A smoky round-up

Twitter throws out interesting stuff among all the babble. I now have far too many browser tabs open…

In Cambidge, England, the local authority wants to raise the age for buying cigarettes to 21 and ban smoking pretty much everywhere. If you like to smoke, Cambridge is not a place for you. In the rest of the UK the age for buying cigarettes is 18, a few years ago it was 16, and before that there was no age restriction at all. Soon it will only be us over-50s who are allowed to buy them. We’ll make a fortune reselling them to 30-year-old children, one at a time.

In Western Australia, they propose a tax on Electrofags. The tax will be 95% of the purchase price. It isn’t a typo. 95%. This will apply to all of it – the vapourisers and the batteries too. Time to work out how to wire a battery to a little heater over there, folks. I think it’s already illegal to grow tobacco in Australia but it will happen. If it hasn’t already. Big place, Australia.

Ireland have passed a law banning smoking in any car with a child infestation. Leave the damn things at home when you drive, then you can smoke away to your lungs’ content. The Irish police are not going to apply the law until they figure out a way to enforce it. It is a silly law, a useless law, a pointless law and an unenforceable law. Ireland passed it anyway. Unfortunate stereotype compliance there.

England is about to do the same. Then these bans will be extended to all cars because children tend to be quite small and hard to see through the side windows of a passing car.

Of course, since the cheeldren are dying in such numbers that they are piling up faster than the bin collectors can handle, the ‘next logical step’ is to ban smoking in private homes if they are infested with the banmeister’s favourite mini-menace.

I wish you people would stop having children. Every time you pop one out, that’s another stick to beat smokers with. I mean, it’s not even as if you get to keep them. The first time you have to take it to Casualty it gets whisked away to be part of a politician’s depraved shagfest and you get prosecuted for a made-up crime. But the drones are all fine with that as long as the perv isn’t smoking indoors while buggering a baby. There used to be a thing called ‘priorities’ where we used to deal with the really serious stuff first and leave the trivia for later. That’s all out the window now, isn’t it? Investigation into child-sex politicos takes years and usually gets quietly dropped. Any chance to bash smokers is fast-tracked. Anyone who thinks that’s a good thing.. well, you work it out.

If you have children, would you leave them with me (a smoker) or with Cyril Smith? Oh, forget it, you don’t have the option to leave them with me. Keep them well away from me, leave them with the politician getting ready for a party with no trousers on. I don’t care about your children. Why would I? They are only tools for you to hate me with.

They will ban smoking in homes with children. It will happen. Then they will ban smoking in all homes in case a stray child wanders in and wanders out lumpy. And they will be lumpy because I will whack them with a large wooden spoon until they get the message that this is not a child-friendly house. I have sharp corners everywhere. Fallen foul of them myself recently.

The ban on all homes will follow a decree that a smoker’s home is worth less than anyone else’s, even if nobody has smoked in it for years. So that’s all the Royal residences worthless then. Dear old Queen Mum (rest her soul) must have turned every ceiling in Balmoral yellow.

Oh, and every room in every university. When I started we could smoke anywhere, even in the labs. Nobody cared. Now I can’t even smoke in my one-man (rented) lab. It would affect nobody. Absolutely nobody else ever goes in there because of the big ‘biohazard’ sign on the door. There are frozen bacteria in there that are not a risk, they are a certainty.

My first science job after B.Sc. involved oil-degrading bacteria. I was based in the radioactive room fractionating carcinogenic bits out of oils. Someone once nagged me for smoking in the common room. I explained what I was doing and said ‘If I’m likely to get cancer, I’ve already got it’. I admit that the offer of a PhD involving animal shit was very, very appealing from that perspective so that’s what I did next. I’ve dealt with dangerous stench-producing things since. Now I deal with customers. I had a good preparation for it.

Every house that is not a new build. Certainly every house that existed in 1950-1960 when even nonsmokers had ashtrays for visitors. You antismokers can go and live in a tent. There is no safe house for you.

In the face of all this antismoking Nazism (yes, that is what it is, it is even hand in hand with antisemitism), the Righteous think that our protestations are the mere squeals of shouty fools.

I suppose those who supported Hitler, and voted him into power, felt they were ‘doing the right thing’ too. And you can ram your Godwin up your arse, Nazis. They revelled in their hatred then as now, and pretended it was love for their fellow man. They banned and isolated and finally marched off to the death camps all those they pretended to care about. Not just Jews, not at all. The disabled. The gays. The smokers…

This time around it’s going to be the Muslims too. They are just playing right into their own destruction. Child-rape, killings, ‘behead the infidel’… and not a peep from the innocent ones. Do you lot not realise that when the Nazis come for you, hardly anyone will stand up for you now? All you will have are the few bleeding hearts of the talk-but-never-do Lefties speaking for you and they will shut up quick in the face of the mob.

