said “Shit-scared sheep who run and cower at the sound of a dog barking. ” – which is completely right. The Government will protect you. The Government knows best. Only the Government can save you.

    The Government that allowed a piece of shit like that into my country tells me all I need to know about it. For a country that’s so zero-risk, with their smoking bans, £16 fags, compulsory bicycle helmets and the Blockwarter doubling as your barman – they’re not that choosy about risks that aren’t PC.

    Were I the civil servant who’d signed off who’d signed off on the fake Sheikh’s papers, I’d be warming up the car in the garage and getting the hosepipe out. But he or she won’t be. No blood on their hands. They probably tweeted #iridewithyou.


    • A friend of mine was into pistol shooting before Dunblane. He had it all in a severely locked steel cabinet bolted to the floor of his house.

      My only experience of live rounds was in about 1978. I had a trial go at the rifle club, .22 live rounds, and it was fun. Didn’t take up the sport because of the cost.

      I think rifles are still allowed for sport, aren’t they?

      I’ve never had a live-round gun and even if they become easily acessible, I don’t want one. I can do enough damage to myself with a modelling knife, I’d almost certainly blow my own head off with a gun. The spatter on the wall would spell ‘Bugger’.


      • They are, you have to jump through some hoops.

        When I was over there in September, a FAOF broke up with his wife (not acrimoniously). The cops came and confiscated his firearms. He is a farmer – he needs them.


  9. The police are getting so over the top, I’d seriously think twice about reporting a crime. I’m actually considering buying a cheap PAYG mobile, to use in the event that I witnessed something I thought needed their attention. I’m too worried about being fitted up for something I didn’t do to ever use my real name.


    • If you buy one in a supermarket they want your name and address. Same with TVs or DVD players or anything similar.

      What you need is to find a lost loyalty card and present that. Then they’ll use that to ID you. The loser of the card will get the points… and the blame.


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