Not a real post.

Finished 10 pm tonight, start 10 am tomorrow, VERY limited booze tonight! Could not risjk having much in the house. On the plus side, tomorrow is a short one, I’m done by 2 pm so can get some in on the way home.

So it’s not a real post tonight, more a musing. Something to remind be about something for tomorrow.

I could not be bothered cooking tonight, so called in at Local Curry Shop for a hot supper. While waiting (they cook everything when it’s ordered, no pies hardening in glass incubators here) I noticed the news spoke of another off-duty policeman murdered, this time in America. Another Muslim killer. Meanwhile in France, two separate (unrelated?) incidents of men driving cars into apparently random groups of people while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Barry O’Blimey has spoken out against his own police officers and taken the side of a shop-robbing thug. Why would any president be stupid enough to make statements to deliberately inflame a race war?  None of it makes any sense at first.

I know many people think the Muslims are going to take over the world. Certainly ISIS and the other extreme groups think so. Yet when you look hard at it, and consider how and why they are getting away with it all…

ISIS are equipped, armed and funded by the West. So are Al Qaeda. So are pretty much all the others on both sides of every war. They are also continually provoked by the West and every time they come out with a recruitment video, the West helpfully plasters it all over the news for them.

The Muslim grooming gangs in England – and probably elsewhere when it all finally comes out – were not clever or sneaky. They were blatant and the police knew about them for a very long time. So how did they continue to get away with it? Because they were allowed to. The police are getting the blame but their orders came from higher up. The police did not act because they were not permitted to act. Any attempt to stop these gangs would get the officers charged with racism.

Now we have Muslims killing off-duty police and soldiers in the street, and ramming random strangers with cars. ISIS can loot, pillage, rape and behead and nothing real is happening to stop them.

In fact, when you get right down to it, it was the actions of the West that created both ISIS and Al-Qaeda. What did we create them for?

There is a lot more of this and it all fits together somehow. But I don’t think it’s to create a Muslim world.

I’ll sleep on it.


8 thoughts on “Not a real post.

  1. Orwell called this one, in 1949:

    “War, however, is no longer the desperate, annihilating struggle that it was in the early decades of the twentieth century. It is a warfare of limited aims between combatants who are unable to destroy one another, have no material cause for fighting and are not divided by any genuine ideological difference. This is not to say that either the conduct of war, or the prevailing attitude towards it, has become less bloodthirsty or more chivalrous. On the contrary, war hysteria is continuous and universal in all countries, and such acts as raping, looting, the slaughter of children, the reduction of whole populations to slavery, and reprisals against prisoners which extend even to boiling and burying alive, are looked upon as normal, and, when they are committed by one’s own side and not by the enemy, meritorious.”

    THAT book; always relevant.


  2. Chris, above, mentioning ‘boiling… alive’ reminds me of Our Man in Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who criticised Islam Karimov’s regime for doing just that to some of his opponents – among other nasty things. The country was also one of the destinations for the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program for torturing people.

    But we can’t have our ambassadors to dictatorships acting on their conscience, can we? So he had to be given the boot.

    I used to think that our biggest threat was becoming part of a global caliphate then I realised that the social engineers who have been planning with precision for a couple of centuries would not allow this to happen.

    When I understood that Muslims were being used as a divide and conquer device (and Islamic regimes as a reason for perpetual war overseas) things started to make more sense and that the only such danger was a global socialist government, which is what the planners keep trying to deflect attention from. For example, I could now see that most of these so-called patriot groups, whose output is 99% about Muslim rape gangs and other Muslim doings, are most likely establishment fronts. They never, that I have seen, blame the government(s) for allowing in so many (and kowtowing to them). That’s what real patriots think about – the traitors in government – knowing that most Muslims aren’t like the stereotype and that millions of Muslims were let in to intentionally change our society and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”.

    It’s why, despite only being 5% of the UK’s population, everyone in positions of influence bends over backwards for Muslims because favouritism gets people’s backs up, so it’s the Muslim families on benefits who the Daily Mail parade with their £1.5 million houses in leafy suburbia.

    We have seen how successful this tactic is re. the popularity of Scottish independence *in England* because up here we get “free” prescriptions and there are no tuition fees for everyone in the EU, except for the English, Welsh and N. Irish.

    I’m the first to admit that it’s not fair (I’m embarrassed by it), but rather than the English complain to the government that everyone in the UK gets “free” prescriptions except for them, jealousy seems to have led to irrationality. Same with the Barnett formula. Many parts of the UK get higher levels of public (taxpayers’) money, but for some reason, it’s the Scots who get it in the neck. We have a far lower population density than England, so of course it costs more to maintain things up here. But once the green-eyed monster starts nagging, logic flies out the window. Anyway, some statisticians have worked out that Scotland pays more into the Treasury per head than the rest of the UK.

    But that doesn’t matter. Like the studies which show that secondhand smoke is not a danger and that manmade climate change isn’t necessarily manmade, it’s not likely to be front page news, because all these myths have serious objectives to the overall plan to control how people think and behave. Balkanising the UK is, I believe, a major objective of the globalists, so expect another Scottish “independence” referendum within the next decade and one for Wales when the same antipathy exists as has been engineered between the Scots and the English. I know a large proportion of Scots have always been anti-the Auld Enemy, but now the feeling is mutual, borne out of envy. We live in Oily Al’s socialist Utopia, which is nothing to be jealous of. Then we’ll see devolution for the English ‘regions’ and all the while the continuation of the war against our common culture.

    When the Muslims have outlived their usefulness, like the ‘LGBT community’, they’ll be esteemed as dross like the rest of us. They’ll wonder what’s hit them until it’s explained.


    • XX They never, that I have seen, blame the government(s) for allowing in so many (and kowtowing to them). XX

      Because it is not the Government, it is the entire establishment.

      There are partys that claim, were they in power, they would put a stop to it.”

      But any party with a dogs chance in a Korean resaurant, of getting into Government, no matter what colour rossette they wear, are NOT going to do it any differently.

      As to moslems, it is no help at all that the golfer-in-chief, Buttfuck O’Bummer, is ONE of them.

      And what Buttfuck says, the rest of the Western Governments follow.


      • It started in Europe long before O’Barmy was elected, but as you suggest, the government is only a front organisation, as I believe are the likes of the EDL and Britain First that attract a ‘certain’ type of person and that puts off genuine patriots. O’Blimey mainly imports Mexicans because they’re handier and the effect is the same via a strong militant faction that demands that the areas they are settling change to suit them and a government eager to oblige to dilute the ‘American Way’ to destroy it from within.


        • You say “the American Way (Is that Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians? They are ALL “Americans.” I PRESUME you mean “U.S American?) But this “way” is now being destoyed all over the Western world.

          WHAT do they get out of it?

          O.K, Buttfuck is a nigger, and more to the point a sand-nigger nigger, he wants revenge against humans (Whites). Therfore they import shite to dilute “the way.”

          But what about the others? Germany, Sweden, Norway, Britain, etc. WHY are THEY going along with it?

          What do THEY get out of it?


  3. Careful now chaps, we’re only allowed to post stuff if it’s not too near the truth. Don’t wish to be shut down or arrested as a NVE now, do we?


  4. Fear is good, fear is what keeps the people in line. Knowing what they did about the radical in Oz was a strange one, why didn’t they keep closer tabs on him when they knew he was a fucking loon? The cynic in me says they did it on purpose.

    As Leggy has pointed out the whole thing is a scam, playing them off against each other.


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