The Lefties compare UKIP to Hitler’s party. They are wrong.

Hitler’s party is in power now and has been since Blair took power. It’s the same party. Blair still runs it.

Heil Blair!





11 thoughts on “A smoky round-up

  1. A few years ago, I sold some seed of the Woad plant (Isatis tinctoria) to an Australian fella. I posted them with some other packet of toy parts to someone else, and got the customs labels mixed up.

    One guy who was to receive the toy parts got a threatening letter from the Department of AustraliaNazi-Racist-Immigrant-non-indigenous-Plant-Species (or whatever) accusing him of trying to import a “banned non-indigenous species of plant”. (He at least got the toy parts though, at last…)

    The other guy, expecting my Woad seeds from our garden here? His packet got opened anyway (it wrongly said toy parts, my fault) and _I got a threatening letter back here, from the AustraliaNazis (banned plant Stalag-Luft-143a or somewhere), threatening me with a A$15,000 fine for “falsely attempting to smuggle banned species of non-indigenous seeds into Australia”. I persuaded the fella over the phone that it was a clerical error, and they dropped the case fortunately. They burnt the seeds anyway and gleefully said so.

    Does that mean that the AustraliaNazi Customs wallahs routinely open all parcels incoming? I suspect it does.
    Therefore I wouldn’t advise people to send seeds of the Nicotiana Genus into Australia: at least not in large amounts and then also carefully hidden amogn such things as jars of “dried mustard seed”, which can then be carefully sieved later on arrival. I wouldn’t try poppy seed, for clear reasons!


    • It actually makes me think that as the Fascist AustraliaNazi politicalClass is so up itself about “indigenous species” (the failed Cane-Toad “experiment” excepted for good reasons) that all right-thinking people ought go out of their way to upset these bullying bureaucrats by sending in all sorts of European and Siberian species, by any way possible.

      A few thousand wolves and bears would give them something to think about for a start. Maybe some parasitic wasps that eat the eggs of all kinds of poisonous spiders would then be seen as a bribe or “sweetener”.


  2. “the ‘next logical step’ is to ban smoking in private homes”

    When they discover that banning smoking in cars does not reduce the kids’ diseases they claim are caused by SHS, the next step must be taken.

    All because the pols do not understand probability.

    The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke
    A Report of the Surgeon General
    6. Respiratory Effects in Children from Exposure to Secondhand Smoke

    The OR estimates for asthma in children from families in which either parent smoked compared with children of nonsmoking parents were consistently above 1.
    The pooled estimate was 1.23 (95 percent CI, 1.14–1.33),

    In that OR 1.23, 1 is the probability the asthma was ’caused’ by something else and the 0.23 is the probability the asthma was ’caused’ by SHS.

    To my knowledge, there is no way to tell which asthmas were ’caused’ by SHS and which were ’caused’ by other stuff.

    Since 1 is 81% of 1.23, there is an 81% probability those asthmas were ’caused’ by something other than SHS.


    • It is certain that kids asthma rates will not decline.
      Altho smoking rates have declined for the past 50 years, kids asthma rates and doc visits have steadily increased.


      The asthma hospitalization rate grew by 1.4% per year from 1980 to 1999.
      Although childhood asthma deaths are rare, the asthma death rate increased by 3.4% per year from 1980 to 1998.


  3. If you had not come into existence,if circumstances were such that this blog would not have occurred, I would write this blog. Somewhere in the future maybe but, a replicant I would be. Ta muchly.

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  4. Leggy, you need to be more careful posting links when you are “in your cups” so to speak, its not Cambridge, England, but some god-forsaken shithole in the US of A in the first link.

    Mind you, it’s probably a portent of things to come…


  5. I think you are wrong regarding the Muslims – I really believe that within the next 30 years, most of Europe and the UK will be under islamic control. Why do you think otherwise? The demographics are against the indigenous populations and any attempt to highlight the absurdity of the claim that it is a religion of peace is ruthlessly put down by the powers that be. This combined with the apathy of the greater public who are more interested in the X Factor/Eastenders etc. rather than the destruction of their civilisation will ensure Islamic/Sharia control.

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    • Remember that Pakistan is a Nuclear State now, and Iran will soon be. Israel is “alleged” only to possess 62 warheads, (we pobably have none now, nor any means of delivery, and France will roll onto its back as always) and the West has so pissed Israel off in the last 30-odd years that we cannot rely on its generosity any more. RussoChIndia will stand cunningly by and collect the bits for scrappage.


